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Heather - August 22

I have the same thing. Except I am not sure I am pregnant because my test came back neg. About a week and half ago. I Have symptoms and I never got my period in July. So if I am then I would be about 6-7 weeks. I am also having brown spotting.


mads - August 23

hi there 9 wks now and had some brown spotting this morning I have been worried all day and run to the loo every 5 minutes. My legs are cramping and feel like there is a trapped nerve, anyone out there who can help


Kathy - August 23

I would not worry about the brown spotting, if it makes you feel better, call your DR and have them check you but I have experienced both brown spotting, a period and a waterfall of blood during my 9 weeks of pregnancy and after calls and an ER visit, baby is fine. They seem to think I have low lying placenta and a blood vessel burst.


~Terra - August 23

I ended up misscarrying, at my ultrasound there was no fetal pole, and i los tthe baby two wks later, I got the go ahead to try again the beginning of July, and am now going on my 9th week.. and this time around, no discharge or spotting


Judy - October 20

well im pregnant and i have notice brown spotting too some people say it could be bad and im scared so i still need to check with the doctor.


Jodie - October 26

Felt like I was the only one in the world spotting out there. Im 7 weeks and 2 days ago, noticed some light brown spotting and mild cramping. Went to specialist and told me that this is common in some people between 6 to 10 weeks. Said just to relax (bed rest) and will go for a ultra-sound in 4 days.


Gina - October 26

I had the same thing between weeks 9 and 10. Now almost 17 weeks, and all signs point to a healthy normal pregnancy.


sweetpea1106 - July 8

I know this is a very old post, but it was a very informative one. Thank you!


nadira - August 10

i ws 6weeks 4days wen i cam to knw tat hr is 105doc said itz very weak, n from past 1week m havin brown spotting n cramps also,bt very mild, doc said to tak complete bedrest, now 2mrw m havin u/s let see wat happns, i did hav red spottin bt only one day... m also worrid abt m/c, bt m stil feel im pregnant,coz m stil feelin hungry, frequent urination, mild sore nipples n vomiting sensation...doc has also gvn me injction to supprt d fetus, coz its weak n it cnt supprt itself, nyws m jus stressd hop all goz welll...


lily81 - September 8

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and have had brown discharge and cramping for 4 days now. Early pregnancy clinic wont see me for 10 days. Clearblue digital pregnacny test is telling me I am 3+ weeks pregnant. I'm so worried I might be having a miscarriage


afireinside - September 8

Hi Lily - oh my! I hope you are not - if it's brown blood that's usually a good sign, it means it's old! Can you go to see your family doctor or go to an ER if you are concerned? I hope all is okay!!



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