Major Weight Gain 1st Trimester

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pregnantpiggy - October 6

I keep reading about people who gained a pound or 2 the first trimester. Well, I am starting week 10 and I have gained about 15 pounds. I was on the slender side, but within the normal range when I got pregnant. Now I am slightly overweight. Am I the only pregnant woman in trimester 1 with an appet_te?? Mostly, I am eating healthy with a little junk here and there. Has anyone else gained a lot?


Cathy - October 7

If it helps...I gained 13 pounds my first trimester, and I am now 16 weeks, and have lost 4#.


Kal - October 7

Hey pregnantpiggy (love the name!) I'm in my 9th week and have put on 6lbs so far, which seems an awful lot to me. I was underweight before I got pregnant, and the doc has said that it's actually a good thing that I've gained more than average...but like you, I haven't been doing anything to explain why I'd put on weight! I'm still active; brisk walking for 30mins a day, 5 - 6 days a week, I'm eating healthily...but still gradually putting on weight. What is going on? I suppose everyone's different...we must need to lay down more stores than some other women!


m - October 7

I'm also in my first trimester (although not for long--I'm 11 weeks now) and in the first 9 weeks or so I had gained 10lbs. I was slightly above average weight but still within healthy range before I was pregnant. Doc said I shouldn't gain anymore in my first trimester at that point...and I proceeded to put on 2 or 3 more. Probably more by now. I run, bike, or swim from 30-45 minutes every day. I bike to work. I eat healthy foods...but I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! I have no will power and no morning sickness (or afternoon or evening sickness for that matter) and all I ever want to do is eat. The doctor was nice about it and told me not to worry and that I should just be sure to not gain more than 15lbs before I deliver. I was fine with that until i realized that's 30 weeks away, and the baby, itself, will hopefully take up 7 or 8 of those pounds! Not sure what to do.


rach - October 7

I found out at my first appointment at 8 weeks that I had already gained 6 pounds. I am nauseous pretty much whenever i am awake, and it seems like the only thing that settles my stomach is to eat constantly.


pregnantpiggy - October 8

Thank you to those who have posted so far!! It is comforting to know that I am not the only one. I am not looking forward to dealing with all the extra weight once I give birth, but the most important thing is that I eat a well-balanced diet and do whatever I can to have a healthy baby! Too much of my self image is wrapped up in clothing size!


Porky Prego - October 8

Yes I've gained alot too. I'm in my 10th week and have gained about 12 lbs. Before I became pregnant, I was thin and underweight. I'm upset that I gained weight, however, a bigger problem is that I'm really protruding and don't fit into any clothes. I still want to hide the pregnancy for a few more weeks. For the first weeks, I felt sick all the time and eating was the only thing that settled my stomach. Also, I was so tired that I just laid there and did nothing. Just think of all the long walks we'll be taking after the baby is born.


KMac - December 5

I'm like you: I was always underweight with a very low BMI (5'2" and about 98-100 pounds) before pregnancy. At my 10 week visit I weighed in at 114 lbs! :( The doctor (and some other women I know) said that he doesn't even take weight into account until week 20, because some women gain most of their weight in the beginning and then slow down as the pregnancy progresses. Also, underwieght women need to kind of catch up, so we sometimes put on more weight than someone who was already at a healthy BMI when she conceived. Nonethless, I'm worried about it, too. If you factor in a pound per week gain for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, I'll be over 140 lbs by the end, which makes for a 40 lb gain. Again, though, that's still in the general parameters for how much an underweight woman should gain. Good luck!


Progenesisivf - February 14

To achieve healthy pregnancy it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight both is harmful to your baby. But to lose weight by cutting down food intake is hazardous to you and your growing baby's health. so it is important to decide your pregnancy diet under the guidance of healthcare specialist to make sure you are getting proper nutrients. Start regular exercise approved by the specialist which will help you lose some weight. 


wellspring1 - May 29

It's always recommended to have a healthy diet during pregnancy, as it is important for baby's growth. Whatever intake by the mother is transferred to the baby for its development. During pregnancy, it is harmful whether you are over weight or under weight, you need to maintain healthy weight for a healthy baby. It's always better to consult your specialist for a healthy diet during pregnancy for a healthy mother and baby.



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