October 2011 Babies

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shleesme - February 4

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else is due in October. I just found out I was pregnant this morning and I am 4 days late. I did my due date calculator and it says I am due October 10th 2011. Anyone else out there who just found out that their pregnant too?


pikapuka2000 - February 6

I wonder if you would still like to talk to me, My first calculation puts me at September 20. My first doctor visit is on Wednesday. I will find out a little more during that visit ^_^ Good luck!!


shleesme - February 6

I have my first doctors visit on the 16th, I am really excited to be pregnant as it happened so fast and we weren't really trying yet. Does anyone know what happens the first doctors visit?


shleesme - February 6

Also I was wondering what kind of symptoms are you experiencing, so far all I have is sore b___sts, I seem to smell everything, and gas lol. I should be about 4wks 5 days roughly. So is it to early for morning sickness?


armywife24 - February 6

Hello. I just found out yesterday that i'm pregnant, and due October 12. I have to schedule my first appt tomorrow. So far, i have a stuffy nose, sore, heavy b___bs, nausea and fatigue.


armywife24 - February 6

I've been having morning sickness all day today and i'm only about 4w4d


pikapuka2000 - February 7

^_^ no, It's not too early to be having moring sickness. So far my symptoms are sore bbs, groin pain which I guess and have varified is ligament pain from a growing uterus, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and I had food cravings when I was about 5 weeks. Those went away. (so far) I've been preg once before, but it ended in miscarriage around 7 weeks, but my first doctor visit was an a__sessment of overall health, prenatal blood lab work, and I had a v____al ultrasound done to measure the gestational sac to find out about how far along I was.


aisha1077 - February 12

hi im due oct 11th so far my symptoms have been hungry rushing to the toilet b___bs a bit sore bit not badly iv also had twinges like my af is comming and feel a bit sick this will be my 6th baby but iv also been having some spotting from the time of conception untill now so keeping my fingers crossed all is well x hope u ladies all have a safe 9 months


ally89 - February 15

hi... im not sure exactly when i am due, i havent had my first ultrasound yet, but i know its in october sometime.. its been about 3 weeks since i found out im pregnant.. im really excited.. this is my second pregnancy, i have a lil boy who is 3 in july.. so far ive had morning sickness, sore b___bs, a bit of cramping.. needing too pee alot...


aisha1077 - February 17

hi armywife24 i would not worry to much ot depends on the quality of the equitment they used as to how early they detect the fetal pole at this time a few days more can change eberything around. iv heard ppl say they saw nothing weeks 5/6but a few days past 6 weeks saw everything including the hb so fingers crossed at your next scan you will see the little bean pumping away. i have my scan tomorrow morning as iv also had some spotting altho my dates say im 6 weeks 3 days im not getting my hopes up that i will see everything at this scan my symptoms have started to get stronger b___bs now really tender unusuall for me iv never got sore b___bs in my prev pregnancys i also have more sickness this time also iv never had that before in prev pregnancys no cravings really but feel really hungry all the time also a bit of constipation now starting so this one has been totally diffrent right from conception.


armywife24 - February 18

Hi Aisha, how are you? How did your scan go? I had another one done today and I got to see my little bean:) I'm due October 11th now, and I measure 6w3d today, so I'm right where I need to be. I still have hardly any symptoms except for extremely tender b___bs and really emotional:) Hope you have some good news:)


aisha1077 - February 19

hello army wife 24 ( sorry i dont know your name) i had my scan yesterday and all was great i saw my little bean with a great heartbeat it was amazing i had done so mush research befor my scan so i knew what to get myself ready for just encase it was bad news i managed to spot the baby and hb before the sonagraph did lol. im pleased to say that the dc said seeing a scan like this at my stage had a 97% chance of being a sucsess so im really pleased. we seemed to have swapped places im now due the 12 lol. i would not worry to much about not having many symptoms yet there is time lol iv had sore b___bs feeling. like im going to be sick quite a lot i have started to feel tired a bbit more now cramps and the feeling like my period is comming has started to easy now other that that oh and the constant hunger thats really aboit it. any way i hope that ur feeling better now after seeing ur little bean it really does put ur mind to rest seeing that little hb. x look forward to hearing ur next post x


aisha1077 - February 21

i am now 6weeks 5days and have had on off spotting since 10dpo its only light and only when i wipe the doc said everything is perfect in my scan and said that i jave a 97% chance of a sucsessfull outcome and did not need to seem to be worried about the spotting but to see my gp to check my cervix if it happens again witch it has...she said that there is lots of new blood going to y cervix and sometimes a vessel can burst so you see a litte bir of blood. eve after hearing sucha positive report from my doc im still terrified... anyone else had this problem


meme1212 - February 21

I am 5wks4dys I am due October 20, 2011. This is my second pregnancy. My first one I miscarried so I am praying for a better pregnancy this time. We waited a year after the miscarry to try again and got pregnant the first month of trying!!! My first appointment and ultra sound is not until March 10th I will be 8wks. I am nervous because the only symptoms are mildly sore and heavy b___bs, frequent urination, and aches and cramps here and there no spotting or bleeding. I am wiped out once I get off work everyday now so I take a nap everyday now No nausea or morning sickness. I am terrified and excited at the same time


aisha1077 - February 22

congrarulations meme sounds good to me strong symptoms at this stage seems a good sign xx


shleesme - February 23

Hi guys, I just had my first ultrasound and measuring at 6 weeks 6 days, thought I was 7 weeks 2 days. My dates were off by about 3 days and so far saw the baby with a hearbeat of 140-142 bpm. I was just wondering if anyone else the heart rate of their babies yet? Also I have been spotting for about a week now and it still kind of worries me but I am a little more at ease now that I saw the baby with a normal heartrate.


aisha1077 - February 24

hi shleesme o have also been spotting i have had it since 10 dpo i also had a scan my dates we spot on im now 7 weeks 1 day most recent spotting was this morning my doc told me looking at my scan its a 97% chance it will be a sucsessfull outcome but i still worry myself crazy over it everytime i spot.. i dont know what my babys heartrate was but was def there sounds like you have a very good strong little bean in ur tummy x good luck



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