Tilted Uterus

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M - December 23

Can anyone please tell me there experience with having a tilted uterus during pregnancy?? I would like to know how far along u were before a baby could be seen on sonogram as well...thanks


Melissa - December 23

I would like to know the answer to this question as well.


cathy - December 23

My doctor once asked me, "do you know your uterus is tilted to the left?, do you know what that means?" I was scared, and said what? He said it means your a republican. Just his way of telling me that it didn't mean anything. My new doctor hasn't said anything about it this time. I know I didn't help, but thought I would bring a giggle. cathy


M - December 23



eyebeeablessing2u - December 23

I have a tilted uterus and am currently 12 weeks pregnant. We had our first ultrasound done at 7 weeks and saw baby then. We also only TTC for 3 months so it didn't interfere at all with our success. I have 3 ultrasounds and have realized that they always do a transv____al one instead of the top of the belly one.


bump - December 23



AMY - December 24



M - December 24

Thanks for replying. I do now its normal to have a tilted uterus, but I am also aware that depending on the tilt of the uterus it could be difficult to find the baby if your early in pregnancy.


jenny - January 5

I wasnt told I had a tilted uterus until i was in labor. The only thing that I think it effected was hearing the heartbeat the first time. Took an ultrasound and everything was ok. Normal pregnancy and delivery...:)


Lucky1 - January 5

I have a tilted uterus (retro-verted) uterus. Got preg in the first month of TTC. I'm btwn 4 and 5 weeks. I haven't gotten my first ultrasound yet but doc says there nothing to worry about. First U/C will be in Feb.


chrissy - January 5

i was reading that a havig a tilted one of the problems could be in rare cases it doesnt correct itself by the end of the first tri. it could become lodged in the pelvis and putting pressure on the bladder.. a catheter may be onserted to drain urine and the uterus gently pushed back into the proper position....i read this in what to expect when your expecting.... in the second month part... i hope this is helpful... i have a tilted uterus too... years ago i went to a back doc.. (chrio)... and he told me then it was and he mushed around on my belly and said it was fixed... i guess it went back... or he didnt fix it... cause i went to the doc the other day and its tilted...lol


r - January 5

I have a tilted uterus and my doctor said the only thing that will be effected is that she may not be able to hear the baby's heart beat earlier (mine would take couple of extra weeks) she also said s_x might be painful in certian positions...ever since she siad that I have been more aware of the pain during s_x. If you are constipated it might be more painful...other than that you have nothing to worry about. Your baby will be fine, it just might take an extra weke or so for the doc. to hear the heart beat.


Wendy - January 11

I am 9 weeks preganant, and I have a tilted uterus. I went yesterday for an abdominal u/s and the doc had a difficult time finding the baby. We finally saw a heartbeat, but it wasn't measureable. I am also a little overweight, so that also made it hard to find the baby. I go back in 4 wks for another one and the doc said it should be visible by then.


Confused - January 14

I'm 5 weeks and advised last night I had a tilted uterus. Reading your messages helps. Please continue sharing. It's our first. God Bless


r - January 14

Wendy...hopefully you'll get to read this before your next u/s. When I went at 8 or 9 weeks it was really easy for them to see it because i had drank more water than it was requiered to. So before your next u/s try drinking 1 extra gla__s if you can and see if that helps with seeing the baby easier.


Nikki - January 26

M-- This is my first pregnancy but the midwife a__sured me it will be totally normal even though I have a very tilted uterus. In fact, we could see my baby's heart thumping at 7 weeks. Everything should be A-okay.


Nick - January 27

At nine weeks I went for an ultrasound and she told me I had a tilted uterus. I asked her if that was a problem and she told me "no, it will snap back on its own". She found the baby right away and the heartbeat(180). I thought that was high, but she said that was normal early on because they are growing so fast. I have an appointment in a couple weeks and I am going to ask thedoctor more questions about this.



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