Ultrasound Measures Baby Almost 2 Wks Behind

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Hellolove - September 9

I know the date of my LMP. I am positive, as it is written on a calendar. I had an ultrasound recently and the doctor told me that the baby is measuring two weeks smaller than initially thought. The doctor said that perhaps I miscalculated when I started my period. This is NOT so. He said not to worry about it, but I can not help it! Has this happened to anyone that knew FOR SURE when they started their last period? Was everything okay?


E586467 - September 10

I wouldn't stress about it just yet. Of course you know when your last period was, you were the one that got it!!!! I hate when they try to tell you your body did something different than what you KNOW it did. More than likely you ovulated later then thought, which simply means your period would have been later than usual for that cycle if you had not gotten pregnant. Anyway good luck with your pregnancy & wait & see what the next ultrasound reveals before you worry too much :)


Maddy - September 10

How many weeks are you now? Mine is 7 weeks now and I had ultrasound last week. My dr said the sac was 10 days smaller and he said not to worry it could be late ovulation. I couldn't help to worry as well, it's driving me crazy. I think as long as you can see the baby and hear the heartbeat it's probably ok. Good luck!


clindholm - September 10

I agree, you probably did not ovulate at the test book time that doctors use. How long are your cycles?


Kristin72 - September 10

Yes I agree but I am in a similar situation..I know I ovulate late though. I have to return this week for a repeat ultrasound. I will be 7 weeks 5 days tomorrow by my lmp..but I ovulated around Aug 4th so that would make the gestational age around 5 weeks 3 days. Wish me luck..I am hoping for a heartbeat too. If your doc said not to worry I wouldn't. With my lo of 21 months..she was a week behind and a week late for delivery ;) Update when you can!!


Hellolove - September 10

Last week, the nurse said I was 8 weeks...this was before the ultrasound. The doctor said the baby was only measuring 6 weeks 2 days. It's still early, and I know I ovulated late (cd21 or 22). I told the doctor the day I ovulated and he said "that's interesting, but some women...even fine teachers like yourself, miscalculate their last period"!! Like that made no difference. I actually saw red at that moment. It just made me worry is all. Thanks for the comments...I feel a lot better now!


meganmacg - September 11

I'm actually in almost the exact situation. I knew the day of my lmp because we had something going on that date. When I got the doctor, I should have been 8 weeks. I was 6w3d according to the u/s. I worried. A lot. We scheduled another appt 2 weeks later and everything is fine. In fact, I somehow measured 9 weeks rather than 8. Anyway, you shouldn't worry. I think you'll be fine.


bsmom - September 15

I'm in the same situation. My u/s measured 7wk 2 days, but I should be 8wk 4 days. I know when I ovulated b/c I used an opk and was temping. I'm also worried. Keep us updated.


Jillers - October 1

Can you guys update on how you're doing? Here's my situation... sounds similar to many of you: I had my first ultrasound today, and I was very anxious too. The dr. couldn't find a heartbeat at first, but had me empty my bladder and then she was able to see one. I went in thinking I was 7 1/2 weeks (based on my LMP), but the baby is only measuring 6 1/2 weeks. I go back for another ultrasound in two weeks. She was very rea__suring, but I still can't help but worry. I had a little meltdown prior to her finding the heartbeat, but thankfully, my hubby was there and he calmed me down.


anonmum - October 2

I'm in the same boat aswell, and its heart wrenching. I had a miscarriage last year so I'm even more stressed about this time. They have found two fetal poles - so twins!! But I think Im 10 and half weeks but the babies are measuring at 6 weeks and one is measuring at 5 weeks 6 days. Doc says it may be missed abortion, but I refuse to believe it. I have another appointment on 8th october, I pray their hearts start beating and they continue to grow.


Jillers - October 2

Anonmum, Hang in there and let me know how it goes. It's going to be a long two weeks for me, but I feel some rea__surance since I did see the heart beat. I had a miscarriage in Jan. and tried for 10 months the get pg. Thankfully, I have a happy, healthy almost-three year old... got pg the first time with her! Keep me posted and I'll do the same!


Teddyfinch - October 3

Hellolove: it is actually normal for your baby's size to measure 2 weeks behind your lmp due date. after all, there was the 2 weeks before you ovulated. i think your doctor is just foggy brained right now. it is actually rare for a baby to measure in size at the same rate as the mom's gestational age from the beginning, so you're doing fine. you might find out later in your pregnancy that the baby has caught up to you. i'd say you're alright so try not to worry.


cmartinez - October 5

Anonmum, please let us know what happens on the 8th. I'm in the same boat as you.



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