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Stef - October 16

Hi there~ I am taking prometrium. I am 5 wks pregnant and my doc started me on 2 pills a day 100mg each orally and then since my levels were rising nicely she put me on 1 pill a day interv____ally. My doc says it's just a precaustion because of my previous mc's. Aish~ Where did you hear it could cause problem to the unborn baby. I would interested to read that. I have searched the internet and couldn't find anything like that. I did ask my doctor if there could be any harmful side effects to my baby and she said No..NONE! So any infor mation you could give me would be great.


Stacy - October 16

Aish I have been using progestrone suppositories since I was 5 weeks pregnant. I am now 13 weeks and getting ready to stop treatment. I was told that there were no risks because the meds. only mimick the actual hormone. So there is nothing to have an effect. I was told not to take the pills orally because they don't work well that way. I was also told to not bother having my level re tested once I started treatment because the hormone would show a rise in my blood but that didn't mean the hormone was getting where it needed to be. Thus, I use it v____ally. I also don't use prometrum... I had issues with it but I use a suppository made by Wal Greens. I have had no problems with the meds. Hope this helps.


aish - October 17

hi stacy.. thanx for the info. actually i read here so i was so tensed as i was so worried . please ask ur doctor & do tell me about it as i have my appointment with my gynec next month. thamx for writing.


aish - October 17


aish - October 17

there is no - in pregnancy delete (-) in pre-gnancy- word


aish - October 17

if u dont get thru this site At Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Tina wrote: > >Hello >I am not a medical doctor but I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry. I am >currently in my 31st week. During my first week, I spotted and when >checked, discovered that my progesterone was borderline. My OB >prescribed Protmetrium for me (I can't remember the dose but it amounted >to 2 tablets/day). I read the product insert and also was scared but >the same line (not recommended for pregnancy...). I called Solvay >Pharmaceuticals who is the producer of Prometrium (if I recall >correctly). Anyway, I spoke with one of their Ph.D.s who worked on >Prometrium. She told me there have been isolated cases of children born >with birth defects whose mothers had used Prometrium. The birth defects >were one case of cleft pallate (sp?), a couple of cases of heart >problems. However, there was no evidence to indicate these problems >were directly caused by the progesterone and were merely coincidental. >However, because they occurred and these mothers had taken Prometrium, >they were required to use this disclaimer in the product insert. She >went on to tell me the statistics (although I can't remember them) on >the number of "normal" babies born to mothers taking prometrium. To me, >there was a greater risk of losing the baby than having birth defects >caused by supplemental progesterone. I have had 2 u/s and my babies >heart looks perfect. Additionally, I my best friend was on progesterone >suppositories with her second child (after miscarrying her first - which >was attributed to progesterone deficiency). Her now 4 year old daughter >is very intelligent and healthy. I know, however, that many OBs state >that their is no proven relationship between supplementing with >progesterone and not-miscarrying. Incidentally, I had swithched OBs >shortly after initiating the Prometrium. The new OB told me that as far >as he was concered my progesterone was not too low but that if taking it >eased my mind then to take it as there was no risk to the baby. I ended >up taking only 1 pill per day which may have been physically >inconsequential but mentally rea__suring at the time. Sorry this is so >long. > >Tina


Tabby - December 2

I'm trying to get pregnant, and hopefully I will this month. My doctor has me on 100mg of prometrium where I insert it v____ally. To answer your question, yes, your panyliner will be wet, I always feel like I have to use to the restroom as well.


ranjita - March 30

i'm 11week pregnant, 6 months ago i had a miscarriage due to low progesteron, thjhis time my doc put me on 200mg prometrium perday for 12 weeks. since now everything is fine. baby's heartbeat is also good. but i' really worried that what will happen next when i stop taking this medicine after 12weeks?


DeeD - March 30

Yes. my sister has a serious deficientcy. It is gross and she hates it, but it is the only way she can carry a baby. I take mine orally. Good Luck!


aeioulim - January 28

Hi, my wife is 1st time pregnant and just been to see a gynae and was told she is about 7 week pregnant already. The Gynae did a blood test for her to check her " Progesterone level " and found it to be 52 nmol/L or 20 ng/ml. The Gynea immediately put her on Progesterone supplementation ie. Utrogestan 100mg cap, take 2 caps orally 3 times a day eventhough she had not experience any spotting or stomach cramp before that. I have read from internet that the usual Progesterone level during 1st trimester is 9 - 47 ng/ml. My wife Progesterone level is 20 ng/ml and seem to be in a normal range. I am just wondering why the gynae has put her on 6 tablets of 100mg Utogestan orally per day. ?? Any experienced mum here who has been put on Utrogestan during 1st trimester pregnancy ? Any experience or comments to share ?? What were your blood progesterone level during 1st trimester ?? Anyone ?? Would it be a problem if the blood Progestrone level, as a result of the supplementation, is much higher than the normal range ??? Note :- I have check that Utrogestan is another brand equivalent to Prometrium. It is produced by a French Drug Company.


lin-z - March 9

aeioulim, I know Progesterone can be used to "maintain a pregnancy" so to speak. I was actually put on Prometrium to relax the uterus and maintain the pregnancy. I'm on it 200 mg/twice a day. It seems to have helped the spotting. My hcg levels were low, but have come up. So I'm having good results, aside from the side effects. Let me know how your wife is feeling?


urbanbaby - March 11

Oh, so glad I found this post. I misscarried end of nov, and my doctor had me take prometrium orally for 10 days to jump start my period. I jsut stopped it Sat night and I am waitng to get my period now. She now says that she wants me to take prometrium v____ally, 2X a day. My question is " WHEN do I start taking it? Do I wait unitil we try and then just start it? Or wait for a posative pregancy test? Or start taking them as soon as I get my period?? She gave me such little info, and rushed me off the phone. Any advice??


sarah1 - May 17

I am 4 weeks preg and have been taking prometrium v____ally 3x a day as soon as I found out I was preg and have had 2 previous miscarriages and am having some cramping as soon as I started this med. and I am worried that it may be another m/c, is anyone else experiencing these symptoms


dalmatianof2 - March 10

Has anyone take prometrium prior to pregnancy with good outcomes?


Gnbtexxeb - August 4

I have a 4 year old daughter and I took prometrium capsules for 16 weeks of my pregnancy because when I came off of them at 13 weeks I started spotting and had to start the pills back!! My daughter is perfectly fine healthy ... However she is allergic to peanuts LOL I can not say it's due to the pills but .... It is the base product of the pills!! Maybe just coincedence ????????!! My thoughts for all of you are this ARE YOU MORE WORRIED ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS BIRTH DEFECTS OR ACTUALLY GIVING BIRTH TO A BEAUTIFUL BABY AND HAVING THE LOVE AND JOY YOU'VE WAITED ON FOR 40 WEEKS TO HOLD IN YOUR ARMS!!! JUST A THOUGHT FOR YOU!!! MY SON IS 13 AND AUTISTIC I WOULDN'T HAVE HIM ANY OTHER WAY HE IS MY PRIDE AND JOY , MY 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WILL STAND UP FOR HOM JUST AS HE DOES FOR HER !!!! I SEE NO DIFFERENCE IN THEM , NO MATTER HOW GOD GIVES YOU YOUR CHILD YOU WILL NOT SEE A BIRTH DEFECT OR AUTISM OR RED HAIR OR BLACK HAIR OR BLUR EYES OR GREEN EYES!!!!!!! YOU WILL SEE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!!!!!! SO TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE TO AND BE PROUD YOU CAN HAVE SOMETHING TO HELP YOU OUT!!! I KNOW I WAS AFTER 3 MISSCARIAGES!!!!! AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!! 


Gnbtexxeb - August 4

Sorry for typos , I was a little teared up while typing LOL



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