Headaches Headaches Headaches

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lynn - November 16

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my fifth child, I do not remember the headaches being so bad. It just thobs constantly.


Angela - November 17

I didn't have a single headache in my first 2 trimesters and now in my third (i'm 28 weeks) i've been having them for the last 3 days. Is that normal? Anyone else only have headaches later in pregnancy??


jess - November 30

dunno sorry!!!!!!!


Katrina - December 15

I am so relieved to see that I am not the only one who is suffering with these excrutiating headaches but at the same time I also feel bad for all of you who are suffering with these headaches because I know how painful they are . This is my third pregnancy and have never experienced these types of headaches with my other two pregnancies. It has been a month now that I have been having them on a daily basis and my Dr. told me that it was normal and that I could take two tylenol everytime the headaches occured even if it is having to take them everyday. I don`t really like to take the tylenol on a daily basis but it is the only thing that provides some relief. However, today is the first day that I have ever gotten a REALLY bad headache... I thought it could be something major but by reading all of your postings I think it may just be part of being pregnant. This is a great site! Thanks for providing me with comfort!


laura - December 21

excedrin tension headache works but make sure you get the one with NO ASPIRIN--it has a little bit of aceptomi(tylenol) and caffeine.


Brandi - January 10

I had that problem with my last pregnancy. It ended up I had a pregnancy activated vertibre in my neck that caused it. I had to go to the chirpractor every other week for the entire 9 months. I had never been there before and haven't been since I delivered. My midwife actually recommended it. Just and idea to check out.


chase - August 29

I"m 16weeks prego and my headaches are insane I wake up in the morning parinode that I'm gonna get a headache that i think I give myself a headache lol. I know it's not funny but i don;t have a headache if I'm lucky once a week IF I"M LUCKY. This is my 2nd pregnancy and with my 1st i experienced nothing like this. i'm in pain everyday like I wanna cry. I don;t know what it's like to live without a headache to live normal. I take the tylenol with the caffine in them and there not bad but i take them everyday that my body gonna get use to them and not work anymore. i heard sucking on lemon wedges may work so I'm gonna try that if I can even leave the house to go to the store. I have a 16month old and feel bad that i can;t do more with him and I hate that he;s suffering cause of this. Someone please HELP me I can;t live like this anymore the pain is to much to handle HELP


chase - August 29

OMG some doc are just jerks and they have no idea what it's like to live with this pain everyday. I feel for everyone that's havinf headaches like myself and wish that they would find something that works like you my life completely starts I'm cranky crying and just wish I could enjoy this HELP



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