Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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StarryNight - September 14

well it depends..what exactly do u mean by "virgin"? uve never done anything at all?or uve just never had s_x


StarryNight - September 14

well it depends...on what u mean by the term "virgin" u mean u have never done ANYTHING ?? or uve jus never had s_x. cuz u can get pregnant without "s_x" its rare but has happened..but itall depends


kdn - October 14

i was on this on this site lookin 4 answer and i mostly saw am giving my experience. my period was a normal 28 days but bcause i had started school along with work it changed to a 30 days. my last period was on the 13/9/10. had unprotected s_x on the 25 and 26 of september. started feeling my warning cramp a week b4 my period. the diffrence this time is that i keep feeling the cramps everyday for 1 week. headaches was everyday non stop. i though i might b anxious about doin the test thats y am havin the headaches and yes my period is about to come so everyday i'd b running to the bathroom to clean up- nothing! i wasnt sure if this month would b a 28 days or a 30 days (10.10.10/12.10.10) so i took the test on 13th and both lines showed up. this weekend i'll b at the doctor to do a confirmation. am still having cramps but they are lighter and the headaches gone.


metime03 - October 18

hi im a bit concerned. I had a period on june 13, july 15, august 13, and then september 11. It is october 18 now. I have been cramping but no period. This means that im extremely late, right? I did have thyroid problems but it is now back normal. Should this be why im late or should i take a pregnancy test. please help!


metime03 - October 18

I had my period in june 13, july 15, august 13, and then september 11. It is now october 18. Im extremely late, right? I had thyroid problems in the past but it just recently got back normal, Could this be why its late or should i take a test? Please help!


tictactoe83 - November 13

It's Day 11 since I missed my period. I took a Blood Pregnancy Test and Urine Pregnancy Test in the laboratory today. The UPT came -ve, while Blood test showed score of less than 2.0. I'm getting symptoms of pregnancy like tightening of uterus, cramps, intermittent nausea and dizziness. Doctor has asked me to take a Sonography on Nov 17, 2010. Should I still expect a miracle?


lbez2010 - December 10

I came off my mini pill around 10 weeks ago (I didnt have a period while i was on it). I had my first period on the 7th of feb until 14th. it was very normal and standard. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x on several occasions during then and now. I was due on 5-7th and am now a few days late. I too have had the feeling of having a period but no hint of any actual bleeding. i also have sore b___bs and am feeling hormonal. I also feel a queesy but not sure whether it is the left over ends of a cold. Having doubts about whether or not i could be Pregs because of just coming off my pill. Any help Ladies? What do you think? Sorry its so long! XX


lbez2010 - December 10

*7th of November sorry.


manjulatha - January 8

I am 12 days late on my period now.Normally i have 28 days cycle regular periods.My pregnency test is negative result.May be i have feelings of during the mensus.But no blood.I have no pregnency syntoms till now.any one can clear my doubt whether i am pregnent or not.plz helpme


sarahi2011 - January 14

Hi!!! im 19... i am 6 days late for my period...but not sure if im pregnant..i have sore b___sts/nipples, get constant headaches, going to the bathroom alot more,my mood swings are going crazy, im more tired than usual. no cramping exept a week before my period was due jan 9th i got some wierd cramping on my lower left abdominal that lasted a day. my last period was dec 9...i really hope im pregnant cause my fiance really wants a baby..i dont want to get his hopes going to take a pregnancy test 2mrw and see what happens but can u ladies give me ur opinions that would help me out THANK YOU!!!


RittRitt20 - January 15

Hello ladies, I am 20 years old. I normally have a strict 28-day cycle and am rarely late (only once or twice before). My last period started Dec. 9 2010 and ended on the 13th. So I should have began my next cycle on Jan 6. I am now 9 days late as of today the 15th. I have been having period-like cramps in my abdominal region for quite a while now, about a week. They are not quite as strong as ones I normally have with my period, and yet are strong enough to be noticed. They are comparable to slight cramps you get a few days before your period, but it's been over a week and still no bleeding. Just slight cramping pains, nothing to be extremely worried about. They come on at random times of the day and last maybe 30 seconds each. So I have been thinking that wonderful time of the month is coming for this whole time, and yet it hasn't yet. I have also been having a thick white discharge for the past few days, am more easily upset and irritable, have had sore b___sts around the nipples, frequent urination although I always have this to a slight degree, and about a week ago I began having a "full" sort of pressure-like feeling around my belly b___ton region, but no clue what it was. I probably also should mention that beginning on Jan 4 to the 6th I was rather sick; I had extreme nausea and vomiting to the point where I couldn't even keep any liquids down for the first day as well as food for almost two days. Along with this there was slight fever and very watery diahrrea. It all came on very rapidly; I went to bed monday night feeling fine as can be and woke in the middle of the night at 3 AM with the diahrrea then again at 5 with extreme nausea. I a__sociated all of this with a common bug, but I wanted to be certain I listed all recent symptoms in here, as to not leave anything out if it may have correspondence. My fiance and I do not use birth control methods, as we are neither trying nor not trying to have a baby; it's kind of like a "if it happens, it's meant to be" type of thing. We're not against the idea and yet we haven't specifically set out to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Being only 9 days late, if I were pregnant I feel like it will be too soon to take a test just yet so I am waiting it out for another week or so. Then if still no period, I will be sure to take a test. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it sounds like I may be pregnant or if my late period could just be just that; a late period? I know it will be all just be based on opinion but I'm mainly just asking if the cramp-like pains for over a week could mean pregnancy...or something else. Has anyone else ever had these strange slight cramps? And if so what was the outcome of it all? Never had them before, except when they were actually period cramps, of course. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated! -Brittany


RittRitt20 - January 15

BTW, I am sorry I can't reply to all of your comments/questions because there are so many so I will just respond to a few recent ones. Manjulatha, I cannot really tell whether you are or not with the information you provided. Sometimes women are just late due to stressors or changes in their lives. You have already done everything you can do at this point; you've taken a pregnancy test and it had a negative result. Sometimes your hormone levels arent high enough for a test to read correctly very early on in the pregnancy. So unfortunately all you can do is wait right now. If in a week or two you still do not get your period, then be sure to consult a test again, this time around it should have an accurate result. If it is then still negative, the fact that you haven't gotten your period this month can be due to many other factors such as like I stated before...stress...or even the way you've been eating or living your life. I would consult a doctor. I, too, in the past have been worried due to a very late period. I remember a year and a half ago I went through a period of time where I hadn't gotten my period for 3 months, even though I was normally regular with my periods on a 28 day cycle and was not on birth control, and i took several tests and all came back negative and then one day out of the blue in that third month, i finally got my period. And then it came regularly thereafter. It was weird and I have no real explanation for it. Good luck, girlie, and I hope you get the result in all of this that you are looking for. Just hang tight and don't worry too much. Keep me posted!! Hi Sarah! To me, it sounds like you may have some symptoms that would indicate a very early-on pregnancy. But this is not to be certain!! As I told Manjulatha, I have had late periods in the past that were fluke things probably brought on by changes in my lifestyle, but I do not know for certain. I think it is a very good idea to take a pregnancy test, it is the only way besides seeing a doctor to find out for sure! Don't forget, if you are pregnant, sounds like you are very early-on in the pregnancy and a test could possibly not catch on just yet! So if this one comes out neg, don't give up - and if you still don't get your period in a week or two, consult another test or your doctor! Good luck and take care! Let me know what the outcome of the test is please!?!


nleo8 - January 25

Can someone help i need it fast, i have been off birth control for 6 months now stopped taking it in august and now its january. I'm 5 days late on my period last one was december 22 and now its januaury 25th and nothing yet. Been having cramps since the 18th but nothing i pee alot thats the only sign besides the obvous being late. Could i be pregnant? and when should i take a test?


SJ123 - January 26

Hi nleo8 I was in a similar situation until today when my period finally showed up. My last period was Dec. 27th and I was expecting it to start Jan. 23rd which it didn't. This really had me worried because I am always spot on with my cycle and for me to miss a period is unheard of. What made me even more worried was the fact that my bf and I had s_x a few days b4 I ovulated so I thought I may be pregnant even though we had s_x on one of my less fertile days. Well to cut a long story short, I was three days late and was having cramps,nausea, and sore b___sts for the days before my expected period up until today when it finally showed up. Therefore, my advice to you is to just relax, as I have heard that stress can delay your period which I think happened in my case. So just relax and if it does not show up in the next three days or so then take a test. I took three (one every day since my missed period) and all were negative, which was expensive because I bought the first response gold digital tests (I am very paranoid when it comes to life altering situations such as pregnancy so I had to get the best! lol). If your test comes back negative I would say give it a few more days and test again and if it still comes back negative I wouldn't worry because the HPT these days are very sensitive but if you need even more peace of mind after the second test go and see a doctor. Believe me I know exactly how you feel. Don't stress yourself and let nature run its course. Good luck.


Amahle - January 27

gals i have a problem, my periods are 2days late,nipples are tender but come and go,heartburn,period cramps for a week now but no sign of period and diarrhea. Am i pregnant?


wickedgood143 - March 18

I'm pretty much in the same boat as you all. I am 7 days late today and have been getting nausea early early in the morning. I took two tests at home yesterday and both were negative.. I don't know whats going on. I have been ttc now and have done the duty everyday for the last 4-6 months... Now what?



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