12 Weeks Still Spotting Brown

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carrie - January 9

I am 12 weeks tommorow and I still have old blood discharging anyone else have this problem and if so what was the out come I have had ultrasounds and the first one was good heart rate of 161 and the second ultrasound was on Fri Jan 6th and the heart rate again was 160 and the baby was very active in stretching and stuff please let me know waht you think


mommylove - January 10

Hi Carrie! When I was pg with my daughter I had brown spotting every couple of days until I was 16 wks. It really freaked me out but just like you I had good ultrasounds and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I finally stopped spotting at 16wks and went on to have a healthy beatiful baby girl. I'm sure you and the baby will be fine. Good Luck to you and keep me posted on how things are going.


Julie - January 10

Hi mommylove, did you ever have bleeding when you wiped? I am 9 weeks pregnant and I will get some brown discharge and sometime if I am contipated, I will have blood when I wipe (sorry for the TMI).


mommylove - January 10

Hi Julie, yes I had that too. Truly, if its not a__sociated to bad cramping, and its only when you wipe, there probably isn't anything to worry about. Have you been able to hear your baby's heartbeat yet?


carrie - January 12

Thanks mommylove I had a misscarage last Jan so I am so nervous about everything that is happening i am trying to keep my mind off things and stay positive thankyou for your input.


mommylove - January 12

Your welcome. I hope the spotting stops soon. Even when its normal it still freaks us out. Just remember, most women who have spotting go on to have healthy babies. Keep me posted.


amber - January 12

i am six weeks pregnant and i have been having brown spotting...more like staining, as it's constant but never much of it at all, for the past three days. I wouldn't be so worried about it, except sometimes there are little brown flakes in it....i am so scared this is tissue, which would mean i am definitely starting to miscarriage, wouldn't it? Anyone else have any tiny pieces in their spotting? I talked to the nurse and she said not to worry about it, just to rest and drink plenty of fluids, but of course i am extremely worried about it!


carrie - January 18

i beleive if you were having a misscarriage the stuff that would be comming out would be greay and I was told that you would deffenetly know it would not be small flakes. I hope that helps


Linette - January 20

I continue to spot when I wipe and now it is very mucousy with blood streaking through it. Anyone have that? It's like I'm losing my mucous plug already.


LC - January 21

Hope this sets your mind at ease.... I spotted all through my first trimester. Sometimes it was light and brown, and a couple of times, bright red and moderately heavy. Once it was similar to the first or second day of a period. Needless to say, I spent three months holding my breath every time I went to the bathroom, and was constantly freaking out and worried about the worst. I checked this forum about 10 times a day to see if anyone else had similar experiences and had gone on to deliver a healthy baby. Well, my pregnancy continued into the second and third trimesters with barely any complications and last month I had a healthy baby girl. Hope this puts your mind at ease somewhat. Good luck and good health. -L


tigerlilly - January 21

Anybody worrying about bleeding and spotting have a look at www.babycenter.com there is a forum on there just about bleeding in pregnancy there is over 2000 posts just on this subject., might put your mind at rest when you read about all the successful pregnancys with bleeding,spotting problems. Baby Dust x


lilia - January 22

I am 7 week an the brown spotting does not stop also i have cramps with it,an the sintoms of m/s come and go i saw the baby last weeks everything look normal,but again i am stillso worry.please help?


mommy356 - January 22

I had the same problems when I was in my first trimester...I am now 34 weeks. I spotted alot, from brown to bright red. Alot of the times it is just your uterus stretching and it causes you to spot, and it could be left over blood from a previous period just working its way out. Alot of the times there is nothing to worry about, but if you do experience cramping, a gush of RED blood, go to the dr. ASAP, there could be more underlying problems that need to be solved. Best of luck to all of you, and try not to stress too much, because you have so much to look forward to.


GLORIA - January 24

Interesting....hmm...I hear about this quite often....and ever person I heard it from...had a girl....Maybe it has to do with extra estrogen.....I'm not kidding! Every one I heard about that had this prob...had a girl...mommy356 do you know what you are having?


GLORIA - January 24

We might be on to something...here...just curious


jeffjen2220 - May 2

I have been experiencing the same thing for almost 2 weeks now. I am currently 12 wks pregnant. I have had 2 ultra sounds which have reflected the heart rate at 167 both times and baby is fine. Placent in place perfectly. Dr.'s don't know why but my cervix is open about the size of a pinky fingertip. They don't seem alarmed, I'm trying to stay calm as well. Will write again if I find out anymore of this mystery!


Jas112 - May 2

Soooo good to find thisl... i amonly 5 weeks preganant and had spotting last week ihave had bed rest for the past week.. the spotting stopped 2 days ago so i was backa t work today iknow the feeling you go tothe toilet and you are constantly scared of more heavy blood........ i aml glad to hear i amnot the only one out here....... I sooo want this baby to come :) baby dust and best wishes to everyone........ Did any of your doctors give you a HCG injection for precaution?



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