Has Anyone Experienced Cramping During Early Pregnancy

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Sinamon - February 8

Is it normal to experience cramping during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy? Should I worry?


peanut - February 9

as long as it is not severe cramping i think you are okay. I had slight cramping here and there. That is supposed to be your uterus stretching and growing. I wouldn't worring hun.


peanut - February 9

oops, i meant worry-got carried away with the typing lol


Laura - February 9

I have literally just asked the same question- I'm 4 weeks and starting getting cramp last night- just like a period but no bleeding- Apparantly it's normal so long as no bleeding- glad to hear others are in the boat! How far gone are you?


Kristy - February 17

I'll be 5 weeks this Monday. I have started having cramping right after I got a positive test. I'm glad to hear others are getting it too.


adrianne - February 17

I just got a positive result today and i have had mild-medium cramping. From what i read thats pretty normal, but its still nice to know im not the only one experiencing this


nafeesah - February 19

hi i am 4 weeks and am experiencing the same thing i get cramps in my sides and abdomen thanks i feel better i was worried cause i am high risk


hannah - February 20

im 7 weeks gone, ive had crampin and backache throughout and i'm fine. sumtimes its so bad i have to sit down


Jill Olsson - February 22

I am also about 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing cramping. It is not severe, but it is uncomfortable and last on and off throughout the day.


robin - March 1

im having cramping down low and lower back but pregnancy test is negative but its not quite time for my peorid. has any one had this in very early pregnancy


QT - March 1

i am also in the same boat as you robin...i am due for my period on monday and my husband and i have been trying to conceive. I know it's too early to take a test but i feel a lot of symptoms such as cramping(different from menstrual), nausea, frequent urination, b___st tenderness. Is it too early to be having symptoms?? We would have conceived one 1/2 weeks ago. Please help me!


Phoebe - March 1

I have had cramping since just a little before my pregnancy, and it's still going on off an on... I does go away when I lay down... The first time it happened I ran to my ob but every thing looked fine. I am not worrying about it until I have bleeding... *praying not to* It could be a number of things... gas, gallbladder (which I had before) even though your gallbladder is higher in your stomach, it makes every thing hurt. If you can, when you feel pain, just lay down and get some rest.


M - March 1

I am 9.5 weeks. I had light - mod cramping from 4 weeks (right when I was supposed to get my period) and even now I still have some, but it kind of faded after 8 weeks....every thing was perfect at the last U/S and I go again tomorrow so wish me luck...good luck to all of you and congrats on your pregnancies!!!


Amora - March 1

YES, definatly - I had strong cramps for the first month or even more... Like menstrual , but for me was stronger and VERY uncomfortable.


Dyan - March 2

so glad to hear everyone else is getting period pain like cramping as well. i was convinced i was losing the pregnancy. I am 5 weeks.


kim - March 2

yeah, cramping is normal unless it has you doubling over in pain. i've been cramping since week 5 and still do and i'm on my 9th week. my doctor said it's just my uterus growing.


Penny - March 3

Hey I am so happy to hear what you guy's all have to say. Off and on since about 5 wks I have had cramping. I am 11 1/2 weeks and today I feel like I do when I am going to have a heavy period. I hope everything is ok!!!



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