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spitomania - September 6

I am sooooooooooo glad I am not the only one, this is the most disgusting thing to go through!!!! I have just started my 10th week, and it is my third pregnancy, although the other 2 ended unfortunately in miscarriages! but my mom had the spitting thing too, it drives you and everyone around u MAD!!! i really hope it ends faaaaaaaaaast!!! as long as you chew something, it helps, but only whilst u r chewing, the minute u stop, u r spitting again!!!!!!!!! I carry a cup everywhere I go, and it is dreadful!!!! I feel for you all, and hope it stops for you all very soon. Hope you all have safe pregis too!!!


Tiffani - September 21

Just be patient ladies! (I know easier said than done!) I spit w/ both of my boys. The 1st lasted 3 months, but my last lasted the ENTIRE time, all the way to the emergency room! Altoids were good, lemons w/salt(not too much though.) and yes, I was forced to carry that dreaded spit cup!(eeeww). While I was at work, GUM is the only thing that helped. But be advised, it makes you hungry super-fast, and as soon as it's gone....back to square 1!


Tiffiney - October 1

I appreciate all of your post. I spit for the first trimester with my son and I am pregnant with my second and the spitting startedt his week. I am only about 7 weeks pregnant. I spit because I have this horrible taste in my mouth. Gum and fruit help me, but I have to keep eating it.


Lauren - October 13

Its wierd isn't it. I wonder what causes it. The taste in my mouth isn't exactly metallic-just horrible. I don't care if it is the pregnancy but until I read this site I haven't heard anyone else have it


Tonya - October 14

Try crewing some spearmint gum in the white pack.and drinking a little peppermint tea.


chidzz - April 6

Oh my gosh i was so happy to finf this post i am 16 weeks pregnant and have been spitting since i was 7 weeks its so annoying it makes me feel sick if i try to swallow it so i have to spit it out glad i'm not the only one!!! My mum spat right the way through her pregnancy and as soon as she went into labour it stopped i red somewhere on the internet that it is most common in ethnic women... i'm a black female myself... i wonder if thats true... have lovely pregnancies ladies xxx


TenFour08 - April 7

Hello I amm 22 years old and im 6 weeks about to be 7 and i have been spittin every stinkin minute...i was nervous to ask my doctor because i didnt think it was normal..but then i googled it and all you ladies popped up!! Thank you for making me feel normal! XoXo


chang.cj - September 11

i am so worry as i cant stop taking sweets to avoid spitting, i have to take 20 - 30pcs of peppermint in a day, will this hurt my baby?


diana123 - August 4

I am 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and starting spitting around 6 1/2 weeks. The most horrible thing I have gone through plus the morning sickness had me bed ridden. I am sorry to tell you ladies it is disgusting but it worked for me and I have to say Its my second day and I am not spitting really at all.  So I bought juicy fruit gum (must be juicy fruit since it doesnt have so much flavor) and i chewed it all day. You have to swollow all your spit try to spit out as little as possible. Trust me you will gag in the beginning when swallowing your salia but trust me it will all be worth it the second day. Chew and swallow. Good luck. I hope this helps you as it has helped me thank God.


gemi - July 18

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