Marijuana And Pregnancy

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sugar - January 3

Perhaps you smoked it for the entire pregnancy and your baby turned out fine but who can honestly take that risk and call them self a good mother. For their own selfish reasons they put aside the research and advise of medical proffesionals and take that risk. How could you live with yourself watching your child grow up with defects or disabilities and know that you caused that. This is purely my opinion but any woman who would be comfortable living with that or take the risk of damging their child should not have gotten pregnant in the first place. A mother takes care of their child from day one that includes cutting out your guilt pleasures while that innocent life grows inside you. Honestly. Perhaps people who are smoking it still should stop for long enough to see what i'm saying clearly and imagine your unborn baby and their health.


beba16 - January 30

What I really see here is not a lot of evidence that it would harm the baby but a lot of women that are really against weed. When people posts things that happened to their friend's babies when they were born could be just a coincidence that they had smoked. Those things could had happened to them even if they didn't smoke. There are a lot of different reasons why a baby can be born with breathing problems or learning disabilities or the hundreds of things they have mentioned here. smoke or no smoke.


jaydedbuddah - February 28

A friend of ours just gave birth in January. She smoked her whole pregnancy and the baby had severe issues. He was only 5 lbs and has been an IV ever since. I am sure the baby will have severe developmental delays - and only time will tell. I agree with what the others said - look what it does to you and your brain. What do you think it does to a developing fetus? I seriously can't believe any sane person would think/tell you it's ok to do ANY pot while pregnant. Ridiculous!


Love my babies - November 20

I use to think much like a lot of these women do "omg how cud u u awful women", but I've educated myself on this subject and my views r quite different. I have 4 girls & always followed the perfect mommy rules & now I'm on baby 5 and I smoke very moderately. Caring a baby is the hardest thing I've ever done & this is helping me get by. Women in other parts of the world have been doing this forever & studies show NOOO delays or issues due to this. A big study was done in Jamaica, the mother land of mj, & years later the children were doing as well & in many cases better then the unexposed babies. That's facts not me. Good luck & don't let anyone put u down. Noone knows what's in the pot except the person stirring it and for many women being pregnant is super hard.


MotifSky - November 9

Yes. I know two women who smoked marijuana throughout their pregnancies and their children both have learning disabilities. Both are very slow. Do you not think it's a little late to be asking this now? I would also like to know where these people who are telling you smoking marijuana will not harm your baby got their info? Smoking anything is harmful to the baby. I'm sure you already know this.



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