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blessedbythree - March 19

Feels like its been awhile since I have posted. I find it hard to keep up/remember everyones names and what everyone has said. Does anyone else? Maybe I just dont take enough time to read through it all well enough. Melissa, hope the easter announcement goes well. I think the news just for me and dh is just starting to set in as real, so I immagine we might tell his family around easter too. I have been tired, taking a small nap about everyother day. HABURK, Your MS (all day) sounds awful!! I had a cup of coffee before church sunday and had the worst MS all day sunday. Very bad. I thought that it was just starting in for me at 9 wks but I have not had coffee again and have just been having my usual off and on nausea. Throwing up does help though with that though.... Ca__sie, Do you notice your tummy looks fuller at a certain time of the day? I feel like mine is popping out in the morning before i pee, and in the evenings after dinner. Probably just bloating but I know my waist is expanding because even when I suck in its not as small as it used to be. My oldest daughter turned 5 today. I cant wait until we let the kids in on it, my daughter will be so excited. I have a slight feeling its a girl, only because my face is bad and i feel like my skin is extra oily like with my daughter, and i dont have bad MS like with my son. Also beef (esp steak, etc) makes me so sick, even to look at it I feel sick. Another symptom I had while preggo with my daughter. Hope everyone is good! What week is everyone on now? Im at 9wks and hoping my inlaws dont guess at a gathering this weekend by my expanding tummy. I think its more visible to me though.


DKM4life - March 22

Hello Mommies! I'm also having an October baby! I'm 10 weeks and am nauseous everyday all day... I can't wait until this trimester is over!!!!


DKM4life - March 22

Hey Blessed! This is my first baby and I also think that my belly is starting to show, but it could also just be bloating like you mentioned. I do notice that I can't close the top of any of my pants. I have to do the rubberband thing to keep them closed!


haburkey - March 22

Hello everybody! Sorry it has been sooo long!! Well, my morning sickness has kind of went away. Probably the Zofran :) My bbs still hurt like crazy and feel like rocks, my face is broken out and my hair has been super greasy!! EW! :) I am 8 1.2 weeks...Thank goodness! Almost there! I am sooo tired I do not do anything, I feel exhausted before I even get out of bed lol!! Pants are getting snug! I have feeling it's a boy!


Ca__sieSong - March 22

Blessed- yes my belly looks different depending on what time of day or what I am wearing. There are some clothes I wear that it looks like I'm 4 months pregnant already! There are other clothes where you can hardly see the difference. Toward the end of the day is always worse than at the beginning. DKM, welcome and congratulations! I am 10 weeks now too. My cramping has almost completely disappeared. Yay! The NP said it should go away with time. My b___bs are still sore... some days more than others. I'm always exhausted, like you Hayley. I could sleep all day. I also am finding I am getting out of breath very easily! This is a first for me. I can usually run up a flight of stairs and not be winded at all. Here I am now, taking a quick walk from one end of the house to the other and I'll have to catch my breath. Oi. Hayley, you think you're having a boy. Does anyone else have any inklings? I still don't know. I haven't had any dreams yet. Last time around I had 3 dreams (about my baby) during my pregnancy and all 3 dreams were about baby girls. I ended up having a girl. Probably just a coincidence, but then again... maybe the body just "knows." This time I really don't have a strong feeling one way or the other. It's still really early yet though.


blessedbythree - March 24

Congrats DKM!!! Im jealous of the first time mommies, I didnt really show until almost halfway thru with my first! But, with my second i was in maternity pants at 10 weeks, this time i am still wearing my normal clothes, but can tell my middle is getting bigger. Not really ready for that ;) I am not really having cramping at all anymore! Its kind of weird! I have to get up every night 1-2x though to use the bathroom. My bbs are not as sore the past week, and i have not been as sick. I have been very tired the past week though. I have a feeling its a girl, only because its reminding me of my first pregnancy (really bad skin, oily, acne). Hope everyone is doing well! We still have not told everyone ;)


Ca__sieSong - March 25

Just had to come on here and tell you all about my ultrasound today! I was nervous because I google WAY too much and kept reading sad stories online, so what a relief to immediately see our cute, little baby waving back at us! It was very active and the heartrate was at 179. That is high, but still in the normal range. The tech said that was just great and probably at 179 because it was being active (waving limbs and such). So cute. I couldn't help laughing. I just loved seeing our new little baby in there. There really IS a baby in there. Now it truly feels real. I am so thankful!


JTSF - March 25

HI, my baby is due 10/10/10! This is my 3rd and final baby. I have 2 wonderful daughters ages 6 and 4. I was so looking forward to being pregnant again but this one has thrown me for a wild ride. I have had the worst nausea starting at week 5 and I am now 11 weeks. I am looking forward to hitting week 12 and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Good look to all the October mothers to be!


melissaxoxo - March 25

hi everyone!! Congrats DKM & welcome to the forum! Ca__sie - oh my goodness, how exciting to actually see a little person inside!! i bet that felt amazing! my u/s was canceled today, so i go back monday :) i feel like there's nothing in there, & i'm so anxious to find out! JTSF - congrats!! i'm also due 10-10-10 & so is my boyfriend's aunt! how crazyyy! last night we were trying to decide on a few names, & THIS is going to be war b/c i hate all the names my boyfriend's come up with, men are bad at name picking. LOL also, my hair's super thin & getting thinner by the day, my acupunturist says if i have a boy, he might be bald when he gets older. i barely had any hair when i was born, so this makes me sad :( if you have thick hair, cherish it! have a wonderful evening all! ~melissa


blessedbythree - March 27

Ca__sie- That is so cool about your u/s!!! I bet it feels so real now! JTSF- Congrats on #3!!! This is my third also. Melissa- My hair is thin too, but usually gets thicker during pregnancy. I got a yeast infection this past week, and am on day 3 of over counter treatment. Worried a little though because the past 2 days I have had some slight spotting in discharge. Also feel a tiny bit of cramping. I have never had a yeast infection during pregnancy before. Actually I never started getting them until after my last pregnancy, when I got an IUD and had that in with infections (pelvic) and pain for a year. Now I seem to get this at least 3 times a year. Anyone else ever heard of spotting during an infection? The nurse seemed to think it was from application, which may be.... wishing I could call the DR!


blessedbythree - March 30

So happy! The baby is alive, even though I feel like I should be showing more at almost 11 weeks! I just picked up the heartbeat at 165 =)


pregnant again - March 30

hi im Amy im due oct 4 2010 im 13 weeks


melissaxoxo - March 31

hey ladies! pregnant again - congrats on your 3rd!! i had my first ultrasound on monday, and it was amazing!! like ca__sie said, it was definitely a relief to see proof that was very alive! the heartrate was 188, very fast, but normal. blessed- that's a great heartbeat!! how are you feeling? did your infection go away? hope everyone is having a wonderful easter week! ~Melissa


Ca__sieSong - April 3

Hi Gals! Blessed, that is great! Isn't it wonderful to hear the heartbeat? Melissa- congrats on your ultrasound. Sounds like your baby was active when you got the heartrate. Getting its excersize. :-) That is awesome. Pregnant-again, congrats on your pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and I'm loving it. I'm doing just fine. Cramps are gone. Still have frequent urination. Some days b___bs are more sore than other days. Feeling pretty good, overall. I think maybe I'm not quite so fatigued anymore too... which is wonderful! I have been soooo tired. My baby bump is really beginning to show now. I'm full into pregnancy bottoms. I'm still in regular tops, though the ones that were more fitted orginally are too tight now- especially in the b___bs, but also the tummy. At the clothing store I work at, I've gotten some larges instead of mediums I usually wear. I love looking like I'm pregnant though. For the next few months, having the baby bump will be lots of fun. Then of course the aches and pains a__sociated with a big bump will appear. I'll deal with that when the time comes though. Hope everyone has a great Easter! Hope to hear from you all soon. It's been quiet!


Carolineh - April 4

We told my parents yesterday and they were so excited!! My in-laws find out today.... First grandchild on both sides! We can't wait until everyone knows! Tomorrow is my 10 week appointment and I'm hoping everything goes well! So far so good! Wish me luck!


Ca__sieSong - April 19

Just so you all know, I'm over on the 2nd trimester board. Hope to see you all over there soon!!



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