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hoping4bpf - January 7

Hey ladies, pearl: again I am so so sorry, I wish I could be more help but have no experience as this is my first Sophie: hope all is well with you, how far along were you? Did you have any symptoms that it was coming? Tritty: I am sure everything is fine but I would go see a doctor anyway so you get peace of mind. Worrying for another week will not help! As for me I have been fine. Still very sore bbs and starting to have aversion to foods and some morning sickness. Go in for my 8 week appointment a week from today. Excited to hear the heartbeat as that will make this more real


lynzelou - January 8

Hi girls! Still feeling pretty good. I've been taking the "one a day" prenatal with the DHA and I eat every time I take them yet it still makes me feel yucky. Someone recommended I put the DHA ones in the fridge so I tried that. This is so gross, but they make me burp a lot and it's disgusting from the fish oil. I'm going to test it out and stop taking the DHA pill to see if that makes me feel any better. My b___bs don't seem to be hurting as much but I'm still pretty tired. This is my first child so I'm a little paranoid! Still debating wether or not to get some of the genetic testing done. I've got a fairly healthy family history so I'm sure the baby is fine. I think it's just doctors scare the c___p out of me when they talk about certain stuff. Oh well - going to try and change my mindset and just RELAX! Hope all is well with you girls!


tritty - January 8

hey ladies, just wanted to let you know that i started another forum for our group called "august 2010 babies part 2" it seems that a lot of ladies have gotten scared away from this group because there have been several miscarriages. i think it'd be good for all of us to step away from this and start with a clean slate where we can be more encouraged and a little less scared. come on over and join in!


suzie105 - January 16

Hi all, my name is Suzanne, im 21 from Northern Ireland and im due on the 8th of august. Im still at university and my family have been really unsupportive about the pregnancy. It has been tough... it is like they are intent on continually telling me i cant do this. But then i suppose they've been like that all my life. I've been with my patner for seven years and his family have been fantastic thank god. Ive had one miscarriage and though this baby was a surprise i am thrilled at the thought of bringing a baby into this world and being a mother. I had my first scan on thursday and i cried tears of sheer relief when i saw the baby on the screen. It was kicking its wee legs and i could see its heart beating, it was so unlike anything i have ever felt before emotionally. Congratulations to all the mums to be and god bless you all throughout your pregnancies.


Manchuda - January 18

hey ladies. This is my 1st pregnancy and I am 11weeks already. The vomiting and tiredness have reduced a lot. I sleep less this days, but a nap during lunch is a must. I am hoping for a boy & I already have a name for him, Buhlebenkosi(Buhle) but I wouldnt mind a girl at all. The only food I can keep in is mopani worms, pap, tin fish, cheese curls simbas,livers & no meat for me especialy chicken. I can only drink water (lots of it), no fizzy drinks or juice. I am showing and every1 already knows, family, friends and colleagues. All in all, I am the happiest mom to be on earth and would like to share the excitment with every1. Sorry to all the ladies that lost their unborn children. I believe God will bless you all with time. Go Bless


Manchuda - January 18

Tritty Please give me the path to that new forum



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