Pain In My Lower Left Side

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mandycanchon - December 14

Have been having irregular periods didn't see it may of last year and it came june 15 didn't come for december and came january 13 now it didn't come november and still nothing yet took a pregnacy test it came out negative have all the symptons of a period but haven't seen it please tell me what u think.


bluejay1211 - December 14

mandycanchon: have you been charting your basal temperature? If you haven't you need to start. It will tell you if you are ovulating or not because it sounds like you are having anovulatory months (months where you dont ovulate...thats what causes the irregular periods). Other than that you should def go see a doctor, especially if you are TTC.


macawgirl - December 14

if you dont ovulate could you have spotting and a very light flow for 2 months? i had this after having s_x nov.1 i thought i ovulated nov.3. neg pg tests.


tommygirl1983 - December 22

I'm 6 weeks pregnant & have the same dull pain in my lower left side that comes and goes -glad it all appears normal but would be interested to hear what a doctor says!


bubbyfern - October 14

Hi guys, Just new to this, today I had the sharp pain on left side, Very painful and went to doc, had a scan and even though Im only 5 weeks I have a inflammed ovary.. Very common apparently. So try and think positive hoping bubs is all good at my 11/12 week scan. xo Thought I would try and give some positive hope.. It is scary


daedae - March 7

yeah im 20weeeks pregnant nd i just camed from the hospital becus i was haveing lower left pain they said it might be my utaris growing...


Tarenmbc - April 13

I'm 19 Weeks and 4 days. So last night I was walking around walmart and had a really bad pain in my left side. But it's not always on the left, anywho, I can tell where the baby is at just by feeling my stomach, and of course he was sitting right where I was having the pain. I poked him and the pain went away, until he moved back. :/



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