6 Weeks With Empty Sac As Seen During Vaginal Ultrasound

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Melanie - October 22

Ladies, I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and had a va___al ultrasound done due to some very minor spotting. During the sono, we could visably see the sac, but no baby. I'm going back in this coming Monday (Oct. 25) to see if there has been any changes. Anyone else experience this? Good or Bad.


levi - October 25

i have experienced exactly the same as what you have and it was not good news for me as i had scans every week until i was 7 weeks pregnant and on my last scan the baby had moved right down in to my cervix so a miscarriage was on the way. 2 days later i started bleeding and lost the baby. Good luck for today i hope everything turns out to be fine please let me know how you get on loads of (HUGS AND KISSES) levi.


Melanie - October 25

Levi... Thanks so much for the information, although I'm really sorry to hear about what you went through. My appt is this afternoon, and its all I can do to get through the morning. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again!


Melanie - October 26

Levi, I had good news yesterday!! We were able to see the baby and the heartbeat. It was amazing to see such a change in just one week. Are you still trying? Thanks for the comfort yesterday. ;0)


m - October 26

Melanie, I am so glad to hear your good news. I was just going to post and tell you that I have heard of this before, and lots of times it ends up there is actually a baby. So I'm glad to know you are one of those who gets good news. Congrats! And Levi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been there, and I know it hurts. Hopefully, things will work out for you.


K - October 27

Melanie, I was happy to see your posting that all is well. I'm in the same boat. I was 4 weeks last week & ultrasound shows sac but no baby. Doc is hoping that my dates r just off & its too small to see. I go next Wed to get another ultrasound & I'm so worried. I can barely think of anything else & because of increased discharge I keep thinking I'm spotting or miscarrying. Hope my news is good too.


Jen - October 27

Sounds like I'm in the same boat. I went for a v____al u/s yesterday -we thought I was 6 weeks & 6 days - but we could only see the yolk sac. No fetal pole & no heart beat. My OB says that a couple of days can make a difference. I'm going back next week, praying for the best. I haven't had any bleeding yet, so my hopes are still up, but I do need to hear some good stories from others. Its easy to fear the worst.


K - October 27

Jen, I'll keep u in my thoughts & prayers. I go back on Wed nxt week. None of my othr symptoms have changed or decreased so I'm praying this one will make it. If not this will be our 3rd loss. The last was ectopic & I didn't know about any of them until it was too late. I spotted this one early on from othr sypmtoms so again I'm hoping & praying this one makes it. I'm almost 40 & may have to throw in the towel.


levi - October 27

congratulations on your news i am so pleased for you. the baby i lost was planned so it came as a big b__w to me. 5 years ago i lost a baby boy 6 months into my pregnancy that nearly killed me luckily i now have 2 daughters and i am trying again so keep your fingers crossed for me, congratulations again and all the best for the future with the baby.


levi - October 27

hi melanie, i will let you know how i get on


Melanie - October 28

Its conforting that so many of us are experiencing the same thing. Levi, I hope that things go alright... sounds like you've had a tough time. As for me, I am still in shock, and am almost to scared to be excited. I am learning very quickly that the whole pregnancy is a complete rollercoaster within itself.


Louise - October 30

I found out that i am pregnant, i think i am 5 weeks but not sure. I am going to the doctors on monday. I know what your going through as i went through all of that v____al scan and stuff like that cause they couldnt see the baby. Its a horrible feeling and i am just worried incase it happens again, i really am. This is my second chance as i miscarried the first time in jan there and i hated it when they told me. I hope everything goes well, i really do


levi - November 1

hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know i have had 4 faint positive results over the last couple of days. i hope i am pregnant and they are not just evaporation lines that i have heard about let me know what you all think.


Miranda - November 3

Going through the excat same and not coping well......thought I was 6 weeks 3 days but v____al u/s finds just an empty sac. told to go away and come back a week later. Horrible time - no bleeding..no pain.what am I to think. My hcg seems to be rising although the nurse said she was expecting it to fall.


K - November 3

Levi, congrats. Don't be discouraged. I decided a couple of weeks of hope wld hav to be bettr than a coupl of weeks of fear & despair.. waiting 4 the worst.Miranda I pray that you will try to have faith as well. I am 6 wks & 3 days today. I go back 4 my u/s this afternoon in hopes of finding somthing more than just the sac frm 2 wks ago. All have a blessd day.


Miranda - November 3

K, hope your news was good.I will think of you so please write and let me know! I cannot bear the wait and am paying for a scan tomorrow ..... I would rather know either wait than keep hoping....love to all M


Kelly - November 3

Hello Everyone, I am having the same experience as a few of you. I am about 6 weeks along, I think and all they are able to see is an empty sac. We had a horrible loss last febuary when we lost our 3 month old girl to an uncorrectable heart defect and this pregancy coming so close to what would be her first birthday is devastating. I do not know what to think. I had the first ultrasound 2 weeks ago and it was the same, so they scheduled this one and still they can not see anything. I am still having prenancy symptoms though and no pain or spotting. This would be my 4th pregancy and I have never miscarried, so I do not know what to think. I kept waiting for the blood to start. They wanted me to schedule a D&C, but I am waiting 2 more weeks and I insisted today on tests to check my levels. I want to see if they are declining. I do not want to be unrealistic, but I keep hearing about this happening to other women and it actually turns out that there is still a baby. Please let me know if you have any info. Thank you, Kelly



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