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onetime - November 15

hey im new to this forum! Im wondering who has the same due date as may 18 2010 i have no idea when i conceived a 6wk 6da sono said the 24the of aug i had a prtner on the 19th and on the 30th how do i know who the father is im lost and confused and just want advice not judgement im not a whore by any means first time ever ive done anything like this so please when did you guys concieve??


TriaB - November 15

Hi onetime, I am due May 22nd and my baby was conceived either on the 27th or the 30th.... I am no doctor but since you are ahead of me I would say the father is the person you were with on the 19th. That would be correct with your due date they have a calculator that tells you when you conceive just by entering your due date. Google it....hope this helps!


gbaileyo7 - November 15

Hello! I am so happy to find this forum! I guess i never thought that there was something like this out there. I am due on May 21 with my second and have been having a rough time of it. I have lost 11 lbs and my normal clothes hang on me. My doctor seems to think that everythings ok, but I still worry. Anyone else out there having such a hard time too?


hiperact13 - November 16

gbaileyo7- I am due May 3rd now because I went for an ultrasound and the baby was measuring a week bigger!! I have lost 14.5 pounds am sick all the time!!!! I hope it gets better for you!


angelmarkie - November 16

I had my doctor's appointment today; nothing new to report except that she made a referral to the Perinatologist (due to my advanced maternal age--I'll be 35 on Sunday). I see her on the 4th of December to get my 3D/4D Ultrasound. Yeah! I had a Quad Screen today as well. Won't get results for 5-6 days. Didn't want the test due to the high false positive rate; however, OB said that if she didn't send me, the Peri would. So, I guess I'll be waiting that one out. I'm currently down 5 pounds from prepregancy weight, so haven't gained any! I haven't been sick at all; however, my stomach gets full fast, so I haven't been eating as much. I see the OBGYN again on the 10th. We should probably be moving over to the 2nd trimester board, yes? I'm 16 weeks; others should be close behind or around there as well!


onetime - November 17

thanks TriaB im so confused the doctors said it could be eithers and im getting confused I got a postive preg test the 9th of sept thats only ten days after the intercourse on the 30th . plus the sono dated me at 6 wk 6da and put conception around the 24th of aug how accurrate are early ultrasound?? this is my 3rd child and im doing it all alone and am panicking one says he'll be there the other dont take care of his two now so im just look for advice from anyone! Due date is may 18th when did you ladies conceive??? any imput would be great thank you tons!!


gbaileyo7 - November 17

Hey onetime, I dont know my date of conception because they generally calculate ur due date from the first day of ur last period. I do know that they say it usually happens within 14 days from that day, the first day of ur last period.



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