How Can U Gain 80 Lbs While Pregnant

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kris - December 31

I must say I gained 90 pounds with my first and 85 with my second--all of it came off within 6 months and no excercise. I was only 110 pounds at 5'5"-size 2- so I looked like the philsbury doughboy. I knwo for me - I had quite smoking and that I was snacking in place of smoking for a few months- but it was mostly water. The main reason I know is because it just shed off- and I was left with 10 pounds that I had to work off. Trust me on my thrid pregnancy- I will imagine it will be the same-but I definetly do not sit and eat all day-I am very active- and it just happens. As long as the baby is ok- I do not think it matters. But I can gaurentee - I am not blufing- my children do not even recognize me in family videos when I was pregnant!


Michelle - January 3

i gained about 40 - 50 lbs with my first, but I had also quit smoking and did a bad thing bu munching on almost everything to help try and get rid of the craving and the need to have something in my hand.


mckay - January 22

well i wanted to let you no that it also has to do with your family, if your mother gaines alot doctors say you most likely will to, also if you have complicatoions you are not able to go on walks and other activities causeing you to be on bed rest which will but alot of weight on you and not everyones pregnancy is easy some people are put on actual narcotics for pain due to such intense pressure in there back, and depending on the type of metabolism you have before you are pregnant can greatly effect how you eat while you are pregnant. just because you dont gain much dont make others out to be liers, i watch all the things i eat and i still put on alot of weight, i also had severe water retention problems in which i would weight 8 pounds higher on day the next it would ne down, every woman is different. not everyone is blessed with an easy pregnancy, and a good metabolism.


kristenk0329 - January 22

It all really depends on the woman and their original weight. On my doctors chart, I shouldnt gain more then 20 pounds max. I dont think most women realize, that while pregnant, you only need about 300 calories more each day to support the baby.


Lisa - March 17

Well, I wish it wasn't possible, but I'm 35 weeks and have already gained 50 pounds(I started out at a healthy weight). I gained 10 pounds three months in a row. I ate whatever I wanted but I still made a lot of healthy choices, walked 3 miles a day and weightlifted or did yoga a couple times a week. I think I ate too much of what I wanted but my sisters and grandma both always gained about 50 also. I want to try to gain less next time but can't help wondering how much I can help it.


bloodlust - March 23

Well....I can see how it's easy as hell to gain that much weight, since I find myself in that excact situation. I did have an eating disorder pre-pregnancy (around 100 lbs at 5'6) but around 12 weeks of pregnancy, my weight became normal (125 lbs). Now, at 20 weeks, I'm packing it on (I weigh close to 160 lbs now). My diet isn't very strict, each day, I do allow myself one or two treats (like today my treats are some cheezeit's and a small pack of m&m's) a day. I drink lots of water. I eat veggies and at least one fruit a day. I walk a lot. Yet, I'm gaining like no tomorrow. I can still wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes (doing the rubberband trick) but I notice how much more tighter they are. Also, I don't look like I've gained that much weight but I have and I'm pretty sure I'll be near 190 by the time my baby is born in AUGUST! Also, for the ladies gaining weight with me, don't worry. You look beautiful!


susan - March 30

hi ladies i am 35 weeks and have gained 23lbs..and i was 115 to start with 5'5".i eat cereal in the morning with a rice in the afternoon...then eat fruits after a little while...for dinner i eat lot of beans like black eyed and kidney beans or chick peas and drink a gla__s of milk.........i do yoga 4 days a week..


katie - April 2

I am 5ft 9in and started my pregnancy at 140 pounds. I was also very active. I gained 20-25 pounds in the first trimester becuase if I didn't eat I would be sick (throwing up). While I ate healthy food, I ate a lot of it constantly. I went through a container of hummus and pita bread every day just snacking.In the second trimester I developed horrible back problems which kept me from exercising routinely. My appet_te also increased even more and I gained another 30 pounds. By my third trimester I was unhappy and uncomfortable becuase of the weight gain and my baby was sitting breech which made it hard to even walk on some days (along withthe scaitic back problems). I was also a full time graduate student and working which was making the pregnancy very stressful. I began to eat for comfort. My pregnancy went 10 days overdue. In those 10 days alone I gained 8 pounds. My total weight gain was 92 pounds. And that is how it happened. When they broke my water at the hospital about 4 gallons worth of water came gushing out. My baby was born 3 hours later at 9 lbs 12 oz 22 in. After a week I weighed myself and had already lost 30 pounds which tells you I was carrying alot of fluids, not to mention the huge baby. I am now a month post-partum and b___st feeding and have lost 43 pounds. Hopefully you can now see how it is possible to gain so much weight. Any logical person would realize that all pregnancy's are different than there own. I would never say a woman who only gained 32 pounds must be starving herself and the baby just because I gained 90 pounds during my pregnancy.


baby2006 - April 23

I am 5'8, gained about 10 pounds before I got pregnant. Doctor has me at gaining approx. 30 pounds, but of course in my mind it is 40 and I am only 25 weeks. I hear that the majority of the weight comes at the end, which has me concerned. Most of my weight is in my things and behind, and I have had a very rough pregnancy, hard for me to walk already. I am 35 years old and this is my first so feeling somewhat discouraged and a bit down. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do, exercise wise? I walk, but feel as if I need to do more to prepare for labor.


HannahBaby - April 30

I gained 40 lbs with my daughter. I was doing really well until halloween came around and all the candy went on clearence. I gained 10lbs in October and an additional 10lbs in November. (and got my a__s chewed out!!) i ate alot of cookies, ice cream, and chips. This time i am going to be so careful because i am still 10 lbs heavier than when i got pregnant with my first baby. I am 16 weeks and have not gained one lb yet. I am eating a regular diet just not the ice cream and cookies. Good luck ladies


Maysmom - May 1

ATTENTION!!! I was 205 (at 5'10'') when I got preg & 280 when I delivered w/ toxemia. Shortly before I got preg. I was dx with PCOS. I had always been skinny (125lb) and shortyl before I pg my metobolism completely shut down. I went from 125 to 205 in one year. It was very depressing. I can look at a cracker & gain a pound. PCOS SUCKS!!!!! And I think that skinny-minnys dont understand it.


angelswim - May 3

I gained 65-70 pounds during my first pregnancy, mostly due to toxemia/preeclampsia. I was on bed rest in the hospital when I was 7 months pregnant, hooked up to monitors. The baby's heart decellerated and I ended up with a 2 lb. premature baby. Immediately after the c-section, I lost 25 pounds of fluid, and within six weeks after I lost 25 more. So yeah, it's possible to gain that much weight in such a short amount of time. Every body is different. Just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't give you the right to look down on others that are having complications with weight ...especially when you don't know or understand the reasons behind it. Now that I'm pregnant with my second child, I am being extra careful ...(i.e. NO fast food). As much as I crave chinese food though, I'm limiting myself to it once (or twice) a month. I didn't get to enjoy my first pregnancy, so I really hope I'll get to with this one.


new mommy - May 4

I don't know how much my cousin weighed when she started but she was a size 0 (yeah gross I know) but she gained 60 lbs during her first preg. She lost it pretty instantly when Isaac was born even though he wasn't that big. I on the other hand started out a little overweight and I am in week 16. I actually lost 5 pounds last month and have not gained anything so far. My doctor said the baby healthy as can be though. Everone is different, don't be so hard on people. Although I do think that people can choose to eat healthy or not. They may regret not doing so when they have to lose the weight afterwards.


starr - May 6

Well, everybody's body is different. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I usually gain about 50-60 lbs but in the past I had no problems losing the weight and then a little extra. I'm hoping it will be the same way with this one. You have to understand, you don't have to eat everything in sight to gain weight while pregnant. There are other factors that will cause a lot of weight gain just depending on the woman's body.Personally, I don't worry about how much I gain during pregnancy although I try not to pig out and eat unhealthy foods. So far I've gained about 45 lbs and I'm 34 wks. Weight gain during pregnancy is NOT 100% because you ate everything in sight. That's like someone saying how can you only gain 5 or 10 lbs during your entire pregnancy? Wouldn't that sound judgemental to say that isn't healthy either? Good Luck to all.


Fayble - June 8

My friend gained that much but she was put on bed rest the entire time, she had a heart condition and put her at Highrisk. Anyhow she sat in bed the whole pregnancy and she ate very healthy.


mommie2b - June 8

Alot of it has to do with swelling and water that is bein retained and then the baby. but majority of the time that weight will be gone right away afterwards just some women are different with there pregnancies some gain more than others.



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