Cramps While Pregnant Normal

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MeM - August 25

I was having cramping as well, I asked my ob about it yesterday and she said that it's because the uterus is made to contract hense the fact you are having's just your bodies way of getting use to the expanding baby even if it's just little. Your uterus is alot bigger then the actual size of the baby, that's what she told me...I hope it helps :)


Suzy - August 25

DOn't worry thats perfectly normal to have cramps during pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and I still get them. Sometimes it's the ligaments stretching or your body just going through the change because of pregnancy. If you start bleeding then you should go to the hospital. As far as the sickness, yep..normal too. Im in my second trimester and still get sick every once in a while. In the first trimester I was always sick. You will be ok. Just eat healthy and take your prenatal vitamins. Good Luck


shazia - September 2

i am 6wks pregnant, i had 1 miscarriage last year and now im pregnant again i had cramps i got worried and went 2 hospital ,i had 2 wait 10 hrs 2 be seen wen they dun a scan they saw three sacs i wos shocked but happy went for a check up again and it is definetly 3 so it is normal for the cramps its the baby growing,


zhou - September 5

the feeling sick and the cramps are both very normal as i experinced this in early pregancy i am now 19weeks pregant dont worry


Whitney - September 7

I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have been having cramps also, It was worrying me until I read this sight..thanx


Danielle - September 8

well i have been having these period cramps every since i was pregnant, and i wantto know weather or not it's normal?


amanda - September 14

calculating by my lmp i am about 5 and half wks pregnant. I didn't start having cramps until a day or so after my period started, at first they were constant for a day or so, they were not as bad as my period cramps but felt more like an achiness but constant. it's now my third day since cramps and i still have them on and off, nothing i can't handle just uncomfortably and i am very worried. i've investigated this online and even one of my friends had this similar cramps for her first 3 months. i've got an appt sched for sept 22, but i'm unsure if i should wait that long, i realize being so early in the pregnancy that all they can do is hcg testing what do you guys think. please give me advice thanks


Natalie - September 24

I'm a little confused. It all started on Tue 9/21/05 and I started spotting brownish blood and having bad pain on my left side. The next day I bled bright red blood(no clots). That lasted about 20min then it completely stopped for the whole day. Then on wed. I started spotting then it was bright red blood back to spotting. That happend all day long. About 4.30am Thurs. morn. I went to the hospital because the pain on my left side was so bad. At the hospital they told me I was preg. My hcb level was 1900 measuring about 51/2-61/2wks preg. I told them no way. I know excatly when I concieved. I concieved on 9/4/05. I would only be 21/2-31/2 wks preg. Anyways they did a v____al ultrasound and said they didn't see anything in the uterus not even a sak.(could they even see anything if I am that early?) Anyways they found a cist on my right ovary. The pain that I'm experiencing is on my left side. They discharged me saying that it must have been a miscariage. I don't agree. So on Friday I went to the hospital that my gyne is out (different hos than Thr) and my hcb levels were 1200 which was measuring out to being 2/12-31/2wks preg. Which I should be since I know the exact day I got preg. They said with hcb levels going down that means m/c. They did a v____al ultrasound there and they too couldn't find anything in the uterus. Which I don't think they'd be able to because of bieng so early. Should they be able to see youlk and a sak? They also did not find the cyst on my right ovary that the other hospital detected. This is why I'm so confused. They too let me go saying that more than likely this is a miscarriage. I strongly disagree. They want me back in on Mon to ck my hcg levels. I guess we'll know for sure then. I'm still now having severe pain on my lft side right around where they cut me during my last c-section. This time its constant. Its not going away. Can anyone give me advice? I hope this all makes sense, I just keep rambling on. Any answers or suggestions please email me @


Lakaya - September 26

Why do I keep having cramps I"M pregnant


sammy - September 26

Can anyone give me advice??? I believe I am pregnant. I have quite a few of the syptoms including swollen tender b___sts, some nausea, headaches and some dizziness, hot flashes... I mean plus I know my body and it just "feels" like I am pregnant. Okay, 3 days before the time I was to get my period I began lightly spotting light pink blood. Implantation bleedig? Maybe. The next day I began bleeding no more lighter of heavier than my normal period. I got the menstrual cramps, took Tylenol and the cramping subsided. My period came to an end two days ahead of schedule. I dont know if this was a miscarriage or what because I have read it could be an early miscarriage and that some women do indeed have their period during the first couple months of pregnancy. I still have tender and swollen b___sts, nausea, little bumps on my areola, and some of the other symptoms. I cant talk to anyone else about this. If anyone has any advice please respond!!!


First time - July 9

I am so glad that I found this website, I just found out that I was pregnant like a day ago & I have had some bad cramps, I was so scared that something was wrong. I found this website and it calmed down. If anybody wants to give me any advice about what to expect please e mail me at I would appreciate it. Thanks


Alisha - July 10

I have cramps too and I am about 5-6 weeks along. It's in my lower back mostly. But also in the front like I am going to start my period. Is that a bad thing? I just read something that it's bad maybe could be a start of miscarriage. This is my first so I am a little nervous.


First time - July 13

I had bad cramps the night before last. I have a appointment July 21 I will ask the doctor about it and see what he says. my cramps are in my lower stomach. I will let u know what he tells me. When my sister misscaried she bleed and not like a period. So I don't think u miscarried. The best thing to do is take it one day at a time.


expectababy - May 17

I am about 4 weeks pregnant and i am having some cramps i notice that a lot of my cramping is on my right side hen sometimes its on the left in the middle of my lower abdomen. I am so scared because I had a miscarriage about three months ago and so I think that every little thing I feel is because I am going to have another miscarriage. I dont want to tell anyone I am pregnant because Im scared I might have another miscarriage. Im always rating my symptoms. I dont really have that many symptoms just the usual tiered feeling all the time and some b___st tenderness that has gone away oh yeah and some mild nausea. anyone else gone through something like this and could share a little bit with me?


aideen - May 30

hiya i two am only 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. I have really bad nausea the whole morning. Its so bad talking makes me feel sick. I don't throw up at all but it's still awful. I'm getting minor cramps and my appet_te is all over the place. I work with computers and even the computer screen is making me sick and also change of smell. Aw i hope this subsides.


cakegirl - June 1

Hi Nicole, I had the WORST cramps at about 5 weeks pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant yet, and thought I was going to DIE of PMS!!! I was also someone who got nauseous (in particular in the afternoon) but never actually threw up.



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