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kearly - February 10

rosenow and daniibabii, great news you saw the babies ! i'm missing those ultrasounds. i was spoiled in the beginning and now have to wait 10 weeks for another. i'm thinking they'll try to hear the heartbeat next time but that's about it. fismama, loved your rant ! i have facebook and get annoyed having to relearn it all the time. we are buried in snow so no work today except i'm "billable" so i have to work now to make up the time. i'm useless trying to work at home with a 3 year old. right now she's watching land before time so i can get something done... rosenow, i have been swimming too. not as frequent as i like b/c our schedules are a nightmare and i can never get there, but it is nice. i also have my bike on a trainer in our bas____nt, but nothing beats the feeling of a great run. i miss feeling like i had an actual workout. oh well.... well, hope everyone is feeling well. anyone officially in maternity clothes yet ? i'm holding steady in my post-natal clothes and hoping to get another 2-3 weeks out of them before i make the leap.......


rosenow - February 11

Hey Kearly. Thanks! I am trying to stay in my before clothes too but that is starting to get difficult. I am not really showing too much but I am getting bigger. I have put on 2 pounds so far which is good lol. Never thought I would hear myself say that! I have another ultrasound next week for the screening tests. It will be my first on the higher quality screens! I can't wait!


ancdre2 - February 11

Hello ladies......i decided to come join you. Im 7-8 weeks along and due at the end of sept, and looking forward to sharing this journey with other moms.


Kyra82 - February 11

hi girls i got the ultrasound results back the other day and baby is doing really well i started my 10th week yesterday and am due on the 9th of september the heartbeat is 166. my first ob appointment is on the 25th. Hi Ancdre welcome im relatively new to the forum as well. Rosenow glad to hear all is well. as for maternity clothes im slowly making the transition i also havent gained much weight but am certainly getting wider as i no longer fit into most of jeans and have had to move to sweat pants.


ancdre2 - February 11

Thanks for the welcome Kyra....I'm Angela, that way you dont have to call me by my screen seems so informal lol. And i'd like to think that we'll all become closer throughout our pregnancies. So i already stated im 7-8 weeks, just not sure which :( i haven't been to the doctors yet(but soon). Im married to my husband, whom ive been with for 6 years, and we have a 2 year old son already. So #2 was a suprise, and this one is due shortly after our sons 3rd busy,busy,busy. How about everyone else. I would love to get to know you and hear your stories of how you came to ttc, your family life, what brought you here etc(of course granted whatever your willing to share, no pressure).


rosenow - February 12

Kyra that is wonderful news! We are neck and Neck! only one day appart! How are you feeling. Are things starting to subside a little? I still have quite a bit of cramping and now have my first Yeast thing ever! I never had one in my life and my Dr. said that %90 of women who have never had one will get one when they are pregnant. The things we don't know eh? Angela! Welcome and what a wonderful surprise to have your second! I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first and am loving every icky moment of it lol. Hubby and I used fertility treatments to achieve the pregnancy and it took us a very long time but it was worth it! this is a great group. WE gt pretty quiet for days on end then things pop up again. Take care!


rosenow - February 12

Iam: that's great! When is your due date. I will be in the 2nd trimester in 12 days I think (Next Wednesday) Time has actually gone quite quickly! It's been fun so far but a little stressful. On our second ultrasound the baby decided to hide it's heartbeat! It was agony waiting until there it was. and we even got to see a little wave!


rosenow - February 14

Well today I got to spen a wonderful Valentines day/morning in the hospital getting fluids because I was so violently ill... I had some type of food poisoning they call gastroenteritis or something like that. Certainly not fun. I had to have gravol to stop the vicious retching and an IV for fluids. I went to the hospital because I knew it was bad for the baby for me to be so dehydrated. I have been sick all afternoon thought the nausea is being taken care of by drugs and tylenol. SIGH! We had to cancel our diner plans with our friends tonight because I am sick. What a weekend. BOOOO.


shepkarma - February 14

Hi ladies! I'm 8 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins. I am 31 years old, married and live in DC. This will be baby #6 & #7 for us. I'm due in September (if I make it that far) =). Good luck to you all!


ancdre2 - February 15

Rosenow- I'm thrilled for you and DH, that's wonderful. Im so glad to hear that you two are finally able to experience this roller coaster of a ride lol....but your right it is so fun. So dbelated congrats!! Im also sorry to hear that your so sick or were, i hope your better now...You did the right thing for you and the baby by going to the hospital. Feel better soon! Welcome twins! How exciting, not to mention #6, and #7 kudos go to you lol.


daniibabii2010 - February 16

well, ill be ten weeks on thursday. i'm due september 13th. I'm still really sick to my stomach, but havent been throwing up alot anymore. I haven't gained a pound yet, but my weight is shifting. I had to buy new bras cause my bbs are getting huge. lol im not wearing materinaty clothes yet, but i have started wearing my boyfriend's sweat pants & t shirts, since i can't b___ton my jeans & my bbs can't breathe in my shirts. :) hows everyone?


Mandersmm - February 16

Hi ladies. I feel like I haven't been on here in ages. I hope everyone is doing well. My computer wasn't working for a little while but thank goodness it's back. I'm 11w2d and I'm okoay as long as I keep taking the zofran. If I don't, I throw up like crazy - and I'm still nauseous. My belly has officially popped out and I'm in my maternity clothes. I can't close my regular jeans and my shirts are starting to ride up in the front. Quick question for everyone, have you told your job that you're expecting yet?


Iamamiracleangel - February 16

I'm in maternity clothes, too! A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and decided to wear maternity pants. I could still b___ton my pants, but when I would sit down I would want to unzip and unb___ton my pants because it was uncomfortable. I knew it was time when I went to unb___ton and unzip my pants and WOOPS-they were already unb___toned/unzipped, lol. I need to buy new bras, too! I have a doc's appointment tomorrow. I'll be 11w6d. On the 23rd, I'll be in my second Trimester!! So exciting. I'm hoping all is going well with bean... I've had hard pregnancies in the past, so I'm hoping this 1 treats me a little bit better. Hope all is well with you ladies!!


Kyra82 - February 16

Hi everyone Rosenow sorry youve been so sick hope your feeling better and all is well welcome shepkarma and congrats on the twins.Daniibabii ur going im going through the exact same thing havent gained much but its all shifting. things have been very hectic around here found out a few weeks ago that the grandmother i moved in with has cancer and there isnt anything they can do so all our relatives have come down to say theyre goodbyes theres alot of family and theyre nerves are all frayed so emotions are running really high. i am having quite a bit of cramping lately so i went to the doctor and it seems everything is fine i got to hear the heartbeat for the first time it was 160 i'll be entering my 11th week on thursday not throwing up but i never really did but just as nauseated as always hope all is well with everyone


Iamamiracleangel - February 16

Rosenow-I just saw that you responded to me almost a week ago, lol. My due date is Sept 2nd, I'll be going into the second trimester on the 23rd or 24th ( I'd have to look, heh ) I'm sorry you were sick, I hope you're feeling better! Kyra-I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother :( My thoughts are with you and your family.


tanyajean82 - February 17

Hello girls, how is every one doing during this wonderful adventure. I am 12 weeks 2 days and the last few days it feels like someone is stepping on my pelvis. Anyone having these symptoms out there? I am actually due Aug 31, I was orginally due on the 5th of September. I am definately getting more snug in my close, I said goodbye to my size 8 jeans and hello to my sweat pants 3 weeks ago. No weight gain surprisingly. Well just wondering if anybody has had these symptoms, i am reading it is my uterus stretching...sound familiar to anyone? Later girls



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