How Can U Gain 80 Lbs While Pregnant

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sam - July 9

Just a ?, don't get mad. I keep reading about how women gain 80 or 90lbs while pregnant and I wanted to know how you can do that? How much food is being eaten to gain almost 10lbs a month? I'm on 2nd pregnancy and ate anything I wanted the 1st time and gained 32lbs. I'm 20wks and I've gained 9 eating whatever I want. I just don't get it. I'm starting to think some ladies are bluffing. They just want to blame their weight on pregnancy. I don't think its possible to eat that much food to gain weight that fast.


L - July 9

Perhaps some women are predisposed to weight gain during pregnancy for various reasons: lack of exercise, overeating and/or increased hunger, diabetes, or some other medical reason...


E - July 9

If you are like a friend of mine, you will gain that much when you eat a bucket of KFC each night, plus the side dishes. Yuck! I gained only 35lbs and lost it plus more by 2.5 months postpartum. It's hard to find time to eat with a new baby:)


J - July 9

I gained 65 lbs with my first pregnancy. I started out at 130. I gained most of it at the end when I developed toxemia. I was sooo b__wn up with water weight I looked so big. And my doctor told me I had to stay in bed on my left side for 3 weeks! But right after I had the baby within days all the water weight came off and within 6 months I was in the best shape of my life.


Melissa - July 10

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!!!!! So many variables, some is certainly from over-eating, so is not. Either way that is a lot to lose afterwards!


lbw - July 11

A lot of the weight is water weight. I think it is when you don't eat a balanced meal, and not drink enought water in the beginning. Also, some people crave salt. In the end, their bodies want to retain all the water that it needed in the beginning of the pregnancy. That's what happened to my friend. She was 100 pounds, and she got up to 190. I saw it with my own eyes. She lost it all in 6 months.


sam - July 11

That's probably true about it being water weight. Cause it just doesn't make sense to gain weight so fast like that. Even body builders who eat like 7,000 cal a day don't gain weight that fast.


miranda - July 11

the water weight thing is absolutely true. Some women don't retain as much as others. I was very careful my first pregnancy and gained almost 50 pounds anyway. I was VERY swollen. 2 weeks after delivery, I had lost every single pound I gained. You can't really compare weight gains of different women without looking at variables such as water weight.


to sam - July 12

arent the bodybuilder working out and burning most of the extra calories? Not such a good a___logy.


sheena - July 12

Sam everyone is not the same their bodies act diffrently!Water weight gain and other things cause us to gain weight some women are just lucky


sheena - July 12

everyones body is diffrent [sam you must be skinny]


Rachel - July 18

It's possible trust me, and consider yourself lucky that you can eat whatever you want and only gain a minimal amount of weight. I was always like that before I got pregnant. I could eat anything and never gain a pound. I started out this pregnancy at 95 lbs and am 5' 2. Now at almost 37 weeks I weigh 140. Which is fine it's the exact amount of weight I was told I needed to gain. But I've gained it in only 6 months! I gained no weight in my first trimester. I NEVER would've that that was possible, atleast not for me. So I think it's something that just varies from woman to woman. Still I can't really complain though, I definitely don't look like I've gained 45 pounds. I still look thin with just a baby belly. Go figure.


Jessie V - July 18

A friend of mine gained about that much with her twin boys. But she lost the weight in @ 8 months after they were born.


Cora - July 21

Some ppl can gain that much weight in that short of time. If you're predisposed to being overweight to begin with, you'll see a faster weight gain. Also so many other factors to consider, thyroid problems ie. slow metabolism, sedentary lifestyle. I lost 30 lbs in one month b4 ( for a total of 100 lbs in just under a year ), if a person can lose it that fast...then why cant a person gain it that fast?


Dr Elke Schmidt - August 16

I was formerly a work out fanatic with a very demanding job. I was always able to maintain a weight of 110-115 I'm 5'6 all through out my 20's. However when I became pregnant I had to stop all excercise as well as quit my job to ensure my pregnancy would be sucessful. Because of my change in my metabolism I packed the weight on.I did not eat like a slob, and the weight did not come right off without alot of excerise. But I have a Beautiful, healthy above average son. I have been a Urologist for 11 yrs and have been in this country for about 20 I am orginally from Germany. I can not believe the vanity and stupidity of some women. They are so concerned about how they will look in maturnity fashions they put the nutrition of their unborn children at risk by worring about becoming fat.I'm not saying everyone should lay around and get fat and wallow in their pregnancy. I just can not believe the ideal for pregnant women these days is to maintain a tiny bump for a belly up to nine months and then race to loose the weight- their own bodies and Baby be d__ned. Who are you trying to impress,your Men? Do you think they would go it all for you?


Pea - August 17

It all depends on the woman and her metabolisim. So far, i have only put on 9 lbs. at 25 weeks, and I only have a belly. I have not 'b__wn up' at all. And my baby is growing right on target. I do not eat everything in sight, but I do indulge when the mood strikes. I think it's very possible to gain 90+ lbs when pregnant because some women's metabolic rate slows down instead of speeding up due to the pregnancy. A diet of fatty food and junk probably does not help them that eat that way, but it can come off afterwards. I think women should just eat a sensible diet and just let nature take it's course.


mommainsep - August 23

i was really worried when i got pregnant. my mom had gained alot of weight when she was pregnant with me . and was unable to get most of it off .she gained about 60 lbs . she was really sick when she was pregnant with me to . this is my second pregnancy my first ended at just over 4 months :( and it took me about a month to go back to normal . this time im 35 weeks and i have gained about 25 lbs . and i wasnt that small before i was about 170 or 180 when it started but i wasnt a big girl by any means im taller than most. but i am finding it hard to get around and sometimes breath with the weight i have on now. i dont know how someone would be able to funciton with that much extra weight ???? i just hope i have as much luck as everyone else getting it off again



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