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Megnkris25 - April 7

So I had my Dr. Apt today and my feelings were right. Had my dr order an ultrasound and it showed the baby is 9 weeks and 4 days which moves my due date to Novemeber 6th. Kind of sucks to move back 4 weeks but would rather know now than much further down the road. During the ultrasound it showed some implantation bleeding. I'm not sure what that really means but they said to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure it goes away, it should go away on it's own.... Has anyone else had this? They also asked if I was doing the first trimester screening....I missed it with my son, anyone else do and how did they feel? Hope is well with everyone!!


meme1212 - April 8

Hey Megnkris I had my doctor's appointment yesterday as well. I got to hear the baby's heart beat again but no u/s. My next u/s will not be until June I cant wait because by then I may be able to find out the s_x of the baby. It's amazing how you find out you are not further along as you thought. I was like that too but I was off only by 3 or 4 days. As far as the first trimester screening I am not sure of what that consist of. I know my first visit they took blood to get my blood type, aides test, sickle cell test, and another test. The second time around they took blood to give me a test to make see of any risks of syndromes. I was told all of that was apart of the first trimester screening. I hope that helps a little. I hope your next visit goes well and I am sure the bleeding will be gone. Just relax and take it easy.


aisha1077 - April 8

Hello ladies iv had the screening done they measure the fluid at the back of babys next and combine the resalts with blood tests to get a percentage chance of downs mine came back as less then 1 in 10000 so really glad i had it done. Xx


b__terfly_kisses - April 12

Hey Armywife! Glad to hear that you are feeling good. Sorry about your husband being depoloyed. I can't imagine. I'm just over 11 weeks and still feel nausea but it seems to be letting up a bit. My sense of smell has been overwhelming lately. I have two cats and although their litter box never bothered me before it seems like nowadays I feel like I've got my face in the box all the time! YUCK! With my first pregnancy I started feeling much better at 12 weeks so I'm hoping that will be the same this time around. I'm really looking forward to feeling some movement and hearing the heartbeat at my appointment next week. I hear ya on feeling fat and bloated. Next week is my 30th birthday and I'm not looking forward to attempting to look cute for my bday dinner. ;-p


shleesme - April 20

Hi girls, How are you all feeling? I am doing great! I am feeling so much better, the nausea seems to be completely gone. I also had my prenatal appointment today and am 15 weeks 4 days along and the doctor measured my uterus and it was right where it was supposed to be. The baby's heart rate was in the 150's which the doctor was pleased with. I have a few concerns though. Has anyone else seem to be out of breath with an increased pulse for no apparent reason? I have been experiencing breathlessness in the early afternoon on some days and was thinking it might be because I don't drink enough fluids early in the day. Also I am getting a pulling pain in my belly b___ton, it's probably just ligaments stretching but its still bothersome. But other then that everything looks perfect! Hope to hear your updates.


sbea - April 25

Shleesme- Do you get the shortness of breath and increased pulse doing normal things? Ie going up the stairs? I do. And I knew the moment it happened what was wrong. I was low on B12. I had blood work and it came back. If you are having trouble sleeping as well and are still really tired I would get that checked out. Since being on supplements I have started to sleep better. But I still get the shortness of breath and over the top tired. My limbs feel like lead most days. Well I am 15 weeks now. I am still really tired but grateful that I know the reason. So now I am starting to sleep better. I am starting to show a bit but I am still in regular pants! Though I hope to stay in my regular clothing as long as possible because all my maternity clothing is in storage. Well I have heard the heartbeat as well. 160 I believe it was. It was awesome! We even heard the baby move. Didn't know you could hear that on the doppler, but you can! I have also been enjoying feeling movement from the baby. It is wonderful, just wish I felt better.


b__terfly_kisses - April 25

I've been getting short of breath as well. I read that it's completely normal during pregnancy and that it's because when you're pregnant your lungs actually take in more oxygen to accomodate the baby. I am 13 weeks now and today am finally feeling pretty decent compared to how I've been feeling for what seems like forever. Hopefully it lasts. Last week at my 12 week appointment we tried to hear the heartbeat and were unable to on two different days. I was pretty annoyed with my doctor for not giving me an ultrasound to ease my mind about it all as well as she never even mesured my uterus to make sure the growth is on track, so I've decided to switch providers. I have an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor who is going to give me an ultrasound to make sure everything is still ok. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I think I've been feeling movement as well but it's very, very light. I have to be laying down and perfectly still and if I'm lucky I feel the faintest little feeling. I will just feel so much better about it all once I see for myself that everything is ok.


shleesme - April 25

I will have to ask my doc at the next visit about the breathlessness. It's great that you ladies are doing well. I bought a fetal doppler on the weekend and it works miracles. It took a while to find the baby at first but once I did it sounded like a horse galloping very very fast. It ranged in the mid 140's to early 160's. Do any of you believe the theory where if its a boy its below 140 and if its a girl above 140? I wonder if their is any truth to that. So I guess we're all in the second trimester now. Yay! My morning sickness has seemed to come back recently which sucks but I am sure its not here to stay. Anyway I hope you gals are all feeling good and b___terfly_kisses I am sure everything is alright you already made it this far and they say that if the placenta is against the front wall it can be hard to find the baby until about 14 weeks. So don't worry and get that ultrasound to ease your worries.


aisha1077 - April 26

Hello ladies glad to hear ur all well im feeling great i have been feeling baby move about now also no more sickness head aches are also getting better my babys hb ranges from 164 to 142 depending on how active it is.. I dont believe the wives tale about the hb.. My son was around 150 to 160 so should of been a girl my daughter was always 134 i have my 20 week scan on the 25th of may cant wait to find out what im having.. Shortness of breath iv not had any yet..... But i have been having a lot of feelings of clostaphobia and need to take off anything around my neck to feel better and lots of air... Not sure iv spelt that right! Never mind.. Xx take care ladies great reading ur all well


Megnkris25 - April 26

Hey ladies glad to hear all is going okay!!! I've been taking easy then last 2 weeks doing as little as I can with a 2 year old at home. I go on thursday for my first trimester screening, I'm pretty excited I missed it with my son and I guess Im just excited to have an ultrasound and see the baby!! Anyone showing yet? I feel like I look huge after I eat but other than that I am just feeling fat!! I hate this part people look at you like wow she has gained some weight rather than aww look at her cute belly, haha!!! Is everyone finding out what the s_x is of their baby is? I was doing some research on 3d ultrasounds and found a place by me that does them for pretty reasonable price and you can have a gender one done at 15 weeks.... Seriously considering!!!! Well hope all keeps going well


b__terfly_kisses - April 26

Woohoo!! I am so happy to report that today we heard the heartbeat (153 bpm) as well as got to see it on the ultrasound!! Everything looks great! What a huge relief!! It feels more real now that I've been able to see it and hear it. I am so happy that I decided to switch doctors...the experience that I had today was phenomenal compared to where I was going before! YAY! My morning sickness has been way better the last two days as well so that is just icing on the cake!


meme1212 - April 26

Hey ladies I am glad to hear that all is well with everybody!!! I am 14 weeks and 2 days today. My nausea and vomiting has calmed a whole lot but now I am getting headaches. I have gotten a lot of energy back to do things but I am still taking it easy. I have 24 more days of school before my Summer break so I am counting down. My next doctor appointment is next week on Thursday. I am showing just a little now so I am so excited about that but I cant wait to have my next ultrasound.


sbea - April 28

Man, I wish I could find out the s_x of this baby. It costs too much money. I can't believe I am almost 16 weeks (friday). I am starting to show, at least I think so. From the side I kinda just look fat, but when I look down I see a bump. So yay for that. But I haven't gained any weight yet so I know I am not fat. I am not worried about my weight gain, I was with my Daughter but once I hit 20 weeks I put on a pound a week and that was good enough for the doctors and I a__sume that will happen again. Doesn't help that I crave green veggies. I am sleeping better finally with my B12 supplements but nothing else has improved. So I have an appointment May 3rd for a persription for injections. I need to have some reprieve from this. But I did have a good day. It has been a long time. I wasn't as nauseous today and had a little bit more energy then normal. But I also too a 25 minute rest in the morning and then a several hour nap in the afternoon. I think the rest in the morning helped more. I didn't sleep I just laid down. Just a quick question, once everyone hits the second trimester are we all going to move over the the Second trimester board and start another October babies 2011?


b__terfly_kisses - May 12

Hi Everyone! It's been so quiet here that I get the feeling that everyone has moved on to some other thread or something! Is that the case or is everyone just busy? I hope all is well with all of you!


shleesme - May 12

hey, I guess we're in the second trimester thread now hey? Things have been ok for me and now 18 weeks 3 days, I feel the baby kick everyday usually in the evening after dinner and when I am laying in bed watching tv. I have been getting ligament pain in my groin for the last few days. We have our ultrasound in 9 days, and I think we get to find out the s_x, yay!!! Other then groin pain the dreaded constipation has finally hit but other then that I feel great! So far I am gained a little too much, about 11 pounds or so. The doctors don't seem worried about it but if I keep it up I will have gained about 40 pounds by the end of it and I am shooting more for 25 to 30 pounds. I do indulge a little too much lately so I could really cut back on that. How are you ladies feeling?


aisha1077 - May 12

hi ladies iv set up an october babys in the 2nd triminister section



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