Can You Start Showing In The First Trimester

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Mzwest83 - June 27

I am 5 weeks with my 3rd. I though I was going crazy! I am wearing my big pants( the pants I wear after thanksgiving !!) and they are tight! I have some maternity pants but feel silly wearing them. But I am so bloated That it bothers me to have something around my stomach that is so tight!


danielle-marie - July 7

Well I am now 13 (almost 14 weeks along with #1) and I had am very emotional of how my body shape is. I went to a regular clothing store to try on pants, and I dont fit...I have to buy a way bigger size just cause my hips are already expanded??? Anyone else have this? Its like the bones actaully got bigger?!


megyesy - November 21

Linda I'm estimated to be nine weeks and I already have a belly. With my first I didn't show until I was four months. I was kind of getting scared that I am carrying multiples until I did research and it said that women usually start showing earlier than the first child


crystal123105 - November 26

this is my second child and about 12 weeks i feel like i may be showing alil too like im bloated but i dunno my boyfriend thinks its not his child b/c im showing a lil early but it is and with my first one i showed at like 18 weeks or almost 20....should i be worried??


carri - November 28

I am almost 5 weeks along with my 3rd pregnancy. I have 2 kids . I had 5 miscarriages in between my kids. So I guess this is really like my 8th one. I'm showing so much everyone thinks i'm further along than what i really am. I'm already having to wear maternity pants or stretch pants. I thought it was kinda unusual.


tiramisu - November 28

I'm 8 weeks and 3 days - first pregnancy and i have a lil pooch and always feel bloated! btw- i am 5'4'' and 105 pounds.


RiaO31 - September 22

I am pregnant with my second child also. I am about 7 weeks and already popped! From what I have been told, it's normal to start showing early with your second baby. With my first pregnancy I didn't start showing until I was almost 5 months pregnant, and I look about that right now hahaha!


Sprinkles - October 3

Hello! I just posted about this on another forum,I am 4 weeks in my 2nd pregnancy and I feel like I showing too - Maybe just noticable to me but I feel bloated and my jeans are feeling much tighter and are even leaving marks on my stomach! I find it so odd because on my first pregnancy (my daughter is now 11 and I was like 19 then lol ) i didn't show til I was 5 months pregnant. I didn't expect it this early but i am glad after reading some stuff on here that is pretty normal! What i am wondering now is can tight jeans hurt the pregnancy?


sarah21 - October 3

It is not good to wear clothes that are too tight because you can restrict the blood flow. If you don't want to get into maternity pants yet (ahhh they feel so comfy) then I would suggest a bella band or putting a rubber band over the b___ton and through the loop.


travissgrl06 - October 3

My aunt is only five weeks and is already showing and already getting bigger b___sts!!


Sprinkles - October 3

OMG that rubber band idea sounds pretty cool I have to try that one! I am so leary of buying maternity clothes or something until after the first trimester...superst_tious maybe :o/


sarah21 - October 3

I didn't want to buy them either. Then I bought them but wouldn't wear them-- I felt stupid. Then my mom started making comments about how my jeans looked really uncomfortable (and they were) and I thought that then would be a good time to cross over.


Sprinkles - October 3

hahaha I see your point - I guess I just am so worried about not jinxing it lol so I dont want to make any sudden moves LOL..silly I know... I think what i will do is buy some elastic band like stretch pants for now - It's amazing to be like so early on and already seeing changes I thought I was nuts till I found this site now I know it's normal!


dmcdja2003 - July 9

well i think im about 4 to 6 wks along and this will be my 6th pregnancy i lost my 5th when i was 5 months but i do have a slight belly so the more pregnancies you have i think the faster you show also if you are having more than one baby


ckm22 - September 9

i figured i would be about 5 weeks pregnant , if i am . im just wondering where you will start to see a little bump or if im just bloated , i wake up abit bloated then once i eat more i just b__w up way more ... i never get bloated :S !


jjrf98 - December 27

Thank God I found you ladies! I was beginning to think I lost my mind! LOL! I shouldn't be talking about it yet, but I'm nearing the end of my 8th week. Boy, do I feel bloated! My husband thinks that my body is "changing." I didn't start wearing maternity pants until I was 5 1/2 months along when I was pregnant with our son. I am 38 and this is my 2nd pregnancy. We're thrilled!!!!! However, we're not going to tell people (our parents already know) until I'm at least 12 weeks along. So, I'm afraid other people might start to notice. I lost all the weight the first time. I'm only 5'6" and not a big girl. I guess I'm a little disappointed that I feel this way already. Please, don't misunderstand, I am very happy. It took us a year to get pregnant! I'm also more nauseous this time too. :( Anyway, I'm glad I found this site. I'm definitely glad that I'm not alone! Thanks for listening. Good Luck to everyone!



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