Tiny Cramps On Left Side 10 Weeks Pregger

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oct19bad - June 12

I have tiny cramps on my left side, it sort of feels like little pokes or electricy? I am 10 weeks pregnant.. Should i worry?


austynsmommy - June 12

I had those also. I am also 10 weeks. I am wondering if it has to do with everything getting pushed around for the growing baby.


oct19bad - June 12

ok at least i am not alone.. Its got to be stuff growing


Bilmes123 - June 12

Im13 weeks and Ive felt something like that


LadyBoleyn1 - June 12

hey ladies i just posted in the thread "cramps". i am approc 6 weeks and down there (below pub hair line) i feel a sort of pinchy stretchy sensation. not at all painful and very mild. i know its fairly early however i know even so things are being pushed. its very mild however it is felt. ive read its normal but id rather hear it from fellow pregnant than articles or from friends who werent intune and dont quite "remember". thanks/


clindholm - June 13

I had the same pains both times, sometimes it's from the Corpus Lutuem (sp?) cyst from ovulation and sometimes it is round ligment pain from your uterus expanding depending on where you feel it. If you are concerned, go ahead and call the doc to set your mind at ease.


ebaby08 - June 13

Im 13 weeks and have also experienced those symptoms


LadyBoleyn1 - June 13

Thanks for sharing. Did you exper. them early on? I will hold off until I see doc b/c nothing at all is hurting me. Just now and again a pinchy feeling. And it's "down there, down there"..


Sonrisa - June 13

I had tiny cramps on my left side until about 14 weeks due to a corpus luteum cyst. It went away on its own. Oh...I see that clindolm already explained it....well, mine dod go away. My son was born in 2007.


Sonrisa - June 13

Mine were early on and I did panic and went to the doctor. They did an ultra sound and found everything to be fine. Mine started around week 5 and continued to about week 14.


baby2jan13 - June 15

Normal...I had those beginning at 5 weeks. I went for a sonogram to be sure, and everything was fine. Not having them as much now that I'm 10 weeks, but I would not worry a bit! Just everything shifting and the baby making some room!


LadyBoleyn1 - June 15

thanks for rea__surance ladies. i visited my mother in law this wkend who shared her experience carrying my dh and she said she felt pinching/pulling early on too. i get it sporadically and its very low and as for "cramping" once in a blue bust super mild. I get weird gas pangs too. I guess these are good things reminding something is in there and growing. :)


angelmonkey - June 15

hi im 5 weeks and have noticed i sometimes get like period like c___pms and also on my left side felt like O pain or something do you think it could be linked to ectopic or is it just me worrying? also has anyone had a scan at like 5 -6 weeks? what do you see lol


KiwiMum - October 31

I have this.. I am 10 weeks and you summed it up perfectly.



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