Breast Tenderness Soreness Fading Away

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Squirt478 - January 22

I am on my fourth pregnancy. The other three unsuccessful. I am approaching week 10 without any complications this far. The furthest ever. But of course I'm nervous! Is it common for b___st tenderness to come and go in pregnancy? And is it normal at about this point for morning sickness to start subsiding?


susan e - March 14

i can't believe i am back on this same thread. this morning i was doing a web search, from my phone about the coming and going of b___st tenderness... and started reading this post where the person sounded just like me (my experiences), to see it WAS my post(s) from 4 years ago! crazy. i can NOT believe i am doing these searches again. i have had 5 pregnancy losses: #1 - missed miscarriage at 11 weeks (no heart beat), #2 - ectopic pregnancy, #3 - blighted ovum pregnancy, #4 - trisomy 22, #5 chemical pregnancy. i could NOT take ANY more. we were trying to avoid pregnancy, but only going with the rhytym method... also considering i'm about to turn 44, i have only one working fallopian tube (due to the ectopic)... and had s_x ONCE in the month of february... to end up pregnant AGAIN?!?!?... what are the odds, i mean really? also, what are the odds that this pregnancy will result in a positive outcome, considering my history. i'm on prometrium (natural progesterone oral med) and i do think many of my symptoms are linked to this med... and i'm not sure if any are linked to the pregnancy. i don't 'feel' pregnant like i did with #1 and #4. i am grateful that they have located a gestational and yolk sac in the right place in week 5 (meaning that it is not another very dangerous ectopic). i have another ultrasound tomorrow during week 6. i am ON EDGE as you can imagine. how can one have a calm pregnancy when they have a history like i do? we have always wanted children. we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary next month. it will either be a great anniversary or one tinged with yet another loss. i don't know anyone like me, who has been through so much loss... and to have no children at all. it is really heartbreaking. of course, i'm hoping for a miracle. but i know i shouldn't hold my breath.


michelle2011 - April 2

cany anyone help me!! im 6.1 im really worried as my tenderness has stopped 3 days a go i have had a miscarriage before and then have had a son but i dont remember my bobs stopp being sore. is this a sign of another miscarriage


odessa-odessa - July 6

hey Susan e, I also read this forum a few years ago during one of my four previous miscarriages and found myself reading it again as I am supposed to be nearly 6 weeks pregnant again(at the age of 42)but losing my symptoms yet again. The pain is just unbelievable. I was the little girl who always dreamed of having children, the teenager who had no real career ambitions but just wanted to have kids(I always saw myself with two daughters close in age),the one who thought she'd be the young mother when her friends were still not interested in that sort of thing. I really cant fathom my life if I cant be a parent-everything else-I am a artist and get complimented over that but it just all seems so empty-just filling in time until my real life can begin. Honestly I hve though about crashing into a power pole sometimes when I am driving. If it wasnt for my animals I probably would have. Ive tried everything-have been going to a tcm(traditional chinese medicine ie accupuncture+ herbs)for 7 months, dont smoke or drink alcohol or coffee. I seem to conceive relatively easily (conceived this month after only one "attempt")but something goes wrong. Ive read books about how it is Gods plan that "noone shall miscarry or be barren"and have wholeheartedly believed, had faith,kept a vision of my future baby in y heart-and each time I fall pregnant I'm so serene and positive and really believe that "this time its different-this one's here to stay" only to have it come crashing down again. I dont understand why this happens. There is nothing for me to learn. If I dont have a child my life will go on but wont be any richer/wiser etc. It will just be incomplete. I can only hope for reincarnation so maybe in my next life I will have better luck. Anyway,just so you know-you are not alone in your pain but I dont have any answers either


Excited4mybaby - August 1

Im 10wks 3days and too I get scared just as I am now which in search of answers I came across this site, I had tenderness off n on but I havent felt it n a couple of days so im worried right now my ownself


lonely2010 - August 20

I'm not sure if I'm preggo or not but I have had heavy/tender b___st for over a week now, sharp pain in my lower left abdomen(sometimes in my right as well), cramping but no spotting, bloating, nausea, headaches, very tired but can't sleep, gas, and moody, not sure if its jus PMS or preg. symtoms but i feel like I'm pregnant


lonely2010 - August 20

I'm not sure if I'm preg. but I have had symptoms, but my sore b___bs have gone away also my period is due in 6 days but I have been cramping since the time I have been TTC(at least 2days after) and I'm all confused...I just need help someone please???


everythingxed - September 12

I've had a terrifying weekend of lots of brown spotting and a complete loss of b___st tenderness. I am 9 weeks, and had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks (discovered at 12 weeks scan) earlier this year. This is my first baby, so you can imagine I feared the worst and a__sumed it was happening all over again. Anyway, the good news is I went for a scan this morning (monday) and everything is completely fine - strong heartbeat, right size and could even see the little arms and legs wriggling around! Relief doesn't even come close! During both pregnancies and my miscarriage I've found great comfort in the posts on this site, but have never written one. However, felt compelled to write if someone else is having spotting and a sudden loss of b___st tenderness, you (like me) are probably freaking out and fearing the worst....but chances are it's all fine. I'm not going to say don't worry - how can you not worry?!! - but definitely don't give up hope as it can be good news even when the odds seem against you. Good luck everyone x


alissah83 - November 19

everythingxed: I have never posted on any forums, but I HAD to after reading your post! I am 6.6 weeks pregnant for the first time. Weeks 4-6 the b___st tenderness was severe, now it is mild to none. Also, for the last 4 days I have had little bits of light tan colored spotting. But I have not had any red blood or painful cramps. I have an U/S on the 21st at 7 weeks and I am hoping for a strong heartbeat. I have been extremely anxious, and scared. I try not to think about the negatives but can't help it. I have been saying tons of prayers asking for a healthy baby, and for God to help me be calm. I just spent over an hour reading through this entire forum. Then I got to the very last post, yours, and it nearly brought me to tears as it was exactly what I needed to hear! Now I am feeling more optimistic about my scan on Monday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting. I hope all is going well for you.



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