Loss Of Breast Tenderness

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hoping... - March 28

Jtray - You sound exactly like me about a week and a half ago. I was in full b__wn panic mode due to the loss of tenderness that had been so apparent earlier. I too had miscarried recently and just felt doomed. Give it a few days and my guess is that it will come back a bit and that you will have new symptoms, headaches, full b__wn nausea etc. I was so frustrated that the symptoms weren't there and now I'm frustrated that they are! =) This site is very good for answering questions and the number of women with the same concern will hopefully make you at least a bit more rea__sured. Hand in there!


jtray - March 29

thanks for your words of encouragement, hoping! i forgot to mention i took another pregnancy test and the pink line wasn't as dark as it was last week. wednesday is my docs appt, i will keep u posted


sterph116 - April 4

I've come back to give another update. After my last appointment the b___st tenderness came back, along with other symptoms, and they were all pretty strong. Then again, a few days ago, they subsided quite a bit, but I wasn't as worried this time knowing that the symptoms really do come and go. Today I went in for my 8 week ultrasound, and once again, everything was just fine, nice heartbeat and all. So I guess you can really have symptoms that come and go, and still be ok! jtray - hope everything has gone ok for you!


crazygirl - May 22

I will be 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I woke up this morning and my previously sore and heavy b___sts felt completely normal & lighter. My bloating and constipation disappeared too. I am in a panic. I have had two, back-to-back early miscarriages at about 4.5 weeks, so I'm extremely nervous this time around. The positive signs are that I have a strong dark line on the 8 pregnancy tests I've taken so far, (I take one a day to see if the line is fading) and I had implantation bleeding around the day my period was due. I did not have those signs with the previous miscarriages. I am praying for symptoms too. This would be our first child after trying for almost two years. I have an appointment for an early ultrasound next week and will update this forum on the outcome. These posts have (slightly) put my mind at ease. Thank YOU ALL! Keep posting!


crazygirl - May 23

Well, I have a sad update. As I suspected, my sudden loss of symptoms was a warning sign that I was losing the pregnancy. I'm 34 years old, no children, and this is the third time I've had a miscarriage before the 5th week. The loss of symptoms was the first sign yesterday, and then this morning, I had some spotting and dull aching in my lower back. This forum gave me hope, but unfortunately in this case, it was false hope. Good luck to all of you.


heatherSD - July 1

I am 4 weeks tomorrow. We have been TTC for 8 months. For about 5 days I've had tender b___sts (swelling and sore on the sides), back aches, abdominal pain (like side aches), spaciness (a little tired, too), yesterday I had frequent urination and even a little nausea and loss of appet_te. Today I lost the b___st tenderness and have mild cramps like maybe AF is coming. I was going to take a HPT on Saturday, but I feel like she might rear her ugly head before then. This exact thing happened to me 5 months ago, the day before Valentine's Day, before I ever had a chance to take the HPT and I'm worried it's happening again. I'll keep you informed in a few days...


margie - July 2

it is unfortunate that this can either be a sign of miscarriage or a totally normal fluctuation of hormones....the only way of knowing is blood test and/or ultrasound depending on how far along you are. like i had posted previously i had this happen to me before once that ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks...the other time i also lost symptoms around 10 weeks, freaked out, went to the doctor and turned out i was fine and they came back a few days later and i carried to term. crazygirl, im so sorry for your loss. heatherSD-good luck and baby dust to you!!! come back and update


heatherSD - July 8

So...I"M PREGGERS!!! I had some cramping for 3 days after I lost my b___st tenderness, but still no period. So on Saturday I took an HPT and voila! Positive. The b___st tenderness came back a few days later, but much lighter and more on the nipples and not the swelling on the sides like before. The cramping has subsided, but other symptoms are arousing. Upset stomach and a little more sleepy, but that could be because I cut out coffee. Thanks for the baby dust Margie.


margie - July 8

heatherSD...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thats awsesome, I'm so happy that you have a happy outcome, thank you so much for updating..god bless you and your baby!


coralle2 - August 20

hi i am at 5 weeks and today when i woke up my b___st hurts only a little compare to couple days ago..st i am freaking out b/c i have 2 miscarriages within 2 years. thanks for all the ladies that post here. i feel a lot better after i see all these women have the same thing happened to them. i had two blood tests and it shows hcg level doubling that is a good sign. i did another one today hopefully everything will be ok.. i am just so worry and scare right now.. once i find out the result i will update here.


coralle2 - August 30

So i am back with good news.. i went to the doc to get an early sono and everything looks ok.. they were able to find a heartbeat at 6 weeks and heartbeat is on track.. thank god.. so my b___st still hurts only a little i only can feel it hurts a lot in the morning


_Natasha_ - January 12

I lost b___st tenderness around the same time which also coinsided with some spotting. I was really scared because half a year prior to that I lost my pregnancy after experiencing the same symptoms. I went on this forum and found it very helpful and promised myself that if I give birth I'll write my own answer here. My son was born on January 7th. So, I think the loss of b___st tenderness does not necessarily mean anything bad. It's most likely related to the fluctuations in your hormone level and you are experiencing a lot of them now.


countrymom - January 12

This question has appeared on the board dozens and dozens and dozens of times. It's normal. I had it last pregnancy.


Swati - January 16

I am so relieved to read this! I don't feel sore either. I was worried something was wrong.


augustmommy3 - January 16

ok, so i'm 11w5d and for the last 5 days my b___sts are not hurting as much as they used to and it seems like they got even smaller. i freaked out, especially because last time i went to see doctor she couldn't hear heartbeat(at10w4d) she scheduled me to come back next week. i hope everything's ok.


Cdnbrd - February 1

Augustmommy3 I hope everthing works out! I am 38 and pregnant (OMG!) and twelve years ago I had one miscarriage (missed abortion) and then two successful pregnancies. This time I am only 6 weeks and I experienced menstrual like cramping for two weeks (wks 4 to 5) which have since subsided, however this AM I lost all my b___st tenderness and just have a "hinky" feeling that all is not right, similar to when I had my earlier miscarriage. I am pretty sure things will not work out with this "surprise" pregnancy. HOWEVER, hinky feelings don't replace medical care! I just wanted to mention for all the women that come here seeking rea__surance that the common thread is that there are no rules - what might be signs of a miscarriage for one woman might be signs of a normal fluctuation in symptoms for another. The ONLY way to rea__sure yourself is to speak with your DR or go to the ER. At the end of the day, if you are going to have a miscarriage there is a reason - all is not well with the pregnancy. I look at it this way, I would feel horrible carrying to term a baby with severe health issues; and this is my body's way of making sure that doesn't happen. I remember how devastated I was and I feel for all the woman who have had miscarriages and are now worried about any slight changes in symptoms - I was a nervous wreck when I got pregnant again and started crying hysterically when I heard my son's heartbeat for the first time. I wish everyone the best and will be heading to the ER today.



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