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ask@me.com - May 18

I’m on a lo-carb diet (Atkins) and want to know if it is OK to stay on it during PG?


Jannes - January 29

Not if you want to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. You’ll just have to accept that you’re going to put on some weight and not worry about it until after you deliver. Atkins and other diets could rob your developing fetus of folic acid, iron, calcium and a host of vitamins and minerals. Plus, if this is your first pregnancy, you may not know that lots of expectant mothers get very constipated. High protein/fat diets are often very low in fiber and will enhance your misery, trust me. Just be happy that it’s a time when it’s fine to gain weight! Once you start b___st feeding, the pounds will come off on their own. And your baby will stand a much better chance of arriving healthy and happy. Don’t let a little vanity stand in your way; your baby is your first concern right now. Now go order a pizza.


Raelynn - February 1

All I can say is that I totally agree with Jannes!!!! Your baby's health is THE most important thing.


Amanda - February 5

No. Not on any cercomstances must u diet during pregnancy; it deprives the baby of certain nutrients


Maureen - April 6

I've been told that if you don't eat a balanced proper diet that the fetus will take everything it needs from you anyways and you can have complications this way. The Fetus will take the calcium from your bones, causing you to have bad teeth and gum problems and perhaps you will have osteoperosus later on in life. You hair can fall out, nails become brittle etc. etc. because you are not getting the proper vitamens etc. So, it is best to try to eat a balanced diet plan and stick to it. You can always try this lo-carb Atkins thing after the baby is born to help you take off the weight if you want.


Lee - April 8

If you get a response I need to know this a s well. I don't eat breads, pasta, or any starchy carbs. I want to make sure that it is safe. Yhanks.


Lisa - May 18

In reviewing "pregnancy diets", they are very similar in nature to the later stages of the Atkins diet. By no means should you be on induction while pregnant, but you shouldn't exactly be ordering pizzas either. Vanity/figure issues aside, gaining a lot of weight isn't good for you or your baby. If you would like to keep your diet lower in carbs, you are going to have to give a little but try to add carbs that bring nutritional value to the table (note: pizza does not fall in that category). For example, an apple rather than a chocolate bar. And YES! You should change your dietary habits when pregnant. And it isn't true that under no circ_mstances should you go on a diet. You should talk to your doctor about what you should and should not be eating while pregnant. Let him/her help you with your nutritional needs.



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