HORRIBLE Pain In Tailbone

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Jennifer - September 6

My DH is a physical therapist and that b___t cheek pain was my SI Joint, also. Please ask your OB to refer you to a PT.


cosmo1976 - September 26

Hi Erica, I am 7 months as well with the same symptons. My doctor told me yesterday that I could have hix.... sorry I can't remember the medical termin but i will ask my doctor again. You need to be make sure that you don't ever "slouch" , sit up very straight and try to take the weight off your lower back. I bought additional pillows for back support. The worst pain for me is getting in and out of the car. Either way, you need to get it checked by your doctor to make sure you are not developing an infection that could case major issues during labor. Hope this helps.


fefer1 - November 1

My last pregnancy I started getting pains in my tailbone at 9weeks - and it lasted for about 6 months AFTER my dd was born. I tried a chiropractor but that didn't do a thing for me. I wish I had thought about a physical therapist. Everyone would tell me it was normal to have pains like that - but maybe they didn't know how bad it was. So far no problems with baby #2 but I'm only 8weeks into it.


c_baer19 - November 4

I had it terribly during this past pregnancy, and they told me it was sciatica even though it didn't go into my legs - it was just HORRIBLE right to one side of my tailbone. Standing, sitting, and even laying down were excruciating to the point I wanted to cry! Thank goodness it went away after a week or two, but they told me there was nothing I could do but take Tylenol. They said to take it at the recommended dose (i.e. 2 every 4-6 hours) round the clock to give the medicine a chance to really kick in and help. It could be coincidence, but mine stopped a few days after doing so. It came back about a week before giving birth, and went away again a few days before I actually gave birth. HOpe I helped!


Precious - November 7

im 5wks preg and ive been gettin this sharp pain in my tailbone.. i dont know if those are one of the symthoms u get by pregnancy


SuperMom - March 17

Here is something that can help.... just google Bed-Pal maternity straps and see what comes up. I think this will help alot. They are very new, but I have them and they are a huge help in bed.


due-in-april - April 1

I had the same problem that started around 6 or 7 months. My dr told me it was the baby putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. You should try doing pelvic tilts. Get on all fours and let your belly drop. It really did help me. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant and nothing seems to make it go away now, lol. Good luck!


justine.evensen8 - July 1

im 22 wks along and I work in a restaurant. I try doing pelvic tilts and streachs at work but the only thing that releaves the pain is bending forward and moving the baby but when i stand back up the pain sets in again. my boss sent me home until I have a drs note saying i can work but i have a feeling im not going to be able to, and i really need this job. I cant get ahold of my OB probably until Tuesday since Monday is the 4th. My Fiance is going to freak. we are already so tight on money due to all his bills he has to pay. I pray I will be able to go back to work but I have a bad feeling im not going to be able too.


Janelle Steiner - December 3

I am only 7 weeks pregnant and I too get this unbearable pain in my tailbone it seems to be only when I'm at work as I am constantly on my feet and always having to bend over which is when it hurts the most I bend down and when I come back up the pain is so excruciating that I can't hold myself up anymore I have to sit down and can't get back up for about 15 minutesĀ 



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