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knpandrews - February 21

Hi Avi...Just wanted to see how you are feeling today. I feel pretty good. I no longer feel pregnant which concerns me but i am keeping a positive outlook. How are you feeling today?


sanjavi77 - February 21

Hi Kim, Thanks for the reply. What (exactly) all of the sudden you mean, you no longer feel pregnant? What about your b___st soreness, tiredness and getting up at night twice? May be immediately call your doc. What are you experiencing? May be your symptoms have subsided just for a day or so? I know my soreness was less, so I keep on touching and get worried. Oh boy! yes be optimistic. As long as there is no bleeding. Are you taking your prenatals regularly? I am taking Ca also. Sometimes Omega 3-6 also, it is good for baby's brain. I will pray for you and your baby also. Your appointment is exactly a week from now and you should see a sac, fetal pole and may be heartbeat, which is delayed also sometimes. I no longer have bleeding, but I have slight yellowish discharge, wonder if that is normal or due to the progesterone cream. Cramps are there, but since yesterday they are slight okay. All the best and keep me posted. I am in CA and the weather is sooooo good. <<<<<<hugs>>>>>>


knpandrews - February 21

Hi Avi... I think i may have spoke to soon. All symptoms are back and full force. Breasts are back to being tender. Slight nausea and extremely tired. My appt. is March 6th so i have about 2 wks til my appt. I am exactly 6 wks. 5 days now. How about you? Did you doctor ever give you a due date? Mine is Oct. 12, 2006. Funny becaue its 2 days after my 2 year annv. Oh and about your discharge... Its supposivly normal. I called my doc today because i had the same thing and she said it may be a slight yeast infection that is comming from the progesterone inserts. I asked her if she can treat it and she said not in the first trimester. She said its all about the yogurt. I bought ALOT of plain yogurt today. LOL. Keep praying darling!!! you and your lil' bundle are in my prayers.


knpandrews - February 21

Oh and CALIFORNIA huh... I am in VA. and its freezing here. By the way... how old are you? And are you a working gal? I am 26 and I am a medical inspector.


sanjavi77 - February 22

Hi Kim, I am 28 and yes, been working, but in Nov resigned my job. I am in the Biotech field, research work. I miss work, but feel good that now I can take rest. I don't plan to work for another year, if all goes well. I am originally from Canada. There by law women get 1 year maternity leave, but in US upto 3 weeks only depending upon the company. Medical Inspector sounds like a good job, what is your educational background? How do you manage work and all? I sleep till 8am and still feel like sleeping, but have to get up because my in-laws are with us for 4 months or so. With them it is so busy. Sometimes it is hard. I don't put pressure upon them, but at times have to compromise. However, mom in-law is helpful. Yup, that me. My DH is a sofware engineer, we met 6 years back. I want a dog so bad, but my dear mom -in-law has some kind of phobia from dogs. i find that wierd.


sanjavi77 - February 23

Wow, IHOP did it! Was it the smell around there, or heavy pancakes? But, good. One more step forward. I am the same, had terrible cramps last night. Since, quiting days are just so slow. So I went to the stores yesterday with his mom and at night was sooo tired. Believe me, I have told her small dogs are good and after training no dogs hurt. But she has some phobia. We also live in 2 bed, 2bath apprt. Being pregnant it is okay with me to clean and stuff. Home looks clean, but the bath tubs, I don't wanna touch the chemicals, so I let my hubby do it, but he is so busy with work, it is hard. What do you do? Later on if I can't manage b/c my in laws are here too, I might call in for a cleaning lady once a month may be. Do you have any cravings yet? I love rice, but since all this I don't really crave for it.


knpandrews - February 23

Wow thats so weird that you said that...my husband and i were just talking about getting a cleaning lady 1 X per wk. To help me out with stuff like bath tub and floors and chemical stuff. When you say cramping... what kind of cramps are you having? Period like cramps or pulling like cramps. My cramps seem to be on the left side. How about you? are yours on a certain side? When is your next U/S appt? I can not wait until march 6th. My stomach is in knots just waiting. By the way... I think it was the egg yolk on my plate that made me lose it in IHOP the other day. LOL... i was so embarra__sed. With your mother in law maybe try taking her to a mom and pop lil' pet shop. Sit her on the floor with a baby puppy and let her go to it. Puppies are the best way to clear a phobia about dogs. Puppies dont have teeth and therefor wont bit. :) hope your day goes well. Keep me posted... by the way, this is fun keeping in touch with you.


knpandrews - February 27

Hi Avi- Just wanted to check in and make sure all is well. I hope that you are feeling ok. Let me know whats up darlin'


sanjavi77 - February 27

Hi Kim, Weekend was hectic. Today again I have bad cramps with very little bleeding. I am hoping it is because of tiredness. Today I was just fed up. I don't want to be scared and all. I never knew I would be so afraid in this case especially. Oh well, whatever is there, I want to be strong enough to handle it. This week I am going to have a second u/s. I will let u know. Yours is coming on Monday. I can't wait to hear the good news from you. How much weight have you gained so far? I get so hungry these days. I told my husband in Jan itself before testing that looks like (90%) that we have concieved. Therefore, the result is 3 pounds so far. Next two days I would be starting my third month. You just started I think...am I right? so we should be able to see/hear? the heartbeat this time also. I haven't told my friends or anybody except for my parents and his parents. If all goes well, I am thinking April as soon as AFP test gets done for the defects and all. I also do not intend to find out the gender till 8th month because 8th month we would start shopping, so before that just want to enjoy the pregnancy. Really, if all goes well I will be more than 100% content in my life. Let me know how are you doing? HOw is your nausea? I have heartburn, but noo nausea. I read in one website that it is healthy to have nausea and few other symptoms upto some extent during preg...mean shormones are acting up. Don't forget to ask for the pic during your first visit. I will also ask. Oh man, if all will go well this time...I am gonna celebrate. I was reading once we see the heartbeat 90% chances all is going to go well. Are you still taking progesterone? I am and it is still producing that mucosy substance with yellowish color. I am gonna discuss that this week. Take Care.


sanjavi77 - March 1

Hi Kim, Just wondering how you are doing? Today I have doc's appointment. I am sooooo scared. Feel like skipping it. I will let you know.


knpandrews - March 1

Hi Darlin' Definately let me know how your doctors appt. goes today. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I have been feeling a little under the weather. I have a cough that will not go away and I have nausea on and off during the day. however, my b___sts are not sore really other then a little bit tender. Other then that i am ok. I still have cramping almost everyday at some point. Nothing extravagent just minor. I am still on the progesterone sup. 200 mg. 1 X daily in the evening. I am not sure what you were saying in your post i think you were asking how long i was trying for. We had started trying in oct. 2004. Got pregnant the first time in Jan. 05. Then i miscarried and it took us about a year to concieve this one. Its kind of a bitter sweet feeling. Conception was almost the same time. Also, I hate feeling scared all the time. I hate that i cant enjoy it. You know i see some women just get pregnant...tell everyone and dont have a second thought about it. 9 months later they have a healthy baby. It ponders me how some women dont even think about miscarring. Well I should get back to work but please let me know what happens at your doc. appt. today. I am so happy for you that you get to go today. If my calculations are correct. I am about 7 wks. 6 day. and you should be right about the same. Well let me know how everything goes today darlin. xoxo


sanjavi77 - March 2

Hi Kim, I hope you feel better dear. Try to combat cough with soothing honey, halls ...for me Ricola works the best. it is hard in that kind of weather. I have been wondering lately about it. Actually, I wanted to ask that how much or did you gain any weight since the conception this time? I have because of hungerness~4lbs. Okay, I am excited, but still scared for the same reasons as yours. We went yesterday, everything was fine. Baby's heartbeat was detected 160bpm. It was sooo nice to see it. However, with the bleeding and cramping doc wants to see me next week again and then pa__s me on to the OB. We had contacted this current doc b/c of my thyroid problem (endocrinology), but she is a gynec also. So yes that is exciting. I hope to hear the same news from you. I got the pic. I will put it on and send you the link during the weekend or so. Due date is 10/16/2006 as of now and gestational age measured: 7 weeks 2 days. Take lots of rest and don't get tired. sending hugs...


knpandrews - March 2

Hi Avi... I am so happy that you got to see a heartbeat. I know it was a wonderful feeling. I am still sick. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest. I heard that pregnant women get sick very easy. I dont know how true that is. :) I wanted to ask you what kind of symptoms you were having. Are you nauseas at all? How about b___st tenderness? My b___st tenerness has calmed down and its not there really only at some points during the day. I have no nausea anymore and I feel pretty good. What i dont like is how that scares the hell out of me. I am so worried about monday March 6th. I dont know if i can handle another let down. I dont think i can handle my world getting ripped out from under me again. I think i might pa__s out just before i walk in the room on monday. My nerves are so bad right now. So anyways... How are you feeling? whats your symptoms like now? I bet it was so nice to see a heartbeat and I know that you and your husband must have been glowing from ear to ear. hope all is well. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


sanjavi77 - March 2

HI Kim, First of all pls get better soon. Believe me I had the same feeling before going to the doc's office. I was suppose to drive from home to the office and my husband was suppose to go from his office, but instead I asked him, if only this time he could take me with him and drop me off. I had no courage to drive by myself. NIght before my hands were shaky and all, but when we went there, I was trying not to see the screen utnil the doc told about the HB. Tears rolled out of my eyes automatically. I had been thinking what not and bla bla bla. Really thinkig too much is stressing out for something that we don't even know yet. I really pray for you and the baby also. I understand your emotions totally. Pls don't think a lot about it until Sunday night and have a good night sleep everyday cuz you need that. I know there is a HB inside you too. You don't have severe cramps or spotting, so it is a huge positive sign. As for me left side b___sts is not as tender as the right one. I get hungry, thirsty, gas, heartburn from two days or so, just this morning very little nausea, and some headache. Pls try not to worry, there is a life inside you. I felt different seeing a heartbeat inside me. First time I felt really that there is a life inside me. I hope God bless you with all what you want...full term healthy baby. Don't forget to get your pic and due date. Take Care...Take some hot soup, stay cozy and think how you and your hubby met...nice things in your life. S_x is not in my dictionary may be till another few months. It has been exactly a month, since that and it feels like ages. I can't wait to go into 4th month and start showing. This Sunday we are throwing baby shower for one of my friend. She got pregnant accidentally and is due March 21st with a baby boy. She glows and is very active...always I have seen her free of worries. Struggle in life is okay, but I wish few things in life had come to us easily or may be with few worries and more happiness. Okay, I urge you not to think too much pls. Relax, relax and relax. zzzzzzzzzzzz


sanjavi77 - March 2

hi Kim, I forgot to mention one thing. my discharge is yellowish these days and few times in a day I feel wet. Do u feel the same way b/c of progesterone?


knpandrews - March 3

Hi Avi...I still feel c___ppy. I can not get this cough to go away. I think it is turing into a cold. But its just lingering. I got some regular stregnth tylenol yesterday because the whole doing nothing thing wasnt working. The doc. says i can take plain robetussin but I decided against that. The tylenol seemed to help a tiny bit when i comes to the aches and pains from coughing so much. But how much can regular stregnth tylenol really do. My husband will be coming with me on Monday moring. My mind keeps playing tricks on me and one day i feel pregnant the next 2 days i dont. I just wish i could seriously relax and enjoy it but I wont be able to relax until I know that everything is once and for all truely ok. About the progesterone... I am still taking the 200 mg. 1 X v____ally at night. I do get very wet from it during the day. I find that I have some kind of creamy looking discharge which i think is a yeast infection that the doc. cant treat either until the 4th month or so she said. So overall things down there are not all that great...LOL. As far as s_x... whats that. I have not had s_x for a month and a half. 3 days after conception i got a urinary tract infection and once it went away thats when i found out i was pregnant. My husband will not have s_x with me until he know its ok. But I think personally he wont be able to as long as he knows there is life inside me. Which i cant blame him for. Ya gotta love men. Well I am off to another day of work. hope to hear from you. :)



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