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Stacy - August 24

Grace, I have been out of town... sorry it took so long to get back to you. My Dr. told me to stop taking the aspirin 26 weeks and my friend was told to stop taking hers at 36 weeks by a reproductive endocronoligist(sp?). I will plan to wait til about 30 to 36 weeks.


Margaret - August 24

To this that posted about their fear of discontinuing the prometrium, I posted earlier and I too was afraid. I went for my twenty week ultrasound and the doctor said to stop taking it cold turkey. I freaked but I did it. I am now twenty three weeks and my baby girl is fine. I say pay close attention as to what your doctor suggest, but if in doubt get a second opinion and research it. The information is out there. Good luck to all of you and God bless you. Having children is a wonderful thing. Mar


Grace - August 25

Stacy, my dr told me to stop taking aspirin 2 wks before my operation.(C-section delivery)I am scheduled to have operation on Jan. 25 but my due date is on Feb 11.I need to undergo c.section coz i had myomectomy last feb. 2004 so i shoul have c.section on my 37th wk.Most probably i will stop taking aspirin on my 35th wks. with regards to prometrium, i already stop taking it after my 14th wks.i just rely with what my dr said that the placenta will took place to produce progesterone on the 12th im on my 15 1/2 wks.


Jennifer - September 9

Could you possibly use this at night so that it isn't as prone to leak out?


DJ - September 11

I was perscribed 100 mg of prometrium orally 1x per day... with all the contridictory posts I'm confused. i'm 5.5. weeks pregnant and never had a progesterone level was 110 at 14 days post ovulation but my HCG was very low only 15. So this is what my doctor gave me... Questions 1. should i be taking this orally, 2. Is any one else taking this for low HCG and not progesterone.


Hannah - September 12

I had my first IUI on 8/25/05 and my dr put me on 100mg of prometrium twice day (pills v____ally). Previously I had normal 24 day cycles, well my period was suppose to start a few days ago and it didn’t so I was excited and I’ve taken two hpt and both negative. Does prometrium stop your period from coming on? I’ve stopped taking it to see if something happens. My husband and I are really trying to get pregnant so we are praying that this cycle of IUI worked!!!!


Stacy - September 13

Yes, progestrone can stop your period. That is why all the women on here are taking it. That doesn't mean you are not pregnant. You should get a blood test done. About the use of progestrone for low HcG, I have never heard of that. But it is used to prevent your body from completing a cycle so maybe they are trying to give your baby a chance to really start to form. Also, did you mean to say that your progestrone level was 110 or was that a typo?


Ang - September 17

I am also taking Prometrium orally 200 mg twice a day. This is my first month. I am 6 days late with my period but have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all have been negative. Does anyone know if this medication gives false negative results or stops your period?


Stacy - September 18

Nothing I have ever read or hear about this medication produces false results. It will stop your period. That is most likely why you are late. Usually Doctors will have you stop taking progestrone to allow for a period. Unless, you have began the medication because of pregnancy. You may want to contact your doctor and ask.


Trinity - September 20

I am taking prometrium 200mg once at night. I am 9 weeks pregnant and this medicine is making me miserable..... I have headaches, vommiting, tiredness, weakness, and every other side effect there is..... does this make anyone else sick?????


Stacy - September 20

Do you think it is the medication or just feeling c___py from being pregnant? I feel the same way but my DR. said to just "tought it out." I did have some negitive side effects from the prometrium and refused to take it. Now I take suppositories made by my local Walgreens. They work alot better I think. You can ask your doctor to let you try that to see if it works better.


chrissy - September 21

I am low on progesterone and i have been trying to get pregnant for almost


trinity - September 22

thanks stacy.... i have been pregnant several times, and have two live births... they are 11 & 2.. i have never been on any of these drugs before. I know not all pregnancies are the same but this is ROUGH!!!! I have all of the side effects of the pill.. and it even gives my mouth a horrible taste. The doctor wants me to take it for one more month, and now bc of insurance changes I have to go to another dr, who doesnt want me off of it until October 11th... talk about your gross feelings :(


Stacy - September 22

How are you taking the medication? If you are taking it oraly that might be the issue. My DR. says orally doesn't work well and it causes alot of side effects. You can use the v____ally. That is what I did at first. It was a little strange but lots of people do that. Also, you know your body better than anyone else. If you think the meds are making you sick they probably are. I really encurrage you to ask for the progestrone in a shot form or the suppositories made by Wal Greens. Let me know how it goes.


aish - October 16

hi frnd..i am trying to get pregnant..and my doc told me use prometrium v____ally as my sis had m/c . actually i read that it might cause problem to unborn baby like heart problem& cleft palate...


Stef - October 16

Hi there~ I am taking prometrium. I am 5 wks pregnant and my doc started me on 2 pills a day 100mg each orally and then since my levels were rising nicely she put me on 1 pill a day interv____ally. My doc says it's just a precaustion because of my previous mc's. Aish~ Where did you hear it could cause problem to the unborn baby. I would interested to read that. I have searched the internet and couldn't find anything like that. I did ask my doctor if there could be any harmful side effects to my baby and she said No..NONE! So any infor mation you could give me would be great.



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