Cramps While Pregnant Normal

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cakegirl - June 1

Hi Nicole, I had the WORST cramps at about 5 weeks pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant yet, and thought I was going to DIE of PMS!!! I was also someone who got nauseous (in particular in the afternoon) but never actually threw up.


hollyg8tr - June 2

Hey Nicole. Congratulations on your first baby! I just found out today that I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first child as well. I have been having the same type of cramping. It doesn't last very long but does come and go and feels like mild menstrual cramps. From what I've read, it is a totally normal symptom and a good sign that your uterus is expanding and doing what it needs to do to prepare for the baby. As for morning sickness, none of that yet! So, no worries and congratulations again!


ashley_mary10 - August 2

Oh thank goodness I found this site. I am in my 6th week of pregnancy with my first child. YAYAYAY!! You can't help but worry if everything is alright. I have been having off and on cramping like I should be getting my period and it scared me.......but thankfully this is normal. I am not really experiencing any other symptoms but fatigue. I have a doctors appt tomorrow and I can't wait. I have so many questions. Good luck to you all!!!!!


china03 - August 2

I also been having the same problems. It feels like if I am going to start but nothing comes. I am 16 days late and I still show a negative. I havent gone to the doctor. I also am experiencing some white liquid discharge from my v____a. Its this normal. I am always on time with my period. With my others sons I did not find out till when I was almost 6 weeks pregnant. I am going to the OBGYN next Thursday and hopefully by then they could tell me what is going on with me. I am also get very sleepy. I have bad cramps but nothing comes and the white discharge that I did mention. My sons are always crying for no reason. Has anyone experience this. Please let us know how it went tomorrow with your doctor for I could get a clue what is going on with me


ashley_mary10 - August 2

China03 My sister is also pregnant and my friend is pregnant with twins, they both say that the discharge is normal and may even get worse. I also read in my book that the discharge is a way to lubricate the v____a to ward of infection. From what I hear this is normal. I am really excited to talk to the doctor tomorrow, as the first doctor told me nothing, just said I was pregnant and sent me on my way!! I have heard also that you may not show pregnancy through a HPT you may have to get blood work done. Good luck!! Do you have any questions you would like me to ask tomorrow?


china03 - August 2

ashley_mary10 Just ask her if this is normal what I am experiencing. I had done some pregnancy test and it shows negative. I am also peeing alot, having lower back pains, abdominal pains like if it is going to come and nothig. Two days ago I experienced like when you are having contractions but nothing it was very painful. Please just ask her if this is normal and what is the possibilities that I could be pregnant. I did not experienced this with my other boys. Ask her about the white liwuid discharged


Amberlynn - August 6

I am 5-6 weeks pregnant as well and this is my second baby, I am feeling the cramps to and i am freeking out, they are not unbarable cramps and I am not bleeding or anything I did cramp a bit with my son, but I dont remeber them lasting all day, I am scared about misscarage, but I have been doing some research and it says cramping is normal in the first trimester. AS for the sickness, I am feeling the same way...sick all day but I am not actualy getting sick, and that is normal. and it can last all day.


hollyg8tr - August 6

I had cramps pretty constantly from about 5 weeks to 10 or so. Now, I am 13 weeks and have not really experienced them lately. I believe they are simply growing pains! As for morning sickness, I was blessed to skip over that completely. However, I have heard from many people that it is perfectly normal to feel nauseous but not actually throw up. So, congratulations, you are definitely preggers!


china03 - August 6

How far where you'll when finding out pregnant.? I am like 3 weeks late and still no period my LMP was June 19 but I have done some test and they come out negative. I had real bad cramps like if I am going to start and nothing but nothing, feel sleepy out of a sudden, pee alot (going to the restroom like three time a night) and all day , discharging white from v____a , I have some tighten in stomach like if something bad its going to happen . But I am still dabating if preggo or not. What can I do. With my other sons I find out when I was 6 weeks pregnant. In the doctors office not at home.


jennyt - February 21

Thank you all so much. I just found out i was pregnant with my first baby! I have been having some cramping, like I was going to start my period, and was really scared. All of your comments really rea__sured me!


yummymummytobe - April 21

i have just found out i am pregnant but havent a clue how far on i am yet as i have irregular periods. could be anything upto 10 weeks. around 5 weeks ago before i knew i was pregnant i went to the doctors as i was suffering with throbbing period pains which lasted around 5 to 10 minutes. then 3 weeks later i started to feel sick all the time and found out i was pregnant! the throbbing period pains only lasted around a week. but now i get slight cramps and period pains. im petrified i was pregnant when i was getting the bad period pains 5 weeks ago, but if it was a misscarraige wouldnt i have bled by now?? im so confused and worried! help! :)


clindholm - April 21

yummymummy- I had serious sf cramps for about a week and they kinda changed, still cramps but different. I called the doc & they did an u/s to make sure all was ok. She said it was my uterus (sp?) expanding. It is probably nothing but a good idea to call the doc anyway. I had them last time I was pg as well and there were not any problems. Try to stay calm, but call your doc, as it is always a good idea to check! I'm sure your baby is fine. Please let me know how you make out & congrats!


yummymummytobe - April 23

thankyou clindholm you put my mind at ease i went to my antenatal yesterday and told doctor about the pains and he sent me for an early scan! everything was fine and i am 8weeks 6days pregnant! cant wait!


clindholm - April 23

So glad to hear it!!! It's always best to set your mind at ease. Have a happy healthy 9 months!!!- Colleen


Nanie - May 29

Hello, I have also been experiencing mild cramping. I may be pregnant. I usually cramp right when Im about to get my period. Iv'e been cramping for days now and my cramp are quick they come and go. May I be pregnant?


JMP62092 - June 15

Im not sure if I am pregnant or not but I have had VERY bad cramping a lot like my period but my period hasn't came yet. I should of started on 6/2/08 and I am just having cramps that feel a lot like my period. Plus I am also feeling a little sick at times but Im not getting sick. My b___st are also tender and I am always tired. Has anyone else had cramping like this? If I am pregnant I would be about 6weeks



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