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Gina - January 12

I just found out last week that I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 3 child. A couple of days ago I started spotting/bleeding it alternates from heavy to light. I called my MD and they said if it is a miscarriage I just need to wait it out until I stop. I am going crazy but I have not felt any abdominal cramps just an occasional low back ache. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.


r - January 12

There is nothing that you can do about this, except try and relax. Bleeding in first trimester is normal - some even get thier period in the first 3 months. As long as you don't have any cramps you have nothing to worry about. Just try to take it as easy as you can and put your feet up and rest as much as you can. If you start getting cramps you should call the doctor go just go to the hospital for them to have you checked out. But until you get those cramps don't worry about a thing ;o) You will be in my thoughts.


Hopeful Mommy- to- be - January 24

I am having the same type of bleeding. I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I go see the doctor tomorrow. This will be my first baby. So I understand you feeling alarmed because I am too.


lilli - January 24

hey gurly im 7 weeks preggo with my first i sarted of with browm discharge and now its a little red i went to the doctors lastnight and we checked the babys heartbeat its fine thank god but i have to rest alot i have no cramps so thats good but im still freekin i just cant wait to be out of this delicate stage


Arial - January 24

I'm slightly in the same situation. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant but I think I am. I have had mild cramps for 10 days but not the kind a__sociated with a misscarriage. Also, I bled a few drops today. But it's very light. Could I still be pregnant?


gina - January 25

In answer to my own question-I had an ectopic prenancy which ruptured on Saturday afternoon.I was cramping really bad so my husband took me to the emergency room and then surgery. they ended up taking some of my fallopian tube. they were all really nice but now i am living with the after math. I just tell myself things could've been alot worse.


christine - January 25

I am 5 1/2 weeks preggo and started bleeding brownish reddish yesterday and it hasn't stoped since. This is my second child and I didn't bleed at all with my first that's why I'm freekin'..... They gave me an ultrasound today but it's way to early in the pregnancy to see anything but the sac (tiny black dot) so I have to have blood work to tomorrow to check my hormones. This is crazy....... I wish they could just tell me everything is fine already!! Does anyone know how long this is suppose to last???Thanks


net - January 26

i'm 15 weeks preggo and a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and i were having s_x and i started to bleed, it was the first time that i've bled since i was pregnant so i called nurses at hospitals and they told me that the head of his p___s just irritated my cervix.


seema - January 26

iam 11 weeks pregnant but now i got bleeding just patch iam worried plz let me know its normal or dangerous


Manuela Meloche - January 31

Thank God that I am not the only one! We just found out that I am 5 weks pregnant, my first, and then i started bleeding, light spotting. I go see the doctor on Wednesday, but after reading some information on the web most of my fears have been eased. As well, I have not had any cramps so this is what is important! Good luck and e-mail me if you wanna


christopher - January 31

hello, um this is kind of wierd, i pray for u mam i pray 4 your u.b.c. ,but i guess i would like to tell that i feel your pian. right now my fiance is @ the e.r. she 4/5 weeks, and she started bleeding . i'm thinking maybe its nothing. this is our 2nd. our 1st scared us. he's now 4 1/2 and all if it really was a miscarry then don't let it stop you, keep on trying .


Angie - February 1

I am reading everyone's response to the bleeding question and now am quite concerned. I am 5 weeks pregnant and yesterday developed very bad cramps and bleeding my OB says it appears to be a miscarriage and I should go home and wait it out. So I come home and there is no more bleeding, Just the brownish stuff that is obviously old blood. I still ache in my lower abdomen and back but have to wonder what's going on? Anyone have any ideas please...


Danielle - February 1

I am so scared. I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have had occasional mild cramps since last week. They are really not too painful, just irritating. Then last night I bled a little, then again this morning a little more. It's not much but I am very worried


Jessica - February 1

Hi Ladies!! I didn't realize there were so many problems untill I came across this site...although I think this site is VERY helpful & useful!!! OK here's my situation.....I think I am about 5 weeks preg....not sure, just going on what I'm feeling & what I think.....but I started my period Jan. 30, right on time?!? But still....very light period, hardly any cramps at all, did not have any pms, b*tching..etc...etc...the 1st day of my period was a darker red color, then it stopped & came back way later that night. It's now day 3 & it's almost gone!! My period is normaly 4-5 days. But whats making me think I'm preg is, for the past 3 weeks or so my stomach has started to feel different, like harder mainly around the belly b___ton area, certian food smells are starting to bother me, like meat cooking for one. I'm peeing more offten too, but everything else is normal (bm). I don't know what to stomach is getting harder more & more every day!!! I was preg 8 years my period the night I concevied (like 4-5 hours after). When I was only 4 months, I looked like I was about 8 months!!! Can anybody explain this?? Had same experience or close to it? Sorry this is sooo long =)


Vanessa - February 3

It is know to bleed when you are pregnant.I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am going through a hole bunch of blood work because I bleed for 2 days light and heavy at first and did not have any symptoms of miscarriage.So if you are really concerned ask your MD to get some test done.Good Luck


TaraM - February 3

Please don't thing negative it only affects you and your baby. Think positive some women have their actual period the whole 9 months. And I also know a friend who spotted 6mnths out of the 9. But whatever you do don't stress. This is the most impotant time for you and your baby Im sure you"ll be just fine. And keep me posted .So please tell me you will not worry.


Becky - February 7

I never went to the doctors to get a pregnancy test but i have taken a couple of home e.p.t pregnancy tests and the + sign was very faint i am confused if im pregnant or not and i am bleeding heavy and i was just bleeding 19 days ago....i didnt start to bleed unitl after i had s_x with my boyfriend this weekend but it hasnt stopped yet...its been 2 days now i wonder if i should just wait it out and go to the doctors when im done bleeding...could i actually be pregnant though?



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