May 2010 Babies

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BAF - August 25

Just found out I'm expecting my 2nd child early in May. Anyone want to join me? I enjoyed this website so much with my first pregnancy and made many sweet friends.


chappers - August 26

Hi there - I'm due with my third child on May 5, 2010. I have two sons, one is 4, and the other is 2. I'm new to this website and would love to meet other people!


elizhope - August 26

Hey! I just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd . ( my first just turned 1 today!) so they will be less than 2 years apart. I was on the august mommies thread with her and met some great friends! I will have my first sonogram next week I think but I'm gonna guess an early may due date


BAF - August 26

Welcome Chappers & Elizhope. I went today for blood work and don't go back until October 22nd which suprised me. A little background on me. I had 2 miscarriages then went to a fertility specialist and took injections to get pregnant with DS. He is 1 1/2 so he'll just barely be 2yrs old when the new baby arrives. This pregnancy was a total suprise & I pray that everything progresses normally! I am so excited about having my 2nd child. So glad to meet you both! Blessings!


chappers - August 27

Hello again BAF and Elizhope! just to let you both know that my sons are less than 2 years apart - it was chaos at first, but now they are at the age where they love to play and be around each other. My concern is how our 8 month old chocolate lab will react with a new baby.... :o)


angelmarkie - August 30

I believe I am due on May 4. I go for my blood test on Tuesday; had positive HPT 4 days ago. I have two daughters ages 10 and 7, so I feel like this is all new for me again! My husband has no biological children of his own as my two daughters are from a previous marriage. We're very excited. Can't wait to tell the girls. Waiting awhile since I have experienced a miscarriage approximately 8 years ago. Been a little nervous because have had cramping for about a week. Anyone else?


LaurenW1 - September 3

Hi Girls!! My name is Lauren, and I just found out that I am pregnant with my first. This was the first month we didn't use protection- we werent "trying" just sort of letting nature run its course and here I am.. pregnant :) I got confirmed yesterday..The doctor drew my blood and called today to say my beta hcg is 53. I go back tomorrow to see if the levels have doubled! I am tentatively due May 17, 2010...I will be four weeks on sunday! I am so nervous and have so many questions I thought it would be good to join a forum !! I hope I can join your thread.


angelmarkie - September 3

Hi Lauren. Welcome! I am a__suming that you are from Wisconsin? Me too...Union Grove, WI. Wow, they tested you early. I had to wait until I was five weeks before they would let me come in. I got confirmation yesterday; however, we're not ready to tell the world yet.


TriciaM - September 3

Hi Everyone, Congrats to all of you! I am due May 1st, this is my 2nd pregnancy, we lost the first back at the end of May '09. This will be our first baby, we are super excited but still a little scared. We go for our first ultrasound on the 17th. Good luck to everyone.


elizhope - September 4

Hey everyone!!So my u/s went great this last week! We were worried bc I had gotten diagnosed w hypothyroidism and my progesterone levels were low AND my 48 hcg rose, but didn't double. ( I also had a previous miscarriage before my daughter was born last year) But everything looked perfect. I measured 6w1d and due date is actually April 26 but I think I'm gonna stay on this thread bc all those April mommies have beenchatting for a whilt and they are all due like April 1. I have another u/s on Wednesday next week! I'm super excited. I've been way more sick this time around. I actually went to bed at 8 last night! How are you ladies feeling?


elizhope - September 4

I don't know what that 48 is in my previous post! I'm typing this on my iPhone so it tends to throw in random things! My hcg the first time was 20600 then the next time was 32000. ( I think it was supposed to say 48 hour) anyways... Oh, the heartrate was 116, which is exactly what Charlotte's was at 6w0d! So maybe I'll have a little girl!


BAF - September 4

Hi gals! So glad to see our thread growing. I'll be 6wks tomorrow!! Each day brings more comfort as I am still nervous with 2 previous m/c before my son was born. I feel great, just a little tired. But so far, no nausea. Is anyone else extremely bloated? I look like I'm 4 months along I'm so bloated! TriciaM, my due date is also May 1st. Congrats! Welcome Lauren as well! This was our 2nd month of "not being careful." I am super excited to have conceived on my own as I had to do fertility treatments with DS. What a blessing! So excited to share this journey with you all. I am a little jealous that some of you are having early u/s. I don't see my dr until Oct 22nd (at 12wks). She will then schedule my first u/s. Guess every doctor is different. Well hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I am so anxious to tell my family about the new baby as we decided to wait until I was further along. It is killing me keeping this big secret!!


TaraO - September 4

Hi girls, I just found out I am expecting my 3rd, May 10. Had 1st appt. today. I was in 2 times this week for blood to see my levels rise. Had a m/c in early July. Everything seems to be ok. My levels were 109 then 389 48 hours later. I have 2 boys, 12 years old and 8 months old. We were planning, so are very excited. I am a teacher so it is very nice timing !!! Nice to meet everyone. I look forward to talking to everyone over the next 9 months!


chappers - September 4

Welcome everyone! Angelmarkie, I have had cramping with all three pregnancies in the early stages. I think it just means things are making room down there. Is everyone who has posted so far from the US? I'm just wondering because your doctors seem to give you loads more information than we get here in Canada. I don't think I've ever been given my HCG numbers. In fact, because i have a tipped uterus, my dr. won't see me or requisition blood work until I'm 14 weeks, simply because he can't find a heartbeat until then. He's very competent so I'm not concerned about it. Any other canadians?


elizhope - September 5

Well im from Texas. Most everyone I know here had their first u/s between 6-8 weeks and bloodwork within a few days of a positive hpt. They called and told me my bloodwork results. I also happen to have a great doctor who will give you an u/s pretty much whenever you want ( for free) with my daughter I had one once a week the whole first trimester bc I was worried about a miscarriage. But most doctors give one around 6 -8 then the 2nd one at 12 weeks , then the big one at 20 weeks, etc.. I have a tilted uterus too. All my u/s are done v____ally until around 12 weeks. So maybe things are different. One of the girls I met on here when I was pregnant w my dd is from Canada. I'll ask her (we still keep In contact)


angelmarkie - September 5

Chappers--thanks so much for answering me and giving me a bit of rea__surance. And, my experience is more like yours. I have never been given HCG levels and I am not scheduled for an U/S anytime soon. I had my last child 7 years ago, so things may have changed, but at that time you were only given one ultrasound at 20 weeks. I had one early ultrasound with each of my pregnancies, but that is only because I spotted for days on end. I am scheuled to see the Nurse Educator on the 17th of this month and then my OBGYN a week later. So, I guess I'll know a little more in a couple of weeks! :)


BAF - September 5

Elizhope, I live in Texas too! What city are you in? I'm in Tyler. Welcme TaraO!



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