Am I Goin Crazy?

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Worrywartmama - March 22

 I feel like my body is against me. I also feel like my friends and doctors think that I am completely Nuts. My last regular menstrual cycle started on January 30th 2018 normal heavy flow for 5 to 7 days. February comes and I'm late 10 days after my expected period I start having brown spotting very light to where I don't need a tampon just a liner. I took a test that came back negative so figured maybe it was stress. I began having pregnancy symptoms so thus took another test again negative. When the symptoms got worse I took another test. This time it was very faint positive but after the 3 minutes turned negative. I had my tubes tied 3 years ago after baby 2 was born via c-section. I began having pain in left abdominal region on 3/17/18. Possible tubal? Ob was closed. I go to er on 3/19 as pain is unbearable. Ultrasound shows retroverted uterus. Endometrium is shown vertically? I see two small black circles above my endometrium in my uterus. He tech never found my left ovary where my pain is. Still in pain today 3/22. My endometrium measured 12mm. I dont want to be goin crazy or worrying non stop. Can anyone shed light? Ob refuses to see me without a referral!  Perhaps i need a new ob.


Worrywartmama - March 22

Forgot to mention that the er sent me home telling me nothing about the ultrasound results.  I requested a copy. And they stated they had no clue what was causing my pain.


Worrywartmama - March 23

Still having some moderate cramping on left side today. 3/23/18. Wondering if I am going to have a regular period this month on my predicted date. Supposed to have it starting in 4 days according to calculations from my last "period" (the light spotting for a few days. ) I kinda want to take a test but I don't at the same time. If it says negative again then I am still in the same boat not knowing what's causing all my symptoms and pain. But if it says yes I will worry about it being a possible tubal pregnancy. Any advice? 


Gloriamulk - June 12

No, you are not going crazy. You just have to figure out what exactly is the problem. As far as I can understand from your post. It is that USG also was not of any help. I don't know what to say know. You should get an appointment to your gyne. Discuss in detail all about it. You will soon find an answer to it. Best wishes.


LeeOsteen - June 14

How are you doing now? I don't now much about it. I would suggest you consult some specialist for it. Hope it will be resolved soon. Stay healthy and strong. Here I sending love and wishes to you. Take good care of yourself. Stay blessed and strong.



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