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Cara - July 13

Hi all, I am approx 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing brown spotting for the past 6 days. Just the size of a coin and it discharges only once a day. Worry is the discharge smells (like the brown discharge when the period is finishing up). I went in to my doc this evening and he is concerned that the spotting has been continuous for the past 6 days. I have no experience of cramping or bright red spotting. I am due in for a scan in 2days time. After reading most of the posts here made me a little comforted except for one from Cabbie. I am also 9 1/2 weeks too. It is our first baby and I hope I have good news for everyone on Friday.


Allison - July 13

Just an update for everyone - it's now a week and a day since I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and I'm still waiting to miscarry. About 2-3 days after I found out, the brown spotting turned to red bleeding but it's never heavy or anything. I've heard from a friend who just went through a natural miscarriage that there was a "gush" and that's how she knew it was over. I just wonder how much longer this is going to go on for?


Faari - July 14

Hi! I am in my sixth week and pregnant for the first time. Yesterday, I found very little reddish-brown, stretchy mucus when wiping (nothing in my clothes) - we FREAKED! Within 2-3 hours it became more brown and since then has become regular, clear discharge with a beige tint. At times, it is totally clear or dry. Each time I go to the bathroom, I am praying! We called the doctor when it had started and she said this is common at this stage. It's a matter of concern when its bright red and accompanied by cramps and pain. Thank God I have none of that! Still, I am in complete rest - I dont want to take any chances! Well, I go for my first pre-nate appt on Monday and they may also run an US to make sure everything is okay! We are praying hard! Good luck to everyone else in this situation!


Jen - July 18

Has anyone been advised by their Dr. to take progesterone for the brown spotting? Did anyone have a history of brown spotting between periods before you were preg? I had been spotting (brown) for almost 2 years between periods and finally got preg--am now almost 8 weeks. Currently am having brown spotting just like everyone else's that started a week ago. Dr. put me on a low dose of progesterone since I have a history of spotting. It doesn't seem to help with the brown stuff but he said that it could help in case I came close to miscarriage (I'd have backup progesterone in my system in case my own was low). Anyone else?


Allison - July 18

They put me on progesterone as well, right before the brown spotting started. It didn't seem to help and I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. Just to give you an update, my brown spotting turned to red for a few days, then I pa__sed a few clots and bled heavily for about two days - now I think the worst is over. It really wasn't that bad at all. I was tired and a little freaked about a "gush" which just never came. I think I'm through it all now - I'll write back with an update as this posting really helped me a lot when I was so incredibly worried.


ODS - July 18

Hello ladies! Im about to head off to the doc now at 6wks today. Ive had sligth crmaping and what I thought was a yeast infection. I am prone to yeast infections for some reason. It started off as the itching and then the irritation when I showered. No hx of STDs, so that doesn't worry me. The yeasty discharged switched to brown yesterday. Im very nervous as this is my first pregnancy. My first prenatal appt. isn't until 8/10 but the doc told me to come in today. Jen, yes, I have brown spotting between periods which is how I knew I was pregnant. I had been diagnosed with fibroids and deferred endometriosis 3 years ago. My last pelvic u/s saw no sign of fibroids, just a cyst. Should I be concerned?


Carrie - July 24

I am 7w1d and i have had spotting for the last couple of weeks. I went for an ultrasoung 4 days ago and they had to it v____al. They saw the baby's heartbeat, it was a little low at 107bpm, they told me not worry too much because this was normal for woman to spot early in their pregnancy. I still worry a little. But am getting lots of rea__surance. I feel better knowing that is normal and other women are going through this as well. All i can do is wait and see. Reading these posts have also helped me. Thank you ladies for sharing. GL to all.


Bernadette - July 26

I am 10 weeks and 3 days and I had spotting on Friday. The spotting was a light pink twice (when i wipe) and then turned brown for 4 days. It seems to be stopping now. I went to the doctor on Monday and he said it was not good, and all i could do is hope! My ultra sound is not for 2-3 weeks (I am from Canada) so now i have to wait patiently! I want to tell you all that i have been extremly stressed out but after reading the postings you all have put me at ease. Thank you and i will keep you updated!


nina123 - August 3

hi girls, well today im 8 weeks exactly and i was at work when i felt something weird on my undies, when i went to the ladies room it was 2 brown spots..i got scared and went to the doc they did an US and they said thats all they can do and wait to see if it gets worst.we saw the baby and saw the heart beating ,couldnt hear it because they dont have it on the office US machine. i cant stop being worried...they say just wait...but its sooo hard


Suzie - August 3

nina123, try not to worry! i know its hard. im going thru the same thing. i just got back from the docs myself about the brown spotting....they said not to worry unless you have cramping and heavy bleeding. if its brown its just old blood.


nina123 - August 3

thank suzie...its so hard right? well ill try to forget about it (although im probably going to be draeming about it ). thanks :)


Melissa - August 5

I'm 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I've had brown discharge for 2 days now. It's not every time I use the bathroom but it's still freaking me out. Of course these things always happen on a Friday! I'm sure the doc won't be able to get me in today. I had some pink discharge at 8 weeks that later turned brown, I had an ultrasound and everything looked fine. I was also told that the blood could be capilaries that were being broken from the growing placenta, hopefully that's all this is this time. I'm just so very worried!


Bernadette - August 13

I thought i should update you all on what has happend. I lost the baby at 3 months. I pa__sed the fetus naturally (very painful). I have to tell you all that i am okay with this. This happens to so many women and i had no idea how common it really was. I am not writing you all to scare you there are lots of women who do bleed through out their pregnancy as well and have beautiful babies. I wish you all healthy babies. Take care!


Melissa - August 20

Update-I had an ultrasound done at 12 1/2 weeks and the baby was fine, I haven't had any more bleeding and I'm now 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant.


Lanette Brightwell - August 21

Hello, my question is what is implantation bleeding and when does it happen? It has bben 8 days since I had s_x, and i am going to take a hpt in the morning could this be implantation bleeding,


Heather - August 22

I have the same thing. Except I am not sure I am pregnant because my test came back neg. About a week and half ago. I Have symptoms and I never got my period in July. So if I am then I would be about 6-7 weeks. I am also having brown spotting.



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