18 Weeks And Bad Rib Pain

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Katie - August 3

Wow - so glad I'm not alone. I've also had this since early in the pregnancy, and am now at 20 weeks. I wouldn't say it's gotten worse, just different - it used to be a painful ache almost all day that started when I ate breakfast. Now, it's a very sharp isolated spot on the front of my ribs under my right b___st. It doesn't hurt all the time, but is aggrevated when I sleep on either side, or when I sit too long. It's tender to the touch - like I bruised it really badly. I have not found a cure, but a heating pad helped most of the time. My doctor also doesn't really get it. I hope this helps!


caroline - August 4

ooooooo i have this pain to just under my b___sts both sides it is so uncomftable i cant get releif at all i have had ma__sage and allsorts but to no joy have they helped a freind sayed it is all my organs movin up to make way for the baby but this is my 4th pregnancy and have never had it before im 21weeks and am lookin forward to im 40 so the pain will leave good luck an all the best


Angeline - August 8

Oh my gosh - I've been having this too!! It started in my 23rd week and has gotten more intense. A hot water bottle to warm up my bed (rib height/upper back height, not baby height) helped. Also, ma__sage and chiropractic care also seems to help - but if I find anything else I'll let you know as some days I find it unbearable and sympathize with you all!!!


L. E. S. - August 9

I am having the same pain! I thought am I the only one? So glad, you guys are in there with me. I have a desk job, and am getting so behind on my work, due to the pain. I have to get up every 5 minutes and walk around. I have been told by my doctor, that your uterus is pushing up. It can cause some irritation to your rib cage. This may also cause irritation to your gall bladder (on right side). My pain started in the middle and is now shifting to the right. If the pain gets really bad, you should get it checked out. Glad that I am not the ony one.


Jennifer Clark - August 9

Well went back to the doctor who ordered an ultrasound because I was still having pain after 4 weeks. He was concerned that with the location of the pain (under the rib cage on the LEFT side) it may be my spleen, but the ultrasound showed the spleen is fine. His final diagnosis is that it's the muscle under the rib cage. As the uterus grows, it pulls this muscle and could be pulling it away from the rib cage. Just like any pulled muscle, ice helps and time to heal. The desk job makes it difficult, but I bring an ice pack to work and just take Acetaminophen every 4 hours. I bought some of the Arnica Relief Cream and it actually seems to help a little. I got it at GNC for like $5. So now we just wait and see how long it takes for this to go away. I'm only 6 weeks from delivery, so he said it may not go away before I deliver but should go away shortly after. I just hope it doesn't make the pain of delivery amplified. Thanks for all your suggestions and comments!


AL - August 11

Sounds like we all are struggling through the same painful problems. Ribs, back, chest pains...I have them too! My doctor also told me it's COSTOCANDRITIS. It seems not all doctors know of this. I thought it was caused from the body changing & all the organs being pushed up but an inflamed rib cartiledge or whatever sounds accurate. I was doing arm exercises every morning on the coffee table so maybe I pulled something!? It really hurts to breathe, which is scary. My only relif is tylenol. That has actually helped more than a heating pad or lying down. I'll do more research. Good luck to everyone!


christy - August 11

Rib pain You may experience pain under your ribs from around 29 weeks when the top of your womb starts to push up on your ribs. This can be extremely sore, particularly when your baby kicks. It is often worse on one side, depending on the position your baby is lying in. The pain usually goes away towards the end of your pregnancy when your baby moves down into your pelvis, ready to be born. What can I do about it? Sit up straight to make as much space as possible for your ribs. Avoid slumping Lie on your side when you rest or sleep Raising your hands above your head reduces the pain as it lifts your ribs off your womb


L.E.S. - August 16

I have the same pain on my right side. The doctor told me that it is probably the baby's head or feet positioned under the rib. It hurts worse when sitting. This is because, your ribs are pushing down, and your uterus is pushing up.


siun - August 18

its due to your rib cage expanding from progesterone. i have the same!


BJ - August 22

I too have this same pain. Started around 17 weeks (am now 25 weeks). In my right rib and the same spot on my back. My doctor says it's my abdominal muscles splitting causing muscular pain in my rib and back. I had no idea this pain was so common!


^Tracy - August 23

I agree, the pain is caused by your expanding uterus pushing organs lungs etc..out of place..


Stefanie - August 24

Wow, I feel bad that so many people experience this pain in the rib area, but at the same time I am a little relieved, I really thought I had a collapsed lung or a broken rib...Thanks to everyone who wrote suggestions to make it a little easier to deal with I am only 21 weeks so I will take as much advice as I can get... Good Luck to everyone


Karina - August 25

Hi Jessica I am also having my first baby and am now 25 weeks. I have been having a smiliar problem. The Doctor has told me two things. One the baby is kicking my rib cage (but this is because I am further gone), the other which is more likely for your stage of pregnancy is that your lungs expand to take in more oxygen for you and the baby and also that your rib cage has to expland to accommodate your lungs which can make your ribs VERY sore. Hope this helps?


Amy - August 25

Hate to say this, but I am really glad to find a lot of other preggie women with this pain! This is my 5th pregnancy (27 weeks along) and I'm having extreme pain in my ribs on my right side, in the back. I remember having this same problem with my 4th child and the doctor didn't seem very worried about it and chalked it up to having to "tough it out". At this point I think my body is just worn out from being pregnant so much (ha, ha), and that things just aren't as good as they used to be! I'm sure picking my 2 year old up as much as I do isn't helping any. I'm gonna try some of the tips you guys have posted. I'm sorry that you guys are having to suffer the pain as well and wish you all the best.


Colette - August 29

Hi all, I have had the pain since 16 weeks (when bubba was only a little peanut) and diagnosed with Costochondritis. Interestingly, now I am 39 weeks, I still feel the ache and find myself 'holding' the area over my rib sometimes, but the pain is nothing like i felt from about 16 weeks to about 30 weeks. I have been taking Omega-3 (DHA) vitamin tablets every day. I just had to buy a new bottle and realised that the label says Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory for arthritis (and arthritis like ailments). Just a thought, maybe the Omega-3's acted like an anti-inflammatory for me??? Good luck.


Desiree - September 2

I'm 25 weeks and my left side has begun to hurt a little. Most people say that is the baby laying on that side.



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