Those Who Got Pregnant Fast What S Your Secret

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sashasmama - November 8

Janay, bbt stands for basal body temperature. It's the temp of your body at rest (after at least 2 hours of sleep), you take it with a basal body temp. thermometer every morning upon awakening, before you move or drink anything. It helps you pinpoint your ovulation.


Cevvin - November 8

Im sorry i should say this, but our fast way was not wearing a condom. And i feel so bad for all the couples out there that have a hard time. I feel that me and hubby dont even have to have s_x to get pregnant. Our 2 babies will only be 13 months when the second one comes.


alinadaud - November 10

We were trying for about five months and i was anovulatoy the whole time. Once we firgured that out and were able to solve the problem, we got pregnant the very first time i O'd. I did clomid at 50mg for twon months and did not ovulate. The dr. bumped me up to 100 mg and I got an HCG shot to make me ovulate. That really helped us to time when to have s_x. We had been doing it every other day until we got to about day 11 of my cycle. from day 12-17, we did it every day. I o'd on day 14. Ten days later, I got a +HPT!!!! Good luck!


dlombard23 - November 12

My periods were never consistent so I had no idea of when I was ovulating. I used the Clear Blue Easy ovulation predictor kit and got pregnant the first try. I was a week later than I "thought" that I had ovulated so I'm so glad I bought it.


reneenay - November 12

No real secret here...the first month we tried it all: we had intercourse every day for week, I used an ovulation predictor, I layed on my back with a pillow, the whole nine yards. Didn't get pregnant. In fact, I didn't even have a period for another four months after that. I had never skipped a period before in my life. I finally had a period and then decided we wouldn't try that month so I could figure out whether I was regular again or not. And what do you know? I got pregnant. I didn't know when I ovulated or anything. We didn't go out of our way to try at all. In fact, we only had s_x once during the entire time I could have been ovulating! So, other than your advanced maternal age that could be complicating things, I think that the stress we place on ourselves to concieve is a huge factore as well. Good luck!


AMBER81 - November 22

i found it hard to fall pregnant quickly iwas told to find out when yor ovulating u ovulate over a three day period but the most fertile is the second day but when you have finished hold your legs up in the air it helps them travel better with the flow .i fell pregnant within 3 months after trying for 18 months GOOD LUCK !!!!!!! p.s just work out the timing


daniella21w - July 17

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