Can You Start Showing In The First Trimester

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Linda - September 13

I am pregnant with my 2nd child. And I don't know if I'm bloated or if I'm starting to show (with my stretching uterus). If you know of anyone (including yourself) that started showing in the first trimester I would appreciate some insight to that. My e-mail is Thank you.


Laura - May 29

Linda, I'm only about 6 weeks along and already I find it uncomfortable to wear my jeans. I've started wearing overalls and stretchy pants instead. I don't know either if my uterus is growing yet (it's also my 2nd pregnancy) but I do seem to be bloated most of the time. My first pregnancy my stomach stayed perfectly slim until about the fourth month! But I was only 19 at the time, and I don't think I'll be so lucky this time! :)


Kim - June 3

This is also my second pregnancy. The first time I was in maternity clothes by 8 weeks and this time by 10 weeks. I am now 13 weeks and definitely showing! People think I'm about four months.


Clare - June 4

I'm so relieved to hear this. I'm only 10 weeks in (first pregnancy, and already my clothes are tight and my belly is definitely protruding. I'm being really careful about what i eat so I was starting to wonder. As long as i'm not alone :)


Amy - June 14

If it is your second pregnancy, you can expect to start showing sooner. Your clothes will generally start getting tighter around the 8th week with a second pregnancy, and you may be into maternity clothes (or at least very stretchy pants) by the 12th week... a month sooner than with a first pregnancy. Also be aware that your habits have changed and it is likely that you could be more bloated, especially during the summer months. For more information check out Good luck!


RENEE - June 15



Lynn - June 16

This is my first and I am 5 weeks pregnant and i can definetly tell i look bloated or something. My waist has increased 2 inches and I am a relativley thin/average weight. Does this mean that I will show more quickly?


Beth - June 22

I am pregnant with my first child and I am ten weeks along. My stomach for sure is protruding outward and I can't wear any of my clothes. I was 5'5 and 120 lbs before I became pregnant. I have only gained two pounds since. So I wounder if I am showing or if I am bloated as well?


Kelly - June 26

Can you SOFT OF start showing if your 3-4 weeks pregnant?


Laura Ann - June 27

I've started to show, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and am glad i'm not alone. My clothes feel tight and uncomfortable. This is my 5th pregnancy and am hoping that this one will be successful.


Lori - June 28

During my second pregnancy, I definitely noticed that I started showing about four weeks into it. My doctor told me that since my muscles were already stretched out, I would probably notice myself showing sooner than with the first. About two months into it, people would come up to me and ask me when I was due. It was definitely noticeable by then.


Tina - June 29

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I am much bigger this time. I look similar to what I would have at 20 weeks with Baby 1.


Taryn - June 29

Im just 10wks and i already can't fit into my work clothes. Im not to sure if it because im bloated. But im glad i am not alone.


Lisa - June 29

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. (mind you, my first child is now 12 years old).I started showing at around 8 weeks. I now seem to be growing rather quickly & look around 4 or so months pregnant. I am glad i am not the only one feeling a little on the fat side.


Fifthsilver - June 29

I am eleven weeks along with my second child. I started showing almost immediately. I thought it was strange too. But I can no longer fit into my husbands clothes either. My belly is already one big blob. Still i can't wait until I look pregnant, instead of just fat!! Good luck with yours!


A - June 29

with my first child, I grew 3 cup sizes in my chest in the first month, and within 6 weeks I was using rubber bands to hold my jeans together. At 3 months, I decided to go ahead and wear maternity pants, even tho I really didnt look pregnant -- but I needed comfort over looking silly -- so I did it anyway.


amy - July 1

i am only 8 weeks and i am showing already.i dont know why but i feel bloated all the time.good luck on your pregnancy.we all need as much luck as we can get...



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