About 15 Weeks What Kind Of Stomach Pains Do You Get

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Shelly - January 13

I am 15 wk 2 days, I am pg.w/my 4th I am blessed w/ 3 girls. I am also being blessed w/ my 1st boy, yeah.( just found out). I am just informing all that this is completely normal, you may also feel a weird sensation almost as if the baby is turning in side of you completely, these are braxton hicks. Fun Fun and then you'll all of a sudden have to pee. The fun doesn't stop. Thanks and good luck


Shawnah - January 18

I am 9 weeks pregnant and feeling the exact same way. It feels like poking in my belly or tugging on the inside (belly b___ton area and lower.) I go to the doctor tomorrow. Reading this made me feel better. I have two other children but they are 10 and 8 so I don't remember feeling any of this with them.


lou - January 21

At 16 1/2 weeks this was a relief to read as I've been getting worried about the strange pains in my stomach in the last few days. They haven't last for a huge length of time but when they do are not comfortable and are a bit of a worry. Again it makes sense when you think of all the stretching etc the body is doing but being a first baby and having no real clue as to what to expect reading others experience is great - so thanks!


Tina - January 22

I am only around 4 weeks,iv not long found out,but i am also getting period like pains in my lower abdomen.The pain that worries me the most is the one i get on my right side.When i sneeze ,try to turn in bed quick or sometimes get out of the chair i get this sharp quick pain in a split second,sometimes its abit painful,but i have read up about ectopic pregnancies and this sort of pain being mentioned and its worried me.Is there anyone that can put my mind at rest.


mbagley76 - January 23

I had wierd pains like that in the beginning also, I am now 15 1/2 weeks and I am having the wierd feelings in my abdomen, my sister said she remembers that and its the baby moving around and everything stretching, I am small built also so I would imagine I have a lot of stretching to do.


Amber - January 23

I am 30 weeks today and I remember going through what you are describing all too well. I too am small so the growing pains that you are describing are normal. I went in for an emergency scan just to make sure, but the dr. a__sured me it was just my uterus protesting its new size. Also your b___sts will become less and less sore as time progresses, but they will continue to grow. I was a B cup before I became pregnant and now I am a D cup. As they grow try wearing a nursing bra with no underwire. They are really comfy. I also wear a sports bra to bed to help with support. Hope that helps.


itsagirl - January 23

The pain you are ahveing seems normal in your second trimester the chance of a miscariage is much lower. the best advice my doctor gave me was to just enjoy it. and think about it you had pains before you were pregnant too. just remember that there is a lot going on inside of you so don't be surprised if you get pain. however if you get back pain or real bad pain call your doctor tight away. otherwise enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry b/c baby feels everything you do. i am about to enter my third trimester and i had some wierd pains during the first part. lay on your left side when it husrts (if you can). as far as your b___st its ok if they don't hurt enjoy it. you are more than likely just getting used to it... besides my doctor said it will slow down with the milk for a little whiile prob until the mid to end of your 2nd... hope i helped and congrats


shelly - January 24

I really just feel twinges on each side of my abdomen and bloaded. Now I ve been feeling the baby move. I am very very gasy embarra__sing to say. Other than that I feel pretty good. What are you feeling?


wellsrayner - July 22

I am almost 6 weeks and all your messages have given me some rea__surance. I have suffered 3 m/c - hopefully the aspirin will help this time round (my blood sometimes clots) - i am trying to not panic at every twinge in my belly but i have had some aching pains, not pains as such that its uncomfortable, kind of like a ache you get when you are due on. Luckily there is no bleeding, hopefully i will have an early scan next week - what's the earliest you can have a scan does anyone know? I only ask because i am waiting for the appointment, as you can imagine i can't wait to see if the little one is there and growing healthily.... back to the pains anyway, what i am experiencing seems normal, my b___bs are sore and i have been feeling sick every morning (which is kind of a relief!) - anyway, enough rambling from me, thanks for listening!


tanyarosario2003 - January 17



rachelmoos - August 31

I'm 15 weeks+2 days and have experienced very sharp pains on the left of my abdomen as if something has got stuck??! It happens if I cough sometimes or when I turn over in bed. I'm presuming it's just my body stretching and I'm trying not to worry about it.


kimchs02 - March 26

I am currently 4 months and see you posted this a while ago. I am having the same pains and plan on calling my Dr. in the morning but I'm freaking out a bit. Did you get any information on what it could be? Is it something that I shouldn't wait to get checked out?



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