Blood Behind Placenta

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trynagain - April 24

I just had my 6 week u/s and everything is looking great, good hb, sac, fetal pole etc. but they also saw a very small bit of blood behind my placenta. My MD assured me that everything would be fine and this was normal, but i am wondering if anyone else has had the same thing?? I am due 12/15...this is my second. Thanks for any input.


mjvdec01 - April 25

Most of the time everything turns out fine. I really wouldn't worry unless your OB tells you there is something to worry about. The bleeding has stopped and will probably resorb. A close friend of mine had this with both her pregnancies early on and she has two beautiful boys. Congratulations by the way!


trynagain - April 26

Thanks for your rea__suring words. It is so hard not to worry! The day before my u/s i had an episode of spotting, then nothing for a few days and now, today, i have slight intermittent brown spotting. I just wish it would stop so i could relax. From reading other posts, it seems like this is normal, but any bleeding to me seems suspicious. I guess there is nothing i can do about it but be positive and hope for the best. it helps to hear of the happy endings when you are going throuh this...Thanks again mjvdecO1.


epigg - May 12

I had a tare in the placenta with my first pregnancy. I actually had pretty heavy bleeding that became lighter, but didn't stop for about six weeks, during which time I was on bed rest. When my daughter was delivered, they could see where the placenta had clotted in that spot to stop the bleeding. She was very healthy and I delivered at 38 weeks! I would say, If you begin bleeding, call your doc. right away to prevent any complications. For, now, I wouldn't worry.


toriemae17 - May 13

I'm due 12/14 and i had the same thing happen to me, except i started bleeding for about 6 hours and then spotted light pink and brown for about 2 weeks. My OB said bleeding and spotting are actually really common in the first trimester. I had the bleeding and then it formed a clot. I'm almost 10weeks now and everything is going great. I stopped spotting and I had an appointment today and they heard the heartbeat ( about 164bmp ) so everythings great. Don't worry about it too much. I'm sure everything will be alright. Best Of Luck <3


TaraO - May 13

I am sure you will be fine. I wish they didn't even tell us that kind of stuff unless they were certain it was a problem. I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days, they couldn't see everything, so I went back a week later and they saw hb and everything including the blood - I haven't spotted or anything, however, 2 us later, it's still there, I am trying not to worry though - Good luck!!! When do you go back again - I'm 8 weeks and go Thursday -


trynagain - May 16

Thanks guys! I am still hanging in there. I will be 10 weeks on Monday. TaraO, i don't go back to the OB for another week or so. They aren't planning another scan, but they will try to hear the hb via doppler. How did your scan go yesterday? Good luck to all of you!


HeavenisMine - May 16

I had something like that with my daughter, a bit of blood. It cleared up on it's own. I was told it was likely no cause for concern. If you're not bleeding, you're probably just fine!:)


TaraO - May 17

I had another scan - Still have the spot of blood. They keep telling me that it's no big deal and that it is common in many pregnancies. If they did an ultrasound on every pregnant women that early, they'd probably have more of them. Anyway, Got to see the heartbeat again (2 X more). It was pretty awesome and this week I got to see little leg and arm buds. It was great. Still scheduled for another us on May 23rd. Follow up- then she said I won't have one till 16 weeks. I am at 9 tomorrow.


Danaspohr1123 - August 23

I had 9 wk ultrasound and saw small hemorrhage on scan- no bleeding some cramping but otherwise it was a routine ultrasound - I need encouragements b4 i i play google md



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