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rrrrebecca22 - April 1

i'm 5'3" and 215lbs... i just came off birth control and recently read that it could take 3-6 months before my cycle returns to normal and i begin to ovulate on my own. i'm also thinking my weight might have something to do with it. i recently quit smoking, but i'm also going to try to start eating a bit better since my schedual doesn't really allow me time to work out much (i work about 60 hours a week). wish me luck and good luck to you girls!


MichiganMom - May 27

140-150 for my first and had her at 200-210 (98-99) 175-180 for my second and had him at 210-220 (02) quit smoking then lost my job. 250 250 and now I am 19 weeks and weigh 239 and all is well we are both healthy will find out what my baby is next month. (08-09) BTW I am 28 and 5'6"


runnershirl - May 28

Ok--I'm not really overweight, but 175 at 5'8, but am overweight by my comfortable standards. I'm happiest around the 140's, I have more energy, clothes fit better, etc. But, I've been lethargic on fertility meds and eating wrong. So, I'm getting insemminated this weekend and was really hoping to drop all sodas, watch carbs and walk a bunch in the beginning...do you think that would be bad? I don't want to starve the baby or anything, but just watn to watch junk food and increase my activity level a bit so that instead of gaining I can stabilize or lose the recent 10lbs that I just put on. Is that unreasonable or unsafe..if so, I won't do it. I'm just thinking about the ppl that don't know for 1-2 mos they are pregnant, and here I am not exactly pregnant yet...Honest thoughts...and so you know, it's not about vanity, it's about comfort for me and the baby. I just started a new job and don't want to be miserable the whole time.


MomNLove - June 14

Hi Runner... I just found out I'm pregnant again with my second and she is 7 months old, so I was still in the process of losing the baby weight when I found out we were expecting again (surpise). i am 5'10" and weigh about 190 and althought I'm an average size 11/12 at that weight (cuz I'm tall) I too would like to continue working out and eating right during this pregnancy. I don't drink soda, so that's not a problem, but I have a serious sweet tooth and am trying to cut that back. I walk 4 miles a day plus work out on my elliptical about 30 minutes 5 days a week and I use resistance bands for arm strengthening. I don't think there is anything wrong with my workout routine or that it will hurt the baby. But as I progress in the pregnancy i know I'll have to slow it down, but I'm only 5 weeks now, so I can still keep going. I just have to make sure to nourish myself more often and drink more water. Believe me, the labor process can be so exhausting that it will be much better if your body is healthy and strong when you go through it. The first time around my body was weak because I never exercised and labor was long and tiring and I felt like my back muscles would give out, as well as my leg muscules (during the pushing) so this time I want to try and be strengthened in those areas and see if that helps. Good luck to you and God bless! My prayers go with you.


auntie - October 27

I'm approximately 245 at 8 weeks. I'm 5'9". I am technically obese. I've been overweight for 4 years. I have just let it get worse and worse...I think it's a decision you have to make on your own. I plan on staying at this weight through my entire pregnancy, so that after the baby is born, I'm already down some, and will have the kickstart to keep losing weight. I'd like to be 150 for a goal. I haven't been at my goal weight for about 5 years. I think I can be at my goal weight (total loss of 95lbs) by December 2010. Baby is Due June 3.


Flicc03 - December 4

I was having a hard time losing weight so when I mentioned it to the doctors before I got pregnant, I was found to have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and insulin resistance that were causing me to not be able to lose weight. Luckily, I was able to get treated for them in order to help me start losing weight. I believe I weighed around 240lbs. I was told that if I wanted to try for pregnancy it would be very difficult for me for about 3-5 years because of my conditions. After being on certain medicines and changing my diet and starting to lose weight, I was surprised to find out that I had actually gotten pregnant before losing 30 lbs. I found out about my pregnancy 4.5 months in, so you could say it was a HUGE surprise! I still thought that I was unable to get pregnant! When I found out I was pregnant, I was down to 209 lbs. and have only gained about 7 lbs since I found out. I'm now almost 27 weeks along and due March 7th. So if you want to try having children, I suggest working on losing weight first because it will make it easier for you and you will feel better while you are pregnant. Best of luck :)


tanriv - December 29

Sheena I'm in the same boat. me and my husband want to have a baby more than anything. it has been almost 6 months and have not gotten pregnant yet. so if you have any helpful adice please let me in on it.


newmommy79 - February 10

I am 5'5 and 210, (have gained about 60lbs in the last 2 years). My question is whether or not weight has anything to do with pregnancy symptoms? I am at 8 weeks and feel perfectly normal short of b___st tenderness. My mother said I might not feel any differently the whole pregnancy because I am overweight. I wanted to slap her, but wondered if anyone had anything to say on the subject?


lemonsqueeze20 - July 11

I just want to make a comment about all of these forms i keep reading. you dont have to be a normal weight to get pregnant. Trust me i know, im 20 and 300 even. i am now 5 months pregnant and i feel normal, all of my tests, ultrasounds everything have been perfect!. I have been overweight for years now. Just keep trying! it took me 4 months and it worked out perfect!


hmpg - July 23

It is important that both you and baby must be healthy. Take plenty of fresh fruit juices and fresh vegetables. That will manage your weight and will give good health to both of you.


pregnancyquickstart - August 24

Usually you will gain a little extra weight if you already are on your weight or little heavier, but it will be more noticeable if you are underweight at the time you get pregnant. Whatever the case, the important thing to remember is to control your weight.


loveourkids - December 5

I'm 35 yrs old, I weigh 213 and am 5'2", I'm at my heaviest, I found out we are having an unplanned baby, baby number 7 and I'm totally freaking out! I've never wanted to weight this at the start of a pregnancy and now I don't know what to do. It's weird, I have a 20 month old and none of the weight from him is off yet, I can tell you your more tired, theres more pain in the hips, the feet, and the heart by being overweight, and I sure wish I could get some of this weight off. I feelt good at 185, if only, guess it's too late now...


MomNLove - December 10

Hi loveourkids, I just wanted to let you know that it's not too late. There is research that has been coming out that shows it is not unhealthy or unsafe for a woman to lose weight while she's pregnant if she is overweight. You should talk to your doctor about your concerns and then discuss a healthy caloric intake and then make sure to get a 30 minute walk in every day. I wish I would have done this while I was pregnant with my second. He's now 6 months old and I can't get this weight to budge. I wish someone would have told me that it wasn't too late, so that I could have had the strength to have changed my mentality when I went into the pregnancy. a friend of mine is overweight and recently pregnant. Her doctor has put her on an 1800 calorie diet and required 30 minutes of walking every day. The doctor said that my friend has plenty of "fat reserves" for the baby to feast on while she's pregnant. My friend has dropped nearly 15 pounds and she's just 14 weeks along. The baby is growing strong and the doctor is monitoring the weightloss very closely. The goal is for her to only gain 10lbs, if any at all. Hopefully this information will encourage you...talk to your doctor and make this pregnancy different from the others...you can do it! Be blessed!


MomNLove - December 10

Correction....my little boy is 10 months old...boy time sure does fly! LOL!


Francois - February 19

Hi loveourkids How's things going now? Losing weight during your pregnancy is a risky thing, but not completely out of the question. Because it's risky, I won't suggest it. Let me tell you why I say so. There are so many unhealthy programs out there to help people to lose weight. Their are the chemical fat burners, which is completely a no-no during pregnancy. These are sometimes even hidden in a herbal sugarcoat. There is the deprivation diets that were popular during the 1980's. Some of these diets still live on today. That is where you consume ma__sive amounts of one or two low calorie foods, such as grapes or apples. Variations of this is to follow a very monotone diet with only a small group of permitted foods. Another very popular method, is to measure your portions exactly. This method is by far better than any of the above, but it is still risky while you are pregnant. During pregnancy you need two vital ingredients - a little more calories than usual and lots of nutrients. The biggest risk of diets are that it can deprive you of the nutrients you need for your baby's development. If you can find a golden middle way where you are sure that your baby receives the nutrients he/she needs and you can lower your calorie intake a little, then it is safe. Still there should be enough calories available to keep your baby's development going. Rather wait to lose the weight until after your baby is born. While you are pregnant, you can prepare your body for losing weight afterward. By improving your health in a natural way now, you body will shed the pounds easier after the birth. My wife, Rosemarie, gained 53 pounds during her pregnancy and lost 57 pounds after Mary-Ann's birth. She lost more than she gained.


christinaray12 - February 22

A healthy diet is very important when being pregnant. pregnancy diet should have lots of fruits and vegetables, limited rice and potatoes, food that is rich in proteins. Fiber is also recommended as it prevents constipation that usually affects pregnant women. Fiber is found in pasta, vegetables, fruit and wholegrain bread.



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