How Do I Have A Bigger Baby

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Kim - March 22

I am average weight/height/average lifestyle. i am 30 years old having 2 babies previously, both came on there own at 39 weeks, both weighing between 5 and 6 lbs. both pregnancies, i gained about 35 lbs, and my weight had progressed normally at my dr's visits. i am 19 weeks pregnant, eating normally, and once again my weight is right on, but this time i would like to have a bigger, healthier baby! any tips on trying to add a pound or two to this little baby during the 2nd half of my pregnancy? i really don't want to make myself sick eating tons of junk food, just wondering if anyone could give me some good ideas? maybe i need to find out how underweight women are told to try to gain weight? any help or ideas are really appreciated! Thank you.


Jenn2 - March 22

I'm not sure if eating more or less can totally effect the size of the baby. I think it may be a little more genetics??? I could be wrong. If you were going to try to eat a certain way to see if your baby could gain more weight.....I would go for protein rich foods and milk (lots of calcium). My reasoning is those are the foods that young kids need allot of for growth.


Kim - March 27

Thanks....i'm not sure how much protein-rich foods i'm really eating, but i do drink a lot of milk, i always have though. i will definitely be giving that a try. does anyone else feel this way, actually wanting to have a bigger baby? i just want him to be healthier if that makes any sense. seems like i always had the tiny baby that was always sick from day one, i am hoping for a bigger, healthier baby this time. any other suggestions??


camgray02 - April 14

Hi! I'm now preg 27wks.. My first 2 babies were small too, 6lbs and 4 lbs! But both were healthy.. I do feel the same way as you do-- wanting to have a bigger baby this time. I am taking a multivitamin supplement, a calcium supplement, and an iron supplement. Plus I'm drinking lots of milk too.. I hope all these will produce a bigger baby! But like my doctor has told me, genetics plays a role.. And since it does seem like my babies ARE small, it's better to focus on bringing them out healthy rather than big.. besides, it's so much easier to give birth to a small baby than a big one! For my 4lb-baby, I only labored and delivered her in 2 hours (total time from my water breaking til she came out!).. :) And I can always fatten my baby up when he's out.. What's important is you're healthy, so the baby comes out healthy too.. For me, that's more important than having a big baby. :)


Em - April 18

It's got nothing to do with your own weight, how much the baby will weigh, unless you are diabetic, obese or have similar complications...Eating junk is not the answer either, it can only harm you and your baby...Growth in healthy tissue has to be brought about by eating healthy proteins and complex carbs...Make sure you eat a lot of fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, rice, and fruit and veg, generally speaking the more stuff you eat as nature intended, the better for both you and the baby...Hope this helps..


My answer - April 19

Try sipping a supplement drink (Ensure or Boost) during the day. I know that Mom's of twin who have TTTS or IUGR are told to sip about three of these per day. It helps add weight to the baby and gives you extra nutrition too. (P.S... sipping each one over about an hour period gives you more benefits than gulping it down quickly).


Kat218 - December 10

I honestly would like a bigger baby because it's easier to handle for me. My first was 7 pounds and 11 ounces, so I never really had a small small baby, it's just my preference. My first passed in June from SIDS.. and I'm Pregnant again. It's apart of my healing process. I only gained 8 pounds with Seraphim (my first) and the Doctors said that was totally fine even though I freaked out about it. I'm currently 9 weeks and 2 days,  and I'm hoping I gain a bit more weight. I don't know how to get a bigger baby, bit either way eating healthy is definitely important. 


qiaraau - March 5

Hey Kim! I know you want to have a healthier baby but bigger is not automatically considered healthier. Keep calm and try researching about keeping your baby healthy during pregnancy. Good luck!



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