How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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monica - February 4

My last shot was July 04, I was due for my shot in October but decided not to for so many reason ( all the side affects). I have had heavy bleeding and spotting during my 4 years on the shot. in October I started bleeding, I have had heaving bleeding and gotten my period twice in one month. I have bleed for 2 weeks. Oct, Nov and Dec were the worst 3 month with all the bleeding. I finally got a regular period in January, I was due to get my period agin February 3 and it not here. I dont know if I should do a pregnancy test since I was on the shot for 4 years and according to everything I read it takes a long time to get pregnant. should I just wait a couple more days? I keep thinking that it will take a while before I get pregnant. I just dont want to get to excited and then be disappointed.


bec - February 5

i was on the depo for 3 yrs.i came off it an had my first period a yr later.then after 2 periods i was 5 weeks now. goodluck


Christy - February 8

Unfortunatley my response is not good. I was on the depo shot for about 4 years and supposedly off for about 2 years. I finally got pregnant in Dec. 2004 and miscarried in Jan. 2005 at 6 weeks. I am hoping it has nothing to do with the lining of my uterus. They say the shot shouldn't have done that but call me sceptical.


Heather - February 10

I went off Depo February 2004 and i got pregnant December 2004


cindy - February 16

well i started depo in 1998 after having my son i was on it till october 2002 then i went with the iud in jan 2003 and came off that jan 2004..tried conceiving in march 2004 no luck..we started tryiing again in nov 2004 and now its feb 05 and still not pregnant i am also 31 so my age could be a factor..i am very irregular i am unsure when i ovulate so hoping this month i figure something out before i try fertility medicines..its driving me batty.


Amanda - February 21

It took me 14 months after my first depo shot to get pregnant, unfortunatly the egg was there too long and I lost it as soon as it was conceived but did not know that until I was "three months along" it was heartbreaking to learn that there wasn't anything in the amneotic fluid. I had to have an emergency D&C and they gave me the Depo Shot again. Which was 11 months ago. I want to have a baby with my husband but it will probably take awhile. Good Luck to you.


rose - February 22

i hate the depo shot!! i didnt see your question and asked a similar one but i will answer yours anyway...i had a horrible time on the shot , was on it for a year, now its 3 years later and im not ovulating and my lining in my uterus is thin i also suffered a miscarriage and am about to begin fertility drugs....if your on the shot get off before this and many other bad things happen to you


hc - February 22

i was on thr shot only one time, i took my first shot in nov.04 and was suppose to get the second one on jan 20 05 but i didn't because i wanted to get pregnant. i am still not pregnant. i haven't gotten my perios since i took the first shot. so who knows how long it will take me. hopefully not long. i had a miscarrage before. i don't want to go through it a second time. me and my boyfriend really want a baby. good luck to you.


CHERYL - February 23

I to was on depo for a neumber of years. over a year pa__sed i still wasnt having periods. The doctor decided to put me on the pill to start periods. I then decided i wanted to have another child, i stopped taking the pill and after having one normal period i fell pregnant, Going on the pill is a great idea to get things going again.


Danielle - February 25

I was on the depo shot for 3 years. It took 8 months after my last shot for my period to return . I am now finally pregnant after 25 long months of trying.


keke - March 8

I got my shot in September 2004. I was suppose to got my second shot in December but for some reason I didn't. I've been bleeding for about 6 months now! (non-stop) Is this normal. The shot is a pain in the A## and I wouldn't concider any one to get it. Is my bleeding normal and when should it be regular again. - March 8

i was on depo fopr 7 yrs and dr told me that it would take 2 yrs-or will never be able to get pregnant. 6mths later was pregnant.


Evie - March 10

I had my first and only depo shot in sept 04. It has been 3 months since I was supposed to go for the 2nd shot. I have not had a period yet. I do not recommend the depo shot it has me worried.


Julia - March 10

i was on depo from may 2003 until jan 2004, i didnt get my period until aug 04, it is now march 05 and still no babies yet, good luck to everyone!


jessie - March 11

I was dur for my next shot Nov 11th but I didn't its now march and I'm still trying to conceive any advice?


Angie - March 27

i have more of a question, the last time i got the depo shot was August 9, 2004 now its March 26, 2005, and i've been trying to get pregnant, at times i feel sick, and ive even thrown up, but the times i took a pregnancy test it said that i wasnt, now what i want to know is how can i get pregnant? ive tried and tried still nothing, what do all of you women who have and are going through this sugest? Please give me answers. Thank You



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