Brown Discharge And Negative Pregnancy Test

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iwantbaby - October 13

Hi, I am 32 years old and trying to get pregnant for couple of months. My last period was september 12, lasted 4/5 days. I have regular 27 days cycle, and according to this, i was expecting my period on october 8th. But instead of period, from october 7th, I am having brown discharge and pink spotting. It lasted for 3 days, then stopped. Again it started from 12th october, and today on 13th october, its becoming little heavier than previous days, still its dark brown. I had cramp before, but not from 12th. Its 6 days since I missed period, I already took HPT, but both came negative. How long should I wait to take another pregnancy test? How long this brown discharge will last maximum? Should I run to the doctor immediately? I am worried whats going on. Please help. This is my first time missing period.


bella nikita - October 13

When i found out i was pregnant i was going through the same sort of thing. I spotted every month for the first trimester around the same time that i would expect to have my period. I tested positive for pregnancy when i was 2 weeks late. I would wait another week or so and take another test. If you still have a negative test maybe call your doctor and they might be able to have you get a blood test. Thats the most accurate test they can even tell you how much HCG is in your blood system to tell you if its a normal amount for how far along you should be. It could be implantation bleeding which happens around 2-3 weeks after concieving. If you get lots and lots of mentrual like pains but more intense than normal along with lots of bright red blood i would head straight to your closest hospital but otherwise hang in there and take another test in a few days or a week if you can hang on that long. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iwantbaby - October 13

Hello bella nikita, thanks for your reply. I will wait for some more days. Its still brown discharge, no red sign, so i guess its still ok. No other pregnancy symptom yet though. So not sure if i am pregnant at all. I had tendered b___st which was hurting for last couple of days, but I am not feeling anything at all now. I guess time will tell eventually.


sweetcaramel - October 17

hi. i agree with the below poster. with my first child i had an extremely light period (off and on for 3 days). i had taken 2 pregnancy tests that were both negative. i waited about a week and took another one and i was pregnant. so it is still a possibility. if you have i would call a doctor though. best wishes to you.


bella nikita - October 17

Iwantbaby - so any news? did you take another test? or did you get your period. I guess its only been 4 days but im just curious lol.


iwantbaby - October 17

Thanks for your concern.. i got my period, but its more than period. its been 4 days, i am bleeding, not heavy though, no cramp, little unusual as my regular period generally ends in 5 days. Not sure this time when it will end. Sometimes i feel i was pregnant, then i miscarry. May be its the bleeding for miscarriage. But as far as I read online about miscarry, I don't see any similarity with my bleeding. I don't know what it is. I will go to see doctor as soon as my period ends. I am very upset.


sara2 - October 31

can any one help me i have a miscarrage on may 2006 after that i have a irregular period , my period due on 23 sep but its over due 7 days but the over time i have had a some time pinkish some time brown discharge and after 7th day i have my period .this month i m accepting a period on 29 oct but again today is 3 day over and i have again pink and brown dischage .is some this really wrong with me .i never use pill or any kind of thing .but we r trying for a baby


PreciousJewels - November 1

Hi iwantbaby, I'm new to this site. I came across this site because I was searching for something online that could possibly help me before I call my doctor. I'm having some of the very same symptoms as you; however, I haven't taken a pregnancy test because I've been disappointed in the past. I'm currently having a dark brown discharge. It looks very much like my period is on, but it's brown. It's not heavy though. It looks like dried blood. Can someone please try to help me understand what this is. I'm concerned, nervous, etc. Thanks to all!


iwantbaby - November 2

hello precious, I don't know what this is you are having. I had the same thing, and after 6 days i have my full period, which stayed 6 more days. It was heart breaking, but you have to take it easy. How many days you are late for? If it is more than 10 days, I will suggest you to go to doctor. I wish you all the best.


denimb__terfly - November 15

Iwantbaby- it sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy. I would look them up online to get more info- but it definitely sounds like it. Exactly the symptoms other ladies I have talked to have had. Period a few days late. Kind of feel pregnant. Then some bleeding then period- which is heavier than normal because it is a chemical pregnancy. Basically a pregnancy that started, but did not take form.


Hizwifey1223 - June 30

hi, I'm 17 years old and havinq a problem and need some anwsers i qet my period every 28 days and this month I was suppose to qet my period on May 31st I was surprised by a yeast infection instead and was 6-7 days late on my period I took 3 HPT and they all came back neq. well on the 6th the of June i qot what I believe could have been my period I'm not sure it was dark brown liqht I figured it was just old blood because my period came late (no crampinq or nothinq) and on the 3rd day of it I woke up and went to the bathroom and pulled my tampon out (sorry if this is so detailed) but there was this lonq strinq of brownish somethinq I don't even know how to explain but it was stretchy that niqht i layed down and started having really bad cramps only in my right side that went around to my back I went to the toilet because I couldn't even walk I know I after a little while it eased up but i had qas but felt like i couldn't fart, lol Now its june 30th and Ive been dizzy sick to my stomach and feelinq lightheaded everytime i qet up i just lie in bed but im also qettinq my wisdom teeth in I dont know if that could be causinq that I do have a doc. app on the 5th


maybepreg - September 11

hi im 6days late 4 my period i had s_x 2nights ago an lost a small amount of brown disharge an nothin since then ive got tender b___sts like whay you get when your due on your period an got 3 negative preg tests not sure whats going on if some1 could give me any info couse im very confused


ConfusedOne - October 27

Hello. I found this site when I was searching the web for an answer. I'm 17 and I've already had a baby. He is 5 months old. I missed my period this month and for the past couple days I've had a light brown discharge. It's not heavy. I just find it in my underwear. I took one test 2 days ago and it came out negative but I've been told that sometimes it takes a bit before it can tell. Can I get some help? I'm very confused.


mutts - November 18

hi im 27 and have been trying for a baby for 9 months now but no luck yet, but i am two weeks late on my period which has never happened to me before!! i have taken two pg tests and both where negative and today i have started to get this brown discharge and a little bit of spotting!! im really confused about it all, i havent had any pg symptoms other than slightly sore b___sts!! can anyone shed some light on this matter for me!!!


ConfusedBird91 - March 1

Hi. I'm new to this site. Was searching for answers and came accross it so I thought I would comment.. My last proper period was Nov' 23rd 2011.. I then didn't have one in december.. There was a possibility I could have been pregnant but tests were negative, so I went to the doctors & he led me to believe I'd had a miscarriage on 14th January as had a period - was very heavy & lots of clots.. Anyway.. Now I've not had a period or any signs of blood since Jan 14th and again there's a possibility I could be pregnant, but yet again, all HPT's are coming back negative. I have what I believe to be pregnancy symptoms ; nausea-i'm feeling it all day but never actually sick, more frequent peeing, bloated all the time-my tummy is poking out more than normal also, tender/itchy b___sts (which have got bigger) more frequent excretion (usually I would have every other day but I'm doing it more than once a day recently) experiencing bad heartburn. Yesterday (after s_x) I had some browny discharge with some spotting of blood & been getting achey cramps in lower abdomen past couple days. Last test I did was 2 days ago & still said negative. I have a doctors appointment on next Wednesday.. But I'm so confused right now & need a little advice on what to do? Please help.


BabyKev - March 9

Hi Confusedbird91. I'm also having almost identical symtoms of pregnancy. I've had 4 months of spotting with brownish pink and not enough to fill a pad. They all happened pretty much on time and last 2 days or so. My regular period isn't super heavy and lasts 3-5 days. I've taken 3 hpt's but they all came out negative. I went to the Dr's this past Wed. and am waiting for the results from the several blood tests she's running. I don't want to give up hope because this would be such an awesome thing to happen in my life. The possible baby's father hasn't had any boys and has 2 daughters so I've already a__sumed that this is definitely a boy. I actually feel it! I'm having insomnia like crazy and I've never had it more than once in a blue moon and now it's almost every night. My b___bs went up 2 sizes and you can see the veins. Pooping is quite the experience because it's happening 3-4 times a day and big full poops. Sorry TMI. Headaches, backaches, sinus problems, tummy pokes out with a rounder ball shape over my ponch. Again probably TMI sorry. I haven't actually thrown up but have nausea and light headed a lot. Pee more and really thirsty for water. I never drink this much water. Hungry and am eating manly sized meals. Face glowing, nipples a little darker, and pimples all over my neck and around hair line. This would be my first so Am I crazy??? I am on pins and needles waiting for my results. They said I might have to wait till next Wed!


BabyKev - March 9

I should also let you all know that within a week or so after one of our unprotected nights, my b___bs started hurting way worse than I've ever experienced. Then when my period didn't happen normally I suspected pregnancy and started doing hpt's. I started feeling my belly grow in the last couple weeks and I was amazed because I thought the tests were accurate. Then started feeling b___terfly like feelings in my tummy and noticed how round it was poking out. I'm not skinny but I'm pretty small. (size 4) *Crossing fingers and praying for this!!! Good luck to you too Confusedbird91!



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