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bailey1734 - October 10

I do notice my pants and jeans are a little snug on the waist so I guess it's true you start to show quicker with the second time around. Yea there shouldn't be a need for you to have an amniocentesis since you are under 35. Be glad for it. I am nervous about the procedure. It just sounds scary reading about it online and in books. I haven't had an nausea since my dr. prescribed me some pre-natal vitamins. Yea for me. Thank goodness.


Shannon85 - October 10

yeah my pants arent fitting well either I feel like im 3 months pregnant already lol. The last 2 mornings I have woken up feeling ok but nothing appetises me if i think of most food I get nausea but I have noticed as my day goes on I get more and more nausea still not as bad as I had with my daughter yet anyways hopefully it stays that way. I have my first real prenatal appointment next thursday I cant wait. Amnios are scary but I know quite a few people who had them and all had great outcomes so the numbers I would say are in your favour but I know you will worry anyways especially if your like me I worry about everything :)


Carmen06 - October 13

HI! Recenlty found out I am pregnant with my 1st child. My due date is May 15th... I am very excited and can't wait until my little one gets here although I have a long road ahead of me!


hamlettch - October 13

Hi ladies, I am new to this site and thought I'd introduce myself. I am 11 weeks along and due on May 6th, this is my second, I have a 2 year old daughter. I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma at week 7 and an ultrasound today shows that it is completely gone and we have a healthy pregnancy, very exciting news!


momof3plus2 - October 15

Hey Ladies, I was just checking in, I haven't been here in a bit. I have been soooo sick. I'm completely miserable, and its 24 hours a day. The zofran is completely not effective now (which I found out after forking out over $200 to get my prescription filled). I keep telling myself that it'll be over soon (i'm 10 1/2 weeks now), but I keep reading about how in twin pregnancies, the m/s lasts about a month longer than singleton pregnancies. And since all of my other pregnancies it lasted till about 14 or 15 weeks, that means I'm looking at possible misery till 18 or 19 weeks... And I'm huge! The way I look now at 10 weeks is what I normally look like at 20 weeks! It's crazy! (Although I actually have been enjoying looking more 'pregnant' than fat.) I don't mean to complain, it's just that I don't feel free to talk about the negative side of this pregnancy with any of my friends- they are so excited about the twins, and I don't want to seem ungrateful/unhappy about our double blessing. Has anyone else started thinking about names yet? The girl names I like are Guinevere, Wendolyn, Bliss, and Rose. The boy names I like are Constantine, Theodore (family name), and Dimitri. I want their names to go together, but not be corny. I can't wait to find out the s_xes. I'm considering getting the intelligender test, I'm just not sure if it will work with twins or not. I dunno, I might still do it just for kicks : ) Hope you ladies are doing good! Anyone had any recent ultrasounds?


starmay - October 16

Hi girls! Wow I haven't checked in in awhile. I've just been so tired! We went on vacation October 1st to France and Italy and got back October 13th. While we were in Nice, I started bleeding after s_x and pa__sed a really large clot which had me worried. But we had our first doctor's appointment with the ob/gyn as soon as we got back and had another ultrasound and everything is fine! There are still two babies in there! One was kinda chillin' and the other was movin' his arms....looked like he was doing the robot. lol And they have fingers now! We saw them! So neat! momof3plus2, I'm so sorry you're so sick! That really does suck. I can't imagine being that sick. I've been only slightly nauseous and that's usually if I let my stomach get empty. I think I would be a huge baby if I were as sick as you. Hopefully it ends for you soon!


hamlettch - October 16

I have also been looking forward for the m/s to end and I am thinking every day is one day closer, but I woke up this morning with blood in my urine and horrible pain, only to find out that I have a urinary tract infection and have to start taking antibiotics, which only make the nausea worse!!


chappers - October 16

Hi everyone, i had a bit of blood stained discharge today(I'm 12 weeks). I never had it with my other 2 pregnancies and am a bit concerned, even though it really was a tiny tiny amount and didn't recur. Has anybody had anything like this before? i was going to call the doctor but didn't because it stopped and I am due to see him next friday. anyone with a similar experience?


Jenaih - October 17

Hi All, Just found this site. I am 11wks 1day This is my first pregnancy and I am due May 5th 2010. My husband and I are extremly excited we tried to concieve for almost 2yrs. Things are going well so far. Hope all is well with everyone!


hiperact13 - October 18

hey ladies, glad to hear from some of you again.....although i have been so sick i have not checked the site myself. I have lost 9 and a half pounds because I can hardly keep anything down. was sick me entire first pregnancy so I am not really excited that the first trimester is coming to an end. well that is a lie it just means it is one day closer right??? momof3plus2 - Zofran was a life savor with Ryan but not working for me either... I am stuck with phenergren which knocks me on my b___t when I already feel knocked down. I hope it gets better for us soon. Sorry so negative I am thrilled to be pregnant just ready to feel sort of human again....tired of this zombie stage. Thanks for letting me vent! Dr appt is on 21st my husband will get to hear the heart beat!! I heard it on the 11th and it was 165!!! for all of you guys bleeding good luck I have had no experience with that and it is a lot scarier than being sick.. I will count my blessings.. Good luck to all


chappers - October 23

well, I finally had my first appt with my doctor today! everything looks good - baby's heartbeat was 160, and my bleeding was caused by a turned out cervix, which apparently is normal. phew! now i can relax! have a good weekend everyone!


angelmarkie - October 23

It's been awhile! I had a HUGE scare this past weekend and was on bedrest for a couple of days. I woke up at 4 am with a gush of fluid and then a bloody show. My husband and I got the kids up and rushed to the ER. Cervix was closed and we were able to see the baby on a low technology ultrasound bouncing away inside my uterus. I was released and after 5 hours at home I experienced a large amount of red blood that soaked through my pants. I was sure that I was having a miscarriage, but I was told that nothing could be done. I went to the OBGYN the next day and my cervix was still closed and we heard the baby's heartbeat at 168 BPM. She scheduled me for an ultrasound the next day (Tuesday) and baby looked great! We saw a fully formed baby, bouncing around again! Heartbeat was 171 BPM. OBGYN said that bleeding is never normal in pregancy, but it is not uncommon and most times there is no explaination for it. Oh, as for the gush of fluid, she thinks it was my bladder. I am just so nervous, but so far so good. The baby even measured a little bigger than anticipated, so we are looking at a May 2nd due date now...yeah!!! I am in the process of renting a fetal doppler for at home use. Anyone else do this? I am waiting on doctor's permission. requires this before renting out the unit. Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. I didn't experience ANY morning sickness with this pregnancy, so I truly consider myself lucky in that respect. Chappers-glad to hear your situation turned out well too! Sorry such a long read!!


Mari26me - November 3

Hey Ladies, I have not been on in a while. I have been so sick and super tired the past 6 weeks. I am just over 10 weeks not and starting to get some energy back. I also have a 15 month old to run around after all day!I had a bit of a scare too, on Sunday I started to have slight brown discharge. It was super light, but had been a bit worried. I had an ultrasound yesterday and was told it was a pocket of old blood, probably from implantation. It went away last night, but came back again this morning. I was told it will go away soon. I saw the baby yesterdat and everything looked great. The little one was moving around and looked so cute. hiperact- I know what a zombie feels like, it has been so bad since I found out I was pregnant. I am just starting to come out of it slowly, but the nausea is still all day. Medication has only helped me a little. Talk to everyone soon!!


chappers - November 3

Hi everyone! let's share our weird cravings.... i really want dill pickles and only dill pickles...i could eat a whole bottle at one sitting. my hubby thinks it's disgusting. :o)


TriaB - November 3

I love hot pickles, I know I shouldn't have them but I can't help it!!!! I try to eat them in moderation one every other day or something like that. I am also showing and needing to invest in bigger clothing.... lol


onetime - November 15

hey im new to this forum! Im wondering who has the same due date as may 18 2010 i have no idea when i conceived a 6wk 6da sono said the 24the of aug i had a prtner on the 19th and on the 30th how do i know who the father is im lost and confused and just want advice not judgement im not a whore by any means first time ever ive done anything like this so please when did you guys concieve??



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