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chrissy - July 6

I am 32 weeks and I have doctor said that its probably the baby on my sciatic nerve but this pain comes and goes throughout the day when I stand up or when I take a step on left leg...its a shooting pain and is very uncomfortable...anyone else????


Jessicca - July 7

Hi Chrissy I am 35 weeks pregnant and have sciatica. It's soooo horrible! I got it when I was 23 weeks pregnant. I have it running from my right side mid-back all the way down my leg to my toes. I advise to be very careful when you get these pains, I fell really hard twice out of the shower, I almost had a miscarriage so be very careful. You can't really cure sciatica, the only thing you can do is rest, lay with your legs elevated and maintain a good posture! Good luck...I'm sorry you got this's really horrible!


Kel - July 7

Hi Chrissy. I had it duriing my 27-29th week. I was in such pain that I cried on two occasions. I went to my doctor and he basically said the same thing that your doctor told you. However, he did suggest a chiropractor for temporary relief. I went about 4 times and it helped. Thankfully I think the baby moved because it's been almost a week since of experienced the horrible shooting pain up and down my right side. Good luck to you and anyone else experiencing sciatica.


Molly - July 13

Chrissy..How Ironic I am 31 weeks and its my first baby so i have no idea what any of these pains are...I started getting a stabbing pain in my back then it ventured into my b___t..then down into the fold of where my inner thigh and hip meet...MOST PAINFUL THING EVER. It is also ironically in my left upper leg, anytime there is any pressure applie dit is unbearbale...Any pain trying to get comfortable at night or getting out of bed in the morning?


suzy s - July 18

Yes, I am 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow, mine has been going on for some weeks now, but finally got so bad two weeks ago that i was imobile for about 1 week. I couldn't work, i could barely stand without a__sistance from my husband, sitting was impossible. The pains just shoot between the lower back, hip area (rt side) and down my right upper leg. I would rather deliver "quads" naturally than go thru this pain. This is my third pregnancy and i never experienced this with my other two pregnancies.


Kim - July 18

I'm 28 weeks and have had similar pain in my right hip and b___t; some days I can barely move. I went for a prenatal ma__sage, and it helped tremendously. My partner can also ma__sage some of the pain away. So see if you can find someone to help with ma__sage -- it won't cure it but it might buy you a few days of blissful relief.


Claire - July 18

hi I know exactly the pain you're experiencing.I got sciatica on my right at 36 weeks-agony!! I have been having treatment with an osteopath twice a week and applying cold packs to the lower back area to help reduce inflammation.I'm now 39 weeks and the pain has subsided-Thankfully!!


Meg - July 30

I am 26 weeks with my third. I had the same issue with my second pregnancy as with this one, shooting pain down my leg that did not allow me to support any weight. Until this moment, I had no idea what it was. It was hard to describe how I felt without being chalked up to common aches and pains. Even if there is very little I can do to make it go away, it feels better to know that a) it will go away after the baby is born and b) it has a name and others have experienced it.


Baby987 - July 11

I am 32 with my fourth.I already had this issue in the past, and I know it feels horrible.The pain was constant,day & night.So I searched the internet a bit and found this really interesting article(just trying to help):

https://wikandor. wordpress. com/2018/07/11/how-to-say-goodbye-to-your-sciatica/

(remove blank spaces before wordpress and com to get to the site )

So I've followed their advices and the pain was gone:)

Hoping I helped you




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