How Can U Gain 80 Lbs While Pregnant

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mommie2b - June 8

Alot of it has to do with swelling and water that is bein retained and then the baby. but majority of the time that weight will be gone right away afterwards just some women are different with there pregnancies some gain more than others.


nic nac - June 12

i gained 65 lbs, developed Gestational Diabetes and had to take insulin. I am predisposed to gaining weight number one and number 2, as hard as I tried in the beginning, i was starving. No matter how much i ate, i had hunger pangs like i never ate a meal in my life. It tapered off towards the end because I was on a special diet. Everyone is different. Especially if you are on bedrest, you can't do anything but eat and sleep. I also had a short cervix so I couldn't do much exercise.


Riiiiiight - July 23

This is so great to read these comments, none of my friends have babies, so I am always wondering how much is the "right amount". I am 16 weeks and in the first 12 gained 9 lbs, then int he next month put on 8!! for a total of 17. Its VERY clear to me why this happened, starving like i hadent eaten in days and for the whole month throwing up stomach bile when it was empty had me putting food in it constantly, with puking comes headache and my frequent long walks went right out the window. I am now taking something for too much acid, and have resumed healthy eating and walking, trying to get it a little under control. LETS NOT CARE SO MUCH THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


emplate77 - June 6

Well I think it is genetics and a bunch of other things. You shouldn't be so judgemental .Not everyone gains 20lbs. My grandma, mother,sister and now me all gained alot of weight. I weighed 120 lbs now i am up to 180 being 9 months pregnant. I think it is genetics, honestly, because I swam, took yoga and everything else. I know my family has also all lost the weight that they gained. so just becuase someone gains alot of weight isn't an excuse!


LuLu W - August 6

There are a lot of different reasons for that sort of weight gain. My mother gained about 25% less weight when she had the twins than she gained with any of us older kids. One of my closest friends only gained 26lbs throughout her pregnancy, while my man's mother gained nearly fifty while she was pregnant with him. Diet, metabolism and hormones vary from person to person, so there are plenty of reasons as to how comebody can gain that much weight.


Kestrel - August 26

With both of my boys I gained 35, starting at 130 each time but I was underweight, at 5' 10" and back to backed with less than two years between so I was hurting for calcium badly. This time around I weigh more to begin with (155) and have been considering my eating habits a bit more. The eating for two myth, and the you should indulge every craving because your body 'needs' it are so damaging. Examining the psychology of your consumption while preggo- when you're comfort eating, and when you're eating because you're hungry is important. Wanting a fast food burger, when you wouldn't be in the mood to eat the same burger if you had cooked it yourself would be a good indicator of a comfort craving rather than a nutritionally based one. The burger you made yourself would be lower in fat, lower in salt and most likely higher in nutritional value contrasted by the saltier immediate gratification version you get in the drive through. Eating because you feel miserable isn't a good deal. It's too easy to justify eating becoming a hobby while pregnant, especially with all the focus on it. Ohhh, I'm tired, I'll eat something and 'feel better' ohhh, I'm crampy... yada yada. The eating doesn't really make you feel better, it just distracts you for a little while by thinking about your taste buds instead of the aches and pains of being pregnant. Finding other ways to cope with being uncomfortable is helping avoid the gain this time. Lots of water as well.


akashamom - December 14

Its probably due to the size of baby they have aswell not just how much they eat! cause its in genetcs that if your family have big babies that you wil too, i started out only being 92Lbs (im just realy pet_te) with my first son and i didnt gain 80 to 90 or i think my bones would have broke but for me i did gain alot! I gained 55 Lbs and my son was 9Lbs 5oz, and that was a huge baby for me! and i didnt eat any junk either i was a health freak cause i was worried about everything so i just ate really healthy no junk, and i worked till the end of my pregnancy and was on my feet everyday. I dont know why he was so big maybe it was all the cereal and oatmeal i ate, my dr said its just in my genes and i drank alot of juice lol and that can make your baby gain lots i guess. So maybe those people do eat to much but then there going to have extra pounds after it all that are going to be hard to get off or maybe it just runs in the family to have BIG babies:)


Jromano - February 4

That is a very insensitive question, I am 36 weeks pregnant and have gained just over 80lbs, I am totally devastated and shocked, before I fell pregnant I was just under 9 stone at 5ft 6in, I ran everyday and I had a very strick diet, I had a lovely figure and people often told me that as I used to do some modelling, I knew that I had to start eating more when I became pregnant as I never ate enough before, but I have not binged I have ate a balanced diet with yes a few treats thrown in but I think that is acceptable, so it is a shock, but I feel it is very rude of you to think that it is an excuse for woman to blame there weight on being pregnant, I have not stopped crying since finding out my weight yesterday. Believe me my wardrobe is full of beautiful pre-pregnancy size 8 clothes and can only pray that dieting and tough work outs will get me back into them. Maybe you are just lucky all woman and different and need encouraging, could you run 6 miles a day? I could!!!


EricaB - March 13

Elke, you rock. That is all I have to say. I agree completely.


jennyjennjen72985 - February 24

I just wanted to say that with my first child I gained 90 pounds and I wouldnt say I ate great, but my eating habits didnt change much from before I got pregnant. I had maintained a weight of 120 before and by the time I had him I was over 200. I am currently pregnant with my second and I am 20 weeks and gained 40 pounds. I am so frustrated because not only did I start exercising when I got pregnant, I have been eating GREAT! No junk, lots of veggies etc. I drink lots of water and my blood pressure is fine. I just dont understand.


kira91 - August 31

Im 19yrs old , and have gained 30kgs and Im currently 35 weeks . It's posisble, and i DONT eat whatever I want. It's people's body type.


joko1111 - December 13

i am 34 weeks and have gained 74 pounds i am 190 and i was 118 a size 5 or 6 since i was 17, i feel ugly in pictures i have this face fat i never had before i have i long face it doesn't look right on me.. and i just cant see me ever getting back into my clothes :( i know i did the right thing by keeping my baby but ive had self esteem issues since i got pregnant.. has anyone lost this much weight after pregnancy.. ?


CynthiaDuncan - October 10

Great post.


Progenesisivf - February 5

It is important to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Being overweight or underweight during pregnancy increases the risk of pregnancy complications. Make sure you have a well-rounded diet during pregnancy. Nutrition is the key to your baby's growth. 


wellspring1 - June 6

Weight is important factor during pregnancy. you can face complications in your pregnancy if you are under weight or over weight. It's essential to have  a healthy diet, as all the nutrients are important for the baby's normal growth. If you are underweight and have a deficiency of the nutrients, it will affect your baby's growth.



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