Tomato Craving Iron Deficiency Anemia

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Kal - October 27

Hello again. Has anyone else seen the research to suggest that a craving for tomatoes is linked to iron deficiency anemia? I've been craving tomatoes like a mad person, so my best mate and I decided to try and find out what it means...and discovered this! I'm still waiting for my blood test results, so don't know if I have an iron deficiency or not yet, but am just intrigued as to whether anyone else has craved tomatoes and then found out they do have an iron deficiency? Just interested is all!


sandra - October 30

hi Kal, i craved tomatoes too, tomato juice, chopped tomatoes, whole tomatoes, tomato soup, tinned tomatoes - i would be eating them out the pan before they were warmed. My iron levels were great all through the pregnancy - no problems at all. I found that the tomato juice seemed to help my nausea and sickness. My son loves tomatoes and tom juice and he is now 5. Dont know if that is just coincidence or because he got so much in the womb


Lisa - October 30

I love tomatoes and crave them and all my levels are fine.


alix - November 1

Hi Kal, i love tomatoes at the moment i love eating them with bacon i hated them as a child but i love them now cant get enough mmmmmmm....... i cudnt tell you about my iron levels tho sorry at least they are healthy xx


Amelia - November 11

Hi Kal, I have been recently "suffering" from the same thing. For a while it was just all food in general, but it is now mostly a tomato thing to the point where I want to drink tomato juice all day long, even though I've always hated it until just recently). So I asked around and found that such intense food cravings were linked to anemia (although I didn't think about tomatoes specifically until this site!). I did recently have a live blood a___lysis that showed that many of my red blood cells were in an anemic state. So, I can't say 100% sure that I am anemic, but I do believe there is a link, and that you are on to something.


heather - November 26

i have anemia and i crave tomatoes alot and red meat. this baby has sucked the life out of me despite the vitamins and good diet.


Tomatoes - November 27

Don't have iron in them, they do conatain vitamin C which helps your body with the intake of iron. Iron form animal sources is best because it is more easily absorbed. Even if Heather did not say she was anemic, the combo of cravings is her body trying to get what it needs for the baby. Isn't the body amazing!


Ness Amzallag - December 9

I have had an unbelievable craving for tomatoes lately. I was in the hospital last week w/ some complications from my diabetes and all i could think about was tomatoes. while in ICU they were giving me iron thru the IV and had told me that i was anemic. I have always loved to eat tomatoes however now that i am out of the hospital, I decided to google tomato craving and found this page. Seems that there must be a link! I havent gotten an updated blood test to see if the anemia is improving but i still do have a craving for tomatoes (although its not nearly as bad as it was a little while ago) I find this so interesting. the body is a trip. I guess if youre having a craving you should follow it. thats your body talking to you.


jo - December 13

I have never found myself to be low in iron when craving tomatoes but have at many times in my life gone thru definate and strong need for tomatoes to a full physical craving and I truely believe my body seeks what it needs... except for the toffee icecream that is!! I gather there is some connection between needing lycopene in tomatoes and craving anti-oxidants. I seem to crave olives too for similar reasons I feel, often in times when the body needs to re-enforce or heal. Olives have anti-inflam properties too but I reckon the toms are to do with anti-oxidants to combat free radicals in times when my body needs this reinforcement... see what you find out. Jo


Da - January 4

Same as Jo. Hated tomato juice & V8 all my life and now crave it constantly; any tomato product. Also, Olives! I did eat olives as a kid, but, now am 41. Can't quite understand it. Have wondered if it has to do w/ sodium content as well. I also crave salty dill pickles!!!! ???


lbkelly - January 24

I have also been craving tomatoes. Grape tomatoes, tomato soup, tomatoes out of the tin, tomato paste, etc. I don't know what it means, but my husband says if my body is craving eat it!


Tara - January 27

Yes!! i was craving tomato soup for about two weeks and just found out my blood test came back with low red blood cell my doctor prescribed an iron supplement.


Jan - January 28

So it is not a fluke? My father is 86 years old and among other things was diagnosed to have iron deficiency anema 6 months ago. It was severe enough that he is required to go to the hospital once a month to have his blood checked, and if the iron count is too low they give him an injection. While visiting him one weekend, I added some chopped tomatoes to his scrambled eggs. As he eats a limited diet and not enough fruits and vegetables,, he loved the addition of tomatoes to his eggs and they because a regular part of his menu. For the past 3 monthly visits to the hospital his iron level was in the normal range and they did not have to administer the injection. Although tomatoes do not have a great deal of iron in them, apparently it is enough because it is the only new food my dad added to his diet on a regular basis. I'm a believer.


Reina - February 9

Not pregnant, but Im definitely anemic as a result of having Crohns, which makes it difficult for my body to absorb iron... And Im constantly craving tomatoes.


ashley marie - February 12

im not pregnant either. i have ulcerative colitis and my body doesnt replenish the blood i loose due to the disease or a period very well, and as a result, im usually anemic. ive recently realized that the only thing i wanted to eat when i was very sick was tomato soup and grilled cheese and now that im better, i get a period and i crave tomatoes for a month afterwards. the other night i woke up thinking i need to go to the store so i could get a tomato and as im writing this i have marina sauce heating to eat like soup.


Hon - April 1

I think I'm going to love my tomato soup - have it right now.


LuLu W - August 6

I'm not sure about iron deficiency (although if it's true, I'll line up to give it a shot,) but cravings sound normal. It could be the iron, as you are wondering, but it could also be the acidity that your body is craving.



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