Loss Of Breast Tenderness

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Cdnbrd - February 1

Augustmommy3 I hope everthing works out! I am 38 and pregnant (OMG!) and twelve years ago I had one miscarriage (missed abortion) and then two successful pregnancies. This time I am only 6 weeks and I experienced menstrual like cramping for two weeks (wks 4 to 5) which have since subsided, however this AM I lost all my b___st tenderness and just have a "hinky" feeling that all is not right, similar to when I had my earlier miscarriage. I am pretty sure things will not work out with this "surprise" pregnancy. HOWEVER, hinky feelings don't replace medical care! I just wanted to mention for all the women that come here seeking rea__surance that the common thread is that there are no rules - what might be signs of a miscarriage for one woman might be signs of a normal fluctuation in symptoms for another. The ONLY way to rea__sure yourself is to speak with your DR or go to the ER. At the end of the day, if you are going to have a miscarriage there is a reason - all is not well with the pregnancy. I look at it this way, I would feel horrible carrying to term a baby with severe health issues; and this is my body's way of making sure that doesn't happen. I remember how devastated I was and I feel for all the woman who have had miscarriages and are now worried about any slight changes in symptoms - I was a nervous wreck when I got pregnant again and started crying hysterically when I heard my son's heartbeat for the first time. I wish everyone the best and will be heading to the ER today.


JMP - February 4

I'm about 6 weeks with the same concern, my tenderness started to go away and i panicked and i had a little dark brown spotting, i was so terrified i went to the doc and i did an ultra sound it seemed like everything was good but i won't get the blood work back until tomorrow and i'm terrified!! my b___sts aren't too sore but my back still hurts with some headaches..my b___sts hurt for 2 weeks straight but I haven't had any nausea just exhaustion i feel like i'm worrying myself to death!


Cdnbrd - February 16

I hope your bloodwork came back and all was good JMP. As for me, I did go to the ER and they did a trans v____al scan and saw a sac with a heartbeat. No explanation for the pain. Still having slight cramps, but no bleeding; although my b___st tendernss has returned and m/s has started with a vengeance. Still can't shake the "hinky" feeling; but at this point all I can do is wait until March 17th when i have a nuchal scan scheduled. The waiting is killing me... I can except it either way; I just want to know....


vgillies - February 17

I am 5w 5days pregnant and no longer feel any b___st tenderness. Yesterday morning I had some brownish pick discharge and called my doctor who rea__sured me this was normal and not to worry, she said it was probably old blood. I am trying not to worry but have had this bad feeling as I no longer feel any b___st tenderness. Reading these postings has helped calm me a bit, guess I will just have to wait for my first u/s on Feb 23rd to be a__sured everything is alright. Thank you ladies.


JMP - February 18

hi Cdnbrd my numbers came back great and my bf and i went in for a sonogram a week ago and saw the flickering heart beat! I'm now 8 weeks pregnant, my b___st tenderness hasn't really come back but i can feel that they are heavy or atleast i think they are heavy? I've been having some pain my mom says its probably round ligament pain but still its so nerve racking! i go back on the 28th to meet my future ob/gyn (i recently decided to get a new doctor because i couldn't stand my old one) so i'm hoping everything is okay no vomitting, quiesiness occasionally and exhaustion! let me know how everything works out!


jemma84 - August 14

This page has helped me so much and feel more confidant that my pregnancy is still continuing. I had a m/c is feb this year and I am now 6wks pregnant. Thank you again. Good luck to all the ladies out there. xxx



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