Ovarian Cyst False Pregnancy Test

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autumnsmommy - October 20

Pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test may suggest that your cyst is a corpus luteum cyst, which can develop when the ruptured follicle that released your egg reseals and fills with fluid.


aryannasmommy - October 24

funny, i too have PCOS yes, you can get a false positive with a cyst, but i am told it doesn't happen to a lot of people...as always i get the weird medical stuff.


Naeema - August 7

hi. i was told by my gynae that i have a cyst yesterday. I didnt get my periods for the past month-i was due to get it last month the 14th. I thought i was pregnant and was so excited. Im so dissapointd that im not pregnant. My gynae prescribed medication for me and hes gonna monitor my cycles. Does anyone know what causes cysts and does it affect fertility? im so worried


Ka__sy - August 8

Hi Naeema, I have polycystic ovaries Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as the Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is a condition a__sociated with multiple cysts in the ovaries. During each menstrual cycle, the ovaries release an egg (ovum) into the uterus. This process is called ovulation and usually occurs once a month. Before the egg is ready to be released, it develops inside a tiny swelling (called a follicle or cyst) on the ovary. Each month, several follicles start to develop, but in most cases only one goes on to mature fully and release an egg. The ovaries are also responsible for making oestrogen, the main female hormone, and small quant_ties of androgens (male hormones) such as testosterone. In polycystic ovarian syndrome, many follicles are produced but often none develop enough to release an egg, meaning that ovulation does not take place. The production of hormones is also often unbalanced, particularly with raised levels of testosterone. Approximately one in ten British women have PCOS to some degree, and of those referred for an ultrasound examination, about 25% are found to have polycystic ovaries. PCOS is now recognised as the most common cause of ovulation failure, leading to infertility, in women who have not yet reached the menopause. So as you can see if they effected fertility then there would not be people having babies all the time would there with odds of 1 in 10 woman having this. It can in cases make it harder to get pregnant but not impossible, the doctors will tell you to inform them if you having been trying for six months without results and then they can help with meds to give a helping hand. I know many woman who have cysts some very large but have conceived and had children all fine with and without treatment. Well I hope this as rea__sured you some what I know how scary these things can be, but has I always think positive mental att_tude goes along way when trying to get pregnant, stressing and worrying will not help relax and let nature takes it course and you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about in no time. So good luck when you decide its time. And best wishes take care xxxx


marylynn28 - July 22

I have taken 3 home pregnancy test's they were all positive went to the doctors and did a urine test there it was positive but then did a ultrasound and they didnt see anything.. ? am I pregnant?


Faith7 - September 15

I know how you feel :( I missed my period.. I took 5 HPT's & all but one came out positive..then did a pee test at the drs & it was positive then I did the blood test & that showed positive & showed me at about 3-4weeks preg. Then 2 weeks later this past Sunday I started having brown discharge then Monday as I was leavng to the dr I started having redder blood showing.. So when I get to the dr they did the v____al u/s & no heartbeat was found & sac was empty & the dr told me there was a cyst nothing to be worried about.. I wonder if the cyst was giving the false positive test or I'm having a miscarriage.ive been bleeding ever since..just wen I pee though.. Now I went today to get my 2nd blood tests to see if my HCG's are multiplying& I won't find out the results till Friday..:( it's been such a rough week .. I'm so emotionally drained.. I'm scared to get pregnant again. & go through this heartbreak again... We were soo happy knowing I was pregnant.. This is def.. Sad..


patsyjo - September 29

i have ovarian cysts and i had unprotected s_x the 2nd of july and went for a test on the 10th of july. it came out negative and i have not tested sense. i have not gotten my period only spotting. and my tummy is getting slightly bigger. my mother and boyfriend told me the other day. i am getting a small bump now. is there any way that the cysts would give me a false negative?


keesh91 - February 25

I was diagnosed with having PCOS on January 3rd, 2012 (I haven't had my period in four months and the pregnancy test at that time was negative). I started to have this clear watery discharge that would come and go. It had no smell and no texture. My pee also became darker and had a strong odor. Then a week later I started to have abdominal cramping that was bad-- to the point where I almost went to the ER. It subsided, but was still there the next day just not nearly as bad. I was reading online and became concerned so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Even more concerned, I took two more and they also came out positive. I scheduled an appointment with a doctor and they did a urine test that came out positive. I discussed my cysts with her and she said that it could be a possibility that they are giving me a 'false-positive'. I feel no 'normal' signs of being pregnant. Someone who went through the same thing as me says that they had a cyst that burst and the reason for the 'false-positive' was from the toxins and fluids coming out in the urine. I cannot schedule an ultrasound for anytime soon and I was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or if they could give me any information. I have had no bleeding and no further pain.


aniruthgirish - February 22

Hi , My wife Egg got ruptured at 17th day, We did intercouse before rupcher and did intercourse on Day 17th and Day 18th. and we missed intercourse on Day 19th.. Is it possible for pregnency? Please clear my answer. 


Vasco - January 31

Hi, My sister is now supposed to be 24wks and now the doctors said that she has a cyst on her left ovary. She is so devastated as this is her first child. Is there a possibility that at 24wks you may not see the baby?? I just wanted to give her my best support ....

Eagerly waiting for a response.


page12 - May 21

hello there. I think you should consult you, doctor. it can be seriously damaging to your tubes. it can have a lot of complications. there are so many ways to have a baby. science had made it easy. you should not lose hope. analyze your problem and then fix it. surrogacy is a great option for an infertile woman. just be strong and stay hopeful.


riazoyer - August 20

Miracles happens every day. Why can’t it happen with you? I have known some people n my life how were diagnosed with infertility. Yet, they managed to conceive. Latter but they did. They used these new medical advancements and this helped them, against their odd causes. Such stories and experiences are quite hopeful.


niyawanx - August 20

If you are opting for surrogacy, you should look for a good and reliable clinic. They handle almost all of the matter including the legal papers which is the most important part. They get you a matching surrogate. The surrogate is not your responsibility. I think its better this way. I went for gestational surrogacy. My child is related to me and my husband only his carrier was a different woman. I hope this helps you.



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